2016-03-21 Tyee article about Hydro’s “service” to Hartley Bay residents


  • Iphone on air plane catches fire. Lithium ion batteries are dangerous but lithium metal batteries (like those in ITRON smeters) are even worse.



  • From the Tyee, First Nations people are also having trouble with Hydro, having to use diesel,  poor service, questionable smeter billings, etc. These people living on Federal land could say no and have the smeters removed because the province does not have authority over them. I wonder if they realize the fire hazards they have on their homes. And why smeters here?


“Bills from BC Hydro, which operates and maintains the diesel plant and charges the locals for usage, remain a bone of contention. Despite the installation of smart meters in 2013, inexplicable discrepancies exist in power bills, neighbours complain.”



  • An excellent letter from a member to BCUC, but the questions are mis-directed. The Clean Energy Act of 2010, which was written by this Liberal government, stated that the BCUC could not get involved in the smart meter program in any way. This was done, I believe, because the BCUC had refused an application by Fortis BC for the same program in 2008 based on 1) the benefits didn’t justify the costs; and 2) the technology was too new to be dependable or proven to be safe.  So the government, wanting this program badly, exempted oversight by the BCUC and mandated the program. The same thing goes for Site C. What kind of democracy is it when the government can ignore regulations, prevent agencies from doing their jobs or allow others to steal evidence from a fire scene? Regarding the health issue, our provincial medical officer, Dr. Perry Kendall, has the authority to order devices that emit microwave radiation (a 2b carcinogen) into our homes and schools – but he refuses to do his job. This letter really should be directed at him, IMHO as well as to Bill Bennett, the Energy Minister whose job includes ensuring that BC Hydro investigates the safety of equipment before signing contracts when the BCUC’s authority to do this has been cancelled.


  • A newspaper article alerting people in Maine about the health hazards associated with wireless radiation. The title is misleading, it should be “we live in a wireless world”.





From: X

To: commission.secretary@bcuc.com

Sent: Sunday, March 13, 2016 3:46 PM

Subject: BC Hydro, complaint

Re: BC Hydro, complaint & tariff

Greetings BCUC,

My wife is one of the unfortunate individuals who has contracted full blown electronic hypersensitivity (EHS) 6 years ago.  This happened shortly after a digital meter (not a smart meter) from BC Hydro was installed on our former home in Qualicum Beach.

Much later, we learned that these digital devices carry harmonics and transient electrical pollutants into the electrical wiring