2017-08-25 Sale of data bigger business than oil.

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1)     In New Mexico, a representative of a utility company was caught providing false information about the warranties for analogs vs. smeters. Attached is a submission with the details of the falsehoods. For example, Ms. Teague had testified before the Public Utilities Commission that analogs had warranties of 12-18 months while smeters had warranties for 10 years. In fact, the opposite is true. If these smeters are so wonderful, safe and cost-effective, why do the companies need to misrepresent so many things about them?

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2)    Many people are finding ads for devices which promise to protect them from EMR/RF through some recently discovered miracle that no one else knows about. Louis Slesin, of Microwave News, has told me several times that there is nothing out there that will make RF safe, so falling for these gadgets is a waste of money. Worse, these fraudsters tell people they can use wireless devices safely once they use the gadget. This results in people exposing themselves to greater risk than they would otherwise. How horrible for people to make a profit off such deception.

Josh Hart, Director of the California group, Stop Smart Meters.org said it better than I could:  Please know that avoidance is the only solution.


3)    A 5G Fact Sheet that I might have shared before. The photo was shot by one of our members of Telus microcells outside homes in BC and can be found on: http://emrabc.ca/?page_id=8858 (scroll down for photos)


4)    Sale of data is now more profitable than selling oil!! Perhaps this explains, in part, the push for “smart” devices and the requirement that we participate via the smeters.

There was a time that oil companies ruled the globe, but “black gold” is no longer the world’s most valuable resource — it’s been surpassed by data.

The five most valuable companies in the world today — Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Google’s parent company Alphabet — have commodified data and taken over their respective sectors.

“Data is clearly the new oil,” says Jonathan Taplin, director emeritus of the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab and the author of Move Fast and Break Things: How Google, Facebook and Amazon Cornered Culture and Undermined Democracy. 


5)    Buildings in large USA cities are being built with “discreet” transmitters to increase Wi-Fi coverage to compete with other wireless signals that cause interference. Imagine the level of RF.  This practice most likely will be used elsewhere in large buildings in cities like Vancouver.

“It turns out that the thick concrete walls, reinforced steel floors and specially coated low-emissions windowpanes used in many new high-rises can weaken, if not block out, wireless signals.

And units perched in the clouds, at the level of or above cell tower antennas, may be in the path of competing wireless signals, causing interference.

To correct this issue, developers are installing elaborate in-house wireless networks to boost coverage within projects ranging from new rental towers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn , to condominium conversions in the 1913 Woolworth Building in Manhattan. Called distributed antenna systems, or D.A.S. for short, these use a fiber connection to bring wireless service from the various network providers directly into buildings.

Discrete antennas, each hidden inside a bowl-shape cover about the size of a smoke alarm, are then placed in strategic locations on each floor, distributing the signal throughout the building to eliminate dropped calls, enable faster downloads and ensure consistent coverage.”



A letter that was sent to several local newspapers and magazines in the Victoria area.


Do you want a cellular transmitter on a utility pole, mere feet from your home? You have no choice, as the Canadian government is allowing telecoms to install these transmitters – called microcells – on existing structures everywhere, without your input or consent. Some of you already have them, they are gray & about the size of a laptop; many along Cadboro Bay Road close to the United Church. Aesthetics, property values, industry control-for-profit over the public right of way, cyber-security, safety and most importantly health are many reasons to be concerned about microcells.

This microcell network is paving the way for 5G – untested frequencies which science shows affect all living organisms at a cellular level. Once in place, we, along with our already compromised wildlife and environment, will be constantly bombarded.

Did you know that the federal Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development has recommended major changes to the Environmental Protection Act? Recommendation 62 calls for Health Canada and Environment & Climate Change Canada to conduct studies on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on biota and review the adequacy of the current guidelines provided in Safety Code 6.

It is crucial you tell your local government to support the resolution on the table at this September’s Union of BC Municipalities’ convention, which demands we have a say in microcell placement. For a template letter to send local representatives visit: https://tinyurl.com/yayofzsf  **

Sherry Ridout (name given with approval)

** Revised www.stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/Microcells-Small-Cells-Letter-to-Government-Reps.pdf


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Knowledge is Power.”
~ Sir Francis Bacon, 1597

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