2017-08-15 Short-term exposure to same frequency used by Wi-Fi and ZigBee chips can damage pancreas, especially in fetus.

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1)    Bent “scientist” outed re. Monsanto. We need to find and out all of those who are associated with telecoms and there are so many. Some work for the “product defense” companies like Exponent, the company hired by FortisBC to defend the smeter. These people will defend any product for a price and have defended things like tobacco. David Michaels’s book “Doubt is Their Product” is an eye-opener about what is happening to support these dangerous products. And there are groups, like “The Skeptics” who are industry-funded “science supporters” who ridicule and attack any expert who dares to expose the risk.

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Not only has funding bias been repeatedly demonstrated in studies looking at funding and study outcomes, if it weren’t true, the industry would not go to such great lengths to secretly hire academics, researchers and journalists to pretend as if they’re speaking as independent experts. Nor would any of these front groups exist — groups pretending to be grassroots efforts by concerned citizens or organizations by science-loving academics, and so on. They wouldn’t be necessary if industry-backed science were trustworthy.

Illegitimate Science and Fake Journalism Are a Real Threat

The fact of the matter is, these front groups and paid lackeys are not dealing in legitimate science or journalism. To hide that fact, they try to intimidate and shame people as “science-deniers.””

https://tinyurl.com/yaukjeuk  [http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2017/08/15/forbes-fired-corporate-industry-shill.aspx]

I wrote and thanked them for this article, and asked for a similar one re. the wireless industry.

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2)    The irresponsibility of BC Hydro is clearly shown in this article. Debt has increased and the Liberal Party and their friends have benefited from inept planning. Site C must be stopped and the smeter program recalled.


3)    In case you missed this YouTube when I first circulated it, here is a video of someone hacking the power grid. Not long ago, I shared an article in which the industry admits that the smeter is the weak link in the grid, allowing entrance by hackers into the system which could then be brought down for weeks, months, or even years.  Without electricity, people would not have clean water, heat, food, or fuel.

Video: (16 min.): Cyber War on the Power Grids  

4)    A recent report on a study showing exposure to EMR at the frequency used by Wi-Fi and ZigBee chips in smeters, 2.4 GHz, for 3 hours a day for 30 days, shows damage to the pancreas, especially during fetal development. You might recall that Steve Jobs, inventor of the iPad, died of pancreatic cancer and would not allow his children to use wireless devices. The number of people with diabetes has increased dramatically in recent years. This study shows that EMR damage to the pancreas could be a factor.

The ameliorative effect of gallic acid on pancreas lesions induced by 2.45 GHz electromagnetic radiation (Wi-Fi) in young rats

“Our results showed that EMR might be causing pancreatic lesions in both endocrine and exocrine cells and that GA may have an ameliorative effect on EMR-caused pancreatic injury in young rats. The main mechanism of the injury was related the oxidative damage and inflammatory process produced by EMR, in addition, PGE2 and CGRP had an important role in EMR-related pancreatic damage during the developmental period….

This study supported the idea of harmful effects of EMR on the endocrine pancreas, but our findings showed that the harmful effect of EMR on the exocrine pancreas may be more severe in the developmental stage…. 

This study indicated that EMR causes harmful effects on Langerhans islets and can cause diabetes or increased diabetes predisposition at a young age. We detected high glucose levels, degenerated exocrine cells and marked expiration of PGE2 and CGRP in addition to increased oxidative stress markers in the EMR group.” 



From: Sherry Ridout (name given with permission)
Sent: August 15, 2017
To: ic.spectrumauctions-encheresduspectre.ic@canada.ca
Cc: ‘Hon. Jane Philpott -‘ <jane.philpott@parl.gc.ca>; kirsty.duncan@parl.gc.ca; Navdeep.Bains@parl.gc.ca; randall.garrison@parl.gc.ca

Subject: “Consultation on Releasing Millimetre Wave Spectrum to Support 5G”, notice reference number (SLPB- 001-17).

To Whom It May Concern:

(Below) please find my concerns and comments on why ISED should implement a moratorium on the issuance of new licenses under the New Licensing Framework for the 24, 28 and 38 GHz Bands.

August 15, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing with regards to: “Consultation on Releasing Millimetre Wave Spectrum to Support 5G”; Canada Gazette, Part I, June, 2017.  Reference number SLPB- 001-17.

As stated in the document the objective of the spectrum program is, “to maximize the economic and social benefits that Canadians derive from the use of the radio frequency spectrum resource.” If there are unintended health consequences, this objective will be undermined.

Health consequences may be substantial. There is strong scientific evidence that the radiation we are now being exposed to from 3G and 4G has serious adverse effects on human health.[1] All radiation from wireless devices has been designated a Class 2B, possible human carcinogen by the World Health Organization.[2]  Tobacco, lead, and DDT are in the same category and were all approved by Health Canada at one time.  Years later it was discovered that we needed to be concerned about the cumulative effects!  Short-term studies did not protect the Canadian public! Now is time for the precautionary approach!

The new spectrum proposed to be licensed has undergone very little long-term research on human health effects and neither Health Canada or Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada can point to any peer-reviewed evidence-based science that shows 5G technology is safe.[3]

Intensive infrastructure will be required because 5G technology is effective only over short distances, and is poorly transmitted through solids. This requires unobstructed paths between transmitters and receivers. Thus, many antennae are necessary, preferably line-of-sight. As a result, full-scale implementation could result in “small” yet powerful antennae every 2 to 10 houses in residential areas.[4]

With reference to Question 7-2 I am requesting a moratorium for ALL PROPOSED 5G BAND licensing until there is a full analysis of potential adverse health effects to the public.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sherry Ridout

3. No analyses or evaluation of biological effects were presented in Safety Code 6 (2015), the Safety Code 6 (2015) Rationale, nor in the authorities that are referred to in these reports


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