2017-08-19 Recommendations for strengthening the Environmental Protection Act, with legal ramifications for negligence or harm

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1)    An Australian group has developed a large website with over 1800 studies. I haven’t had the chance to review it thoroughly but thought some of you might find some things of interest.

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2)    A Standing Committee reviewed the Canadian Environmental Protection Act and made some recommendations that could help us reduce our exposure to RF/EMR as well as other environmental toxins.  I hope to find out how we can support these recommendations at the Parliamentary level and will let you know if I receive a response.

Special Committee Says Canadians Should Have Legal Right to Healthy Environment…Like the Rest of the Developed World

” Among those recommendations were instituting legal minimums for air and water quality standards, annual reporting on the state of Canada’s environment, new rules around disclosure of toxic substances in consumer goods and the creation of special protections for Canada’s vulnerable populations including children, the elderly, First Nations and poor communities most likely to be affected by poor environmental health. 

The committee also recommended empowering citizens to bring legal action against government found negligent or in violation of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.


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3)    A very interesting paper by Dr. Olle Johansson presented in 2016 in which he calls for the Precautionary Principle.  The current RF levels that are around us all day are hundreds of billions times higher than that in the natural environment and is increasing each day putting life, as we know it, at risk – all for the sake of corporate profit. Please read and share, and quote major portions in letters to politicians and decision-makers.




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Sent: August 17, 2017
To: Fred Haynes <fred.haynes@me.com>
Cc: mayor@saanich.ca; council@saanich.ca; john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca; andrew.weaver.mla@leg.bc.ca; justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca; oakbaymayor@oakbay.ca; editor@saanichnews.com; editor@sookenewsmirror.com; editor@thetyee.ca; editor@commonground.ca; focusedit@shaw.ca; Sharon Noble

Subject: prowling Growlers: things ‘they’ don’t want you to know

Councillor Fred Haynes,

An article in yesterday‘s edition of the Saanich News states that you are looking into the issue of noise pollution created by the US Navy’s Growlers.

First and foremost, as of July 31, 2017, the US Navy was granted permission to hold electromagnetic radiation war games over the Olympic Peninsula — and no doubt over areas of BC, as well — for the next five years! So far, there has been almost nothing about this in our media, or from our local, provincial and federal government representatives.

The Saanich News article states that Growlers are used for training purposes, for pilots flying and landing planes on aircraft carriers, as well as for “critical electronic intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance …,” but, if people were accurately informed, they would never accept such superficial explanations, so readily.

While the Growler grumble is disconcerting, the scheduled electromagnetic war games in our vicinity will make the noise issue the least of our concerns.

The West Coast Action Alliance (WCAA) website provides detailed information about the actions of the US Navy in forcing through its agenda and the consequences of their program and about its complete disregard for US federal laws. (Other websites providing information on this subject are, Save the Olympic Peninsula and Stop Smart Meters BC.)

The WCAA website states that “The air-based issue is ostensibly about 36 new supersonic EA-18G Growler jets being added to the existing fleet of 82 Growlers at Naval Air Station on Whidbey Island.” When, “In actuality, the Navy has asked to procure 157-160 Growlers with final delivery taking place in 2017. The Navy prepared an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) only on the addition of the 36 new jets. No EIS was ever done for the existing 82 Growlers with an additional 40 … delivered before the Draft EIS was published.

(“According to trade publications such as Breaking Defense, the Growler fleet also includes F-35 Hornets and as many as 50 attack helicopters. Six PA-8A squadrons have also relocated to NAS Whidbey Island.”)

The Navy “will be conducting at least eleven ‘training events’ per day on each of three mobile radiation emitters rotated through 15 different locations throughout the Olympic National Forest; emitters will be in use for 45 minutes each hour. Training will familiarize pilots with a variety of electronic attack weapons carried on each Growler jet: lasers, high-powered microwave, or EMP, or anti-radiation energy in concentrated, directed beams. (The History Channel produced a video on directed energy weapons.) According to a Navy spokesman, ‘The pilot has to achieve an ID of the emitter, locate it and simulate a ‘harm shoot.’ ” [Directed Energy Weapons – History Channel Documentary – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bw7B4xwpYig]

As an aside, when it comes to “electromagnetic radiation-emitting truck and trailer combinations” for the purposes of simulating “the bad guys,” these mobile electromagnetic transmitters and simulators will deliver, “At least 2900 training ‘events’ over 260 days per year (the word ‘event’ not being defined) and will be conducted from 8 to 16 hours per day.

“The Navy insists that these emitters have no more potency than a cell tower, but the Memorandum from the Department of the Interior to the Federal Communications Commission describes the inadequacy of exposure standards to wildlife around cell towers. Similar concerns could easily be extrapolated to humans.

“The habitat around each mobile emitter site will be exposed to electromagnetic radiation for as much as 468 hours per year. The Navy’s 2014 Environmental Assessment (EA) was not specific about the intensity, or maximum potential exposure of the vehicles’ electromagnetic emitters. Navy officials admit they do not know the impact of the emitters on animals and birds.

“A Navy source document says that these weapons are designed ‘… to attack personnel, facilities, or equipment with the intent of degrading, neutralizing, or destroying enemy combat capability ….’

“The Navy has not informed the public about the levels of electromagnetic radiation that can be expected from simulated-harm shoots initiated by trainee Growler pilots; or about the level of radiation coming from detection equipment in jets; or how they will differentiate between using simulated and real weaponry while flying; or, for example, how differences between a hiker with a cellphone, or a fisherman with a GPS, or marine radio, and an actual military emitter signal will be ascertained.”

