2016-03-26 Hydro replacing concrete poles with wooden ones… RF causes metal to corrode more quickly.

  • Over the last few years, after the smeters started to be installed, Hydro has changed its poles all over the province, replacing concrete poles with wooden ones. It’s happening in Kelowna now, and I believe that is because the RF radiation increases the rate of corrosion metal suffers. For years Dr. Andrew Michrowski has been warning cities about the effect that the high and increasing levels of microwave radiation will have on infrastructure

http://media.withtank.com/81d0a1eeb1.pdf   Want to bet this expense wasn’t included in Hydro’s business case??

[BC Hydro] Q: Why are concrete power poles in Kamloops being changed to wood? – Kamloops This Week – March 25, 2016:


  • The Illinois Attorney General sent out a press release advising the public that data is being gathered by $$meters and that people should be careful if/when their power company asks for permission to allow others to access it. In some places power companies are offering incentives or “rewards” for people to sign up for time of use or to allow sharing of their data, often without really explaining clearly what people were giving away.  Our Attorney General should warn people of BC about the importance of being alert to things like this.


  1. “Having a smart meter does not—on its own—lower your electricity usage or your electricity bill.”
  2. The Attorney General also is sending out a brochure to the people of Illinois with some hard facts such as:
  3. Smart meter data can reveal sensitive details about your life. Spikes in electricity use may indicate when you are home, while low use may indicate you are not at home.”
  4. “Your utility is not allowed to share your smart meter data with alternative suppliers or other third parties unless you sign an authorization to do so.”  We must insist that Hydro and Fortis are similarly restricted from selling our data.
  5. “Your electricity supplier may offer real-time pricing plans (aka time of use billing) that charge different electricity prices throughout the day based on demand. If more people use electricity at one time (“peak times”), the price paid by real-time pricing customers will go up. Participants in real-time pricing plans who change how they use their electricity and shift their use away from peak times to cheaper times of day may be able to save money. But if they cannot change their habits, they may end up paying more.”



  • A small town in Texas shows how to organize and educate people about $$meters, backlash against council that misled and failed to inform.



  • Schools refuse to allow parents who wish to share information about the dangers of having wifi in schools to hand out flyers on school property, to put notices in school newspapers, etc. Even though parents have to sign permission slips for a trip to a museum, no information at all is given to parents about the wifi modems what are emitting all day every day, often very near desks. Some parents have found ways to get word out:


Video of parent’s presentation before the board of trustees, confronting them for their inaction.   http://tinyurl.com/h4qjche



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