2017-08-27 Are smeters being “mandated” in a discriminatory fashion?

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1)    An excellent compilation of information about 5G.

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2)    Someone in the USA has gathered and shared a list of problems experienced with smeters. There is no attempt to list every problem, such as fires, but it provides many examples that have resulted in recalls and replacements.


3)    From a member re. the vulnerability of devices connected to the internet (IoT), such as smeters and other “smart” devices.

“Exposed IoT servers let hackers unlock prison cells, modify pacemakers

A researcher has found an often-misconfigured protocol puts sex toys, heart monitors, and even oil pipelines and particle accelerators at risk of attack.

zdnet is arguably the #1 computer magazine in the world – if they are expressing concern then we can say all of the mainstream is concerned”  (or should be)


[Black Hat USA 2017:


4)    An interesting article by Catherine J. Frompovich of the USA re. smeters being “mandated” in a discriminatory manner in Pennsylvania. In reading this, I realized that many people in BC have been discriminated against. Those who could not afford to pay the highest opt-out fee in North America were forced to take a smeter, to put their health, their safety and their security at risk. This is discrimination. Catherine quotes US law but I am sure there are similar laws in BC and in Canada.

“But in the context of civil rights law, unlawful discrimination refers to unfair or unequal treatment of an individual (or group) based on certain characteristics, including:… [1] [CJF emphasis]

[U]nequal treatment of persons, for a reason which has nothing to do with legal rights or ability. Federal and state laws prohibit discrimination in employment, availability of housing, rates of pay, right to promotion, educational opportunity, civil rights, and use of facilities based on race, nationality, creed, color, age, sex or sexual orientation. The rights to protest discrimination or enforce one’s rights to equal treatment are provided in various federal and state laws, which allow for private lawsuits with the right to damages.”

There’s A Definite Discrimination Aspect To Pennsylvania’s Smart Meter Law




From:  X
Sent: August 26, 2017
To: Office of the Premier, BC <premier@gov.bc.ca>; Sharon Noble; BC Green Party <info@greenparty.bc.ca>; Oona McOuat; editor@thetyee.ca

Subject: curious trend

Dear Mr. Horgan,

I find it rather disconcerting and suspicious that lying and misleading communications between the wireless industry and customers is a common trend found around the world. Why is this happening consistently… everywhere?

1)     In New Mexico, a representative of a utility company was caught providing false information about the warranties for analogs vs. smeters. Attached is a submission with the details of the falsehoods. For example, Ms. Teague had testified before the public utilities commission that analogs had warranties of 12-18 months while smeters had warranties for 10 years. In fact, the opposite is true. If these smeters are so wonderful, safe and cost-effective, why do the companies need to misrepresent so many things about them?


And now, a new industry of bogus products designed to address the growing concerns of citizens has sprung up:

2)    Many people are finding ads for devices which promise to protect them from EMR/RF through some recently discovered miracle that no one else knows about. Louis Slesin, of Microwave News, has told me several times that there is nothing out there that will make RF safe, so falling for these gadgets is a waste of money. Worse, these fraudsters tell people they can use wireless devices safely once they use the gadget. This results in people exposing themselves to greater risk than they would otherwise. How horrible for people to make a profit off such deception. Josh Hart, director of the California group, Stop Smart Meters.org, said it better than I could:.  Please know that avoidance is the only solution.


Our Ethics and Principles | Stop Smart Meters!


With increasing awareness of wireless-related health problems, there are a flood of new peoples and organizations promising solutions to the problem- a lot of them …

Does this not send up red flags? When I see this it seems obvious to me that this whole wireless push is more than meets the eye, is DANGEROUS on more than one level, and must be stopped. This is the same ‘rush’ we got with Site C. The Clark government pushed to spend lots of money immediately on the project in hopes that the project would go ahead even if those Liberal Party hacks weren’t there to oversee it and to insure our public utility was laden with debt to set it up for a cheap private takeover.

I fear we are dealing with criminals… and I think anything that comes from them must be thoroughly checked out before proceeding. Evidence points to some severe health and environmental problems that will be and are being caused by wireless Industry projects.

Please take this threat seriously.

Best wishes,


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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