Councillor Haynes, all of this is occurring right next door to us, just over that human-invented imaginary line we call a border despite the fact that even in the US it is apparently “illegal to make decisions and obligate federal funding before the public process is complete. The Navy has turned public process into a sham.

Furthermore, the Alliance’s website states, “Huge increases in at-sea war games, including a 72 percent increase in dropped chaff, >700 percent use of torpedoes, >3,000 percent use of flares and sonobuoys, a 244 percent increase in Growler aerial combat maneuvering … which requires frequent use of afterburners, and a 1,450 percent increase in the number of ‘expendable devices.’ ”

Just what exactly are these ‘expendable devices’? What might they contain that could be lethal in the environment once their one-time use has been ‘expended’? Even simple bullet cartridges left lying around on the grounds of rifle ranges are known to be highly toxic.

Meanwhile, “the Army is firing rockets and causing potential large flashes and sonic booms into South Puget Sound, and the Navy SEALs are doing combat training on 68+ beaches and state parks on Puget Sound, the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and Pacific ocean beaches in Washington, unannounced and undisclosed to the public, and to local, state and federal agencies.

“Effects on fish and wildlife from all Navy activities are being discounted. In waters from Northern California to Southeast Alaska, including Puget Sound and other inland waters, ‘takes’ of marine mammals such as whales, dolphins, seals and sea lions are expected to exceed 1.2 million in a 5-year period.

“The training zone, which will be subjected to an expansion of sonar and explosive activities, includes the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the waters off Indian Island, Puget Sound, and the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary — an area of 2,408 square nautical miles along the Olympic Peninsula coastline. According to a fact sheet from Earthjustice,

  • Some mid-frequency sonar systems the Navy employs are capable of generating sounds in excess of 235 decibels. A normal human conversation takes place at 60-70 decibels; a loud rock concert is about 115 decibels; permanent hearing damage for people can occur from short-term exposure to 140 decibels. The decibel scale is a logarithmic scale, and each ten-decibel rise along the scale corresponds to a ten-fold increase in power: a sound measuring 130 decibels is ten times more intense than a 120 decibel sound, a sound of 140 decibels is 100 times more intense, and a sound of 150 decibels is 1,000 times more intense.
  •  The USS Shoup exposes endangered Southern Resident killer whales to mid-frequency active sonar in Haro Strait west of San Juan Island in Washington State.
  • Scientific American describes lethal and sublethal effects on whales from sonar and sonobuoys, and the Natural Resources Defense Council provides information on the lethal effects of sonar.

“Also, there is the potential of contamination of the entire drinking water aquifer at Whidbey Island with highly carcinogenic chemicals.”

And, last but not least, when it comes to the specific issue of noise, WCAA states, “The Navy’s noise modelling software … does not analyze the low-frequency noise that is a signature of Growlers …. The current modelling software was developed in the 1970s.” (!!!) “No actual measurements have been, are being, or will be, made. In looking at the software NOISEMAP’s inadequacies, a Department of Defense Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program determined that new software is needed ‘… to provide legally defensible noise assessments of current and future aircraft operations.’ ”

Dear Councillor Haynes, these are just a few of the gems one discovers when looking into what we are being exposed to on our south-western coast each time the US Navy deploys one of its Growlers in our ‘neighbourhood.’ The West Coast Action Alliance is only one organization voicing concerns, as well as providing researched and substantiated information about the US Navy’s / Army’s activities — activities neither would have us know about.

While the above information is provided by a state-side organization, we ‘on our side’ are far too close to all of this activity not to be affected by it. And, I doubt that anyone will be able to warn all the wildlife in the area to head for the highest hills, or deepest ocean depths. Interestingly, just last week the CBC reported on the disturbing story about embassy personnel being severely harmed by electromagnetic surveillance systems. Are we to be next?

As for the Oak Bay Mayor’s comments, that “… not much else can be done …,” that, “It really is beyond our jurisdiction to do anything about it …. It’s a matter that the federal government would want to take up with them,” suggests that Greater Victoria is without committed leadership; without an informed collective voice, or a comprehensive plan: just how is the federal government going to respond to this if we are no more than silent, sitting ducks?

In conclusion, we are living in a time where we, as ‘mere citizens,’ can no longer assume that all is well, as ‘authorities’ of all stripes would have us believe. It is difficult when one knows about these nefarious activities not to come across like a shrill alarmist, or worse still, a conspiracy theorist; however, ignorance is no longer bliss and taking authorities’ assurances at face value — especially those of the oxymoronic army / navy ‘intelligence’ authorities — has never been wise.

Indeed, the noise of Growlers is disconcerting for all — not to mention the numbers of pilots who have permanent hearing loss as a result of flying these monsters and are now in the process of suing the US military for millions in damages — but I hope Councillor Haynes, if you have managed to read through to the bottom of this letter, that you are now well enough informed on several related aspects of this matter.

There is much more at stake here than the earth shaking rumblings of these preposterously dangerous machines and the lunatic men playing at their electromagnetic radiation war games (especially in light of the fact that recently ‘terrorism’ is being carried out mostly by misguided individuals ploughing vehicles into unsuspecting crowds).

As always, most sincerely,


Right thoughts; right words; right actions — candid Karma is always rolling. 



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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