2016-03-09 & -10 Utilities offer incentives to get control of appliances

Sorry – no update last night due to a major windstorm in Victoria that resulted in a power outage. Now, if BC Hydro had spent the money on putting all lines underground and updating infrastructure instead on the dumb program and wasting money on Site C, this wouldn’t happen.

1) Every day I get more form letters from BC Hydro that contain so many twists and misrepresentations that it’s hard to keep up with them. I sent you one sample with my responses a while back, so I won’t bother you with more, but here is an example of how utilities are treating the truth – all utilities seem to have contempt for both the truth and for us, their customers. This is from California;

I remember a phone call to the utility for a request to remove the smart meter.

Can you have someone come out to remove my smart meter. You don’t have a smart meter, sir.

It looks like a smart meter,,,are you sure you are looking at the right account? Yes sir and it shows you don’t have one.

My equipment shows that it is emitting RF and it looks identical to the smart meters listed at the manufacturer’s website. Can I talk to a supervisor? Yes.

Supervisor gets on the phone. Sorry for the confusion…the name has been changed to automated meter. We no longer call them smart meters.

2) Some people on Salt Spring found that an excellent video re. cell towers, “Full Signal: the hidden costs of cell phones” is in their public library. Hopefully other libraries have them, too, and if they don’t perhaps you can ask them to order a copy. It speaks to a lot of the increasing dangers around us. You can see it online at:


I hope you will share this link with friends and relatives. The $$mart grid depends on cell transmitters and more are being erected, sometimes on schools, churches, apartment buildings to facilitate the signals back and forth with BC Hydro.

3) A little humor that carries an important message. Please share “ Your cell phone’s been nuking your Johnson”. (apologies to any who are offended!)


4) A member put the article about brain tumours being the most common cancer for adolescents into a one pager that can be printed and handed out to doctors, friends, etc. It is at:


5) Another twist in BC Hydro’s justification for the smeters. They have said that they could control usage, reduce consumption when needed during “peak” periods, etc. According to people in the USA, this has been possible even with analog meters, and has been done in areas where usage spikes seasonally. These comments by members of a chat group from different US areas.

– Florida had such programs too without smart meters.

What they did was place a piece of equipment on the customer’s air conditioner. It too operated wirelessly. It responded to demand calls and would cycle off when prompted. It existed for many decades here – nothing new. They would get some kind of a credit for participating.

– The PeakRewards program has about 320,000 customers enrolled, and provides bill credits in exchange for allowing the utility to cycle their air conditioner in June through September, or hot water heater from November to February.

The Peak Rewards program was instituted long before smart meters were a thing, and the program has nothing to do with smart meters at all. But, of course, that is not mentioned.

The Smart Energy Rewards program happens a maximum of 10 days a year. In 2015, I believe it came to 6 days.

BGE (Baltimore) designates a day a “critically hot day” and then for the hottest 4-6 hours of the day, if you use less energy (aka shvitz n’save or sweat n’ save) BGE will reward you with a small monetary bonus.

6) BEWARE of BC Hydro and FortisBC when they offer “incentives”. A member who has a second home in Florida was given an incentive to turn control of certain appliances over to the utility. You could find yourself unable to control your heat, air conditioning, etc. for some small “gift”. In other places, the utilities have offered incentives for people to sign up for “time-of-use” billing, promising great savings, which many never see.


7) The various health agencies, like Health Canada, have been twisting terms and refusing (inexplicably) to acknowledge studies that have shown why and how exposure to microwave radiation and magnetic fields causes harm. The use of terms by these groups leads people like Dr. Perry Kendall to tell the public that there is no conclusive evidence of harm. This just is not true. There are many studies showing harm, being replicated over and over, and more are showing how these effects are occurring. The responsible question would be, is there conclusive evidence that there is no harm, that the new technology is safe. A recent report from a European agency is very similar to last year’s Health Canada report which was criticized by many scientists. Here is a criticism of the European report. It is only 5 pages long and well worth the read.


and click on this link:


From: X
Sent: March 8, 2016
daren.sanders@bchydro.com; SmartMeters@bchydro.com

Subject: analog meter choice

Dear Michael,

Re: BC Hydro Account XXXX

I am in receipt of your form letter and I request that future correspondence from BC Hydro personnel includes an employee identity number when only a first name is used.

On November 27 2013 I received a letter from Bill Bennett (then the Minister of Energy and Mines) regarding my concerns with the safety, health and privacy issues with smart meters and he wrote:

“On July 18, 2013, I announced that BC Hydro customers who do not yet have a smart meter will now have three choices:

  • choose a standard meter at no cost;
  • accept a digital meter with the radio off; or
  • keep their old analog meter until its seal expires, it stops working or they choose to move.”

I wish to reiterate that I have not chosen to move and my analog meter is working perfectly.

You state:

“The Measurement Canada certification for our meter at your service address, as you are aware, will soon expire.”

  1. I am not aware that the meter at my service address “will soon expire” and I request specific evidence of my meters future expiration date from Measurement Canada via BC Hydro.

You write:

“For this reason, BC Hydro’s stock of old meters is varied. It consisted of both analog and digital meters with seals expiring in 2016 to 2021. This was to ensure as many customers as possible could be provided with a replacement legacy meter.

We don’t have any legacy meters left in stock, and we aren’t buying or recertifying any more.”

  1. I find it fiscally irresponsible that BC Hydro does not have any legacy (analog) meters “left in stock”. BC Hydro removed millions of them most of which were in good working order and knew precisely how many thousands of BC Hydro customers refused (as is their right) the so called smart meters. Now BC Hydro states “don’t have any legacy meters in stock”! This is an unacceptable state from a public utility whose mandate is to treat all their customers fairly.

As a result of this irresponsible, discriminatory and unfair situation I would like to purchase a new analog meter from a provider of BC Hydro’s choice and have it certified by Measurement Canada myself. I will submit proof of Measurement Canada’s certification to you. I will pay for the new analog meter and the certification myself. Then you can install the new analog meter once you have proven to me that my current meter has actually expired and I have purchased a new analog meter and have had it MC certified.

My research tells me that analog meters are still being manufactured AND Measurement Canada is still certifying them. Analog meters are a proven reliable electrical measurement meter which forms part of an electrical grid which is secure from attack and/or ‘hacking’. I wish a specific response to my request including specific references to policy, legislation, and directives which may impact my request.

  1. Until such time as I receive a written response to items 1 and 2, I hereby assert that BC Hydro and its Agents must not trespass on my property unless it is to install a new or re-certified analog meter or to read my current analog meter. I have paid my bills promptly for the past 40 years including to so called Legacy Meter aka extortion fee of $36.22 per month. I will seek legal recourse if BC Hydro and its Agents trespass upon my property for any other reason.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters


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