2017-08-16 Melted smeter reported in Penticton

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1)   The first smeter incident reported by the media in a long time. The fires and events like this are happening but they aren’t being reported. I hope others comment – and if some of the industry hacks try to distract (and it is likely since I commented using my name, which I usually don’t do), please ignore them.

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A Penticton resident is lucky not to have lost his home after the electrical meter caught fire Sunday.

The homeowner, who prefers not to be named, said that around midnight Sunday he smelled burning plastic. After going outside, he traced the source to the box housing the electrical meter.

“The next thing you know my smart meter is smoking,” he said. “All of a sudden, the thing is melting and the wires are burning. There is charred wood all around there.”



2)   Another baseball player dies of glioblastoma, the brain cancer associated with cell phone use. There is a long list of baseball and tennis players who have suffered from this brain cancer. One common factor that is missing from this article is radar.  All were exposed to radar guns (emitting milliwave frequencies like those that are believed planned for 5G transmitters).

The Brain Cancer That Keeps Killing Baseball Players

“Daulton and several prominent contemporaries in baseball — including at least three other Phillies who played at Veterans Stadium, the team’s home from 1971 to 2003 — have died of glioblastoma, according to news media accounts. It is considered the most aggressive and frequently diagnosed form of malignant brain tumor.

Researchers who have examined the baseball cases for years say there is insufficient evidence to determine whether they represent anything more than coincidence. Possible cancer clusters are notoriously hard to prove. Most of the time, upon rigorous examination, no cause can be identified and the cases are considered random.”


3)   The transit system in Vancouver has been sharing personal info with police on customers who use passes. This is an infringement that we cannot allow to continue because it will set a precedent for our loss of privacy through other public agencies, such as BC Hydro. Given what we know about the ability of smeters and software used by them to gather data, and the eagerness of industry to sell/share our data, it’s time to present our concerns to the Privacy Commissioner. I and others have complained before. I was told by then Commissioner Denham that BC Hydro’s encrypted data should alleviate my concerns, even when I was not raising the issue of hacking.  A pact answer in a form letter.  Perhaps with the new Acting Information & Privacy Commissioner Drew McArthur [https://www.oipc.bc.ca/] and the new government, and with TransLink’s infringement, the reaction will be different.

I hope you will write to this office. Contact info is at:  https://www.oipc.bc.ca/about/contact-us/

Emails can be sent to:  info@oipc.bc.ca

“In light of reports that TransLink shared its riders’ Compass fare card information with law enforcement agencies, I launched an investigation into the transportation authority’s collection, use, and disclosure of its ridership’s personal information,” said Acting Information and Privacy Commissioner Drew McArthur in a statement today.

Documents obtained through freedom of information by The Tyee’s Bryan Carney showed that the Metro Vancouver transportation authority is routinely providing police personal information of transit users — including where they travelled — without warrants or notification to individuals.”


4)   An excellent post by Catherine Frompovich in which she takes aim at FCC, the equivalent of the former Industry Canada (now ISED Innovation, Science & Economic Development). Please note the comparisons of the USA guidelines with others in the world. Power density varies with frequencies and I believe these figures pertain to 900MHz. Safety Code 6 used to allow 600 microwatts per centimeter squared for this frequency. Inexplicably, after the 2013 review and subsequent pressure from the public, the level was reduced to 274 microwatts – still  one of the highest in the world.  Also included is an advisory by the US National Academy of Sciences. This has been ignored by the FCC and ISED, putting the public at risk.

Why aren’t we being told and why isn’t Health Canada doing its job which is to protect us? Because it’s hiding behind the WHO which is filled with industry people. It’s time to force the WHO to cleanse itself of this bias.

The 2008 U.S. NAS (National Academy of Sciences) Report found 20 categories of inadequacies, including:


a) Exposure of juveniles, children, pregnant women, and fetuses…for RF fields from base station antennas.

c) Multilateral exposures.

d) Multiple frequency exposures.

g) Models for men and women of various heights and for children of various ages.

j) RF exposure in close proximity to metallic adornments and implanted medical devices (IMDs) including metal rim glasses, earrings, and various prostheses (e.g., hearing aids, cochlear implants, cardiac pacemakers, insulin pumps, Deep Brain Stimulators).


5)   Horrific Campbell River fire. Many questions to be asked – where did the fire start?  Is there a clear indication that the fire started outside the home or on the outside wall of the home?  Did they have a smeter? Were there any unusual electrical events at the home prior to the fire, like flickering lights?  These and other questions need to be asked and answered.  Can anyone who lives nearby provide any info that the Fire Department may not ask or be reported?  It was reported in the Times Colonist Aug. 16 that the fire started in the carport.  Any additional information would help me follow up.


6)   A protest in Michigan over the threat to cut power to a home where a smeter is being refused, even though a Bill is being discussed that would allow people to keep their analogs.


Battle over Smart Meters
WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7


To: Josh <josh@thebigpitcher.org>

From: X

Josh: I thank you for your ongoing efforts on behalf of EMF awareness. However, I’m dismayed by your group advocating a quasi-legal strategy which is dubious at best, so far utterly unproven, and even potentially misleading. As yet, I am unaware of a single case where the “Liability Action” document you refer to has resulted in someone keeping a smart meter off their home.

As the Michigan group reported:

There is a problem with all this: the process does not work. Despite my own visibility in the smart meter choice movement through this website and in many other ways, I have not heard from even one of the 20 people in that Michigan seed group stating that, after following del Sol’s process, they were successful in keeping a smart meter off their home.”


If you’re going to be presenting this strategy as a panacea for the stop smart meter movement, you should be prepared to back it up with research and documentation of its efficacy. That means posting copies of court documentation showing favourable verdicts, not anecdotal reports that may or may not be true, or simply assertions that it’s so. This is the same principle we’re calling for from regulatory agencies such as the FDA, FCC and Health Canada: prove to us first that it’s safe, don’t claim it’s safe first then do the research later, only to find out it isn’t really safe at all. i.e. the Precautionary Principle.



Sent: August 14, 2017
To: MEM.EAED.Correspondence@gov.bc.ca
Cc: Premier John Horgan <premier@gov.bc.ca>; Michelle Mungall <mem.minister@gov.bc.ca> Sharon Noble

Dear Mr. Wieringa,

I concur with Ms Noble’s points of contention [go to: Lettershttps://stopsmartmetersbc.com/z/2017-08-13-cell-tower-in-saanich-and-major-privacy-issues-re-smeters/] regarding the BC Hydro Smart Meter program and the contradictory BC Hydro/Itron fact sheet data put out on the Itron meters.

It would be helpful to thousands of us in BC concerned by the present levels of RF radiation that you put the cards on the table in this matter and address the questions posed. It bedevils so many of us that a public utility such as BC Hydro cannot abide by the basic rules of the democratic process in its decision making.

We can only hope a change in government at Victoria reflects a new direction at BC Hydro on its imposition of smart meters, cell towers and whatever other brain numbing apparatus Silicon Valley can dream up.




From: “Commission Secretary BCUC:EX” <Commission.Secretary@bcuc.com>
Sent: 3 August, 2017
Subject: News Release – BCUC Initiates Site C Inquiry Following Government Direction

NEWS RELEASE – BCUC Initiates Site C Inquiry Following Government Direction

August 3, 2017

Vancouver – The British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) has initiated an inquiry into BC Hydro’s Site C project, as directed by the Provincial Government in an Order-in-Council (OIC) on August 2, 2017.

The scope of the inquiry is set out in the government’s Terms of Reference for the OIC, which is available on the BCUC’s Site C Inquiry webpage: http://www.bcuc.com/Sitecinquiry.html. The BCUC has been directed to examine the impact on BC Hydro ratepayers associated with continuing, suspending or terminating the Site C project.

The inquiry will be handled in two phases. In the first phase, the BCUC will gather information and produce a preliminary report. Next week, parties will be invited to submit data and analysis within the scope of the Terms of Reference, to be considered for inclusion in the preliminary report. The deadline to submit data and analysis is August 30, 2017. Updates on the process for phase one will be posted on the BCUC’s Site C Inquiry webpage.

In the second phase, the BCUC will seek public input on the preliminary report developed from the first phase. The BCUC will issue the preliminary report, addressing the specific issues set forth in the Terms of Reference, by September 20, 2017, and a final report by November 1, 2017. We will invite comments on the preliminary report from all interested parties before issuing the final report. We will conduct open houses around the province to provide people with the opportunity to comment. Interested parties can also make submissions on the BCUC’s website.

More details on the logistics of the inquiry and how you can participate can be found on the BCUC’s Site C Inquiry webpage.

The BCUC’s full news release can be viewed here:


If you have questions, please contact the Commission Secretary by telephone at 604.660.4700 or 1.800.663.1385 or by email at commission.secretary@bcuc.com.

Erica Hamilton
Director, Communications
Phone: 604.660.4727
Email: erica.hamilton@bcuc.com
Website: http://www.bcuc.com


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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B: Non-ionizing radiation creates free radicals.
C: Therefore, non-ionizing radiation can damage DNA

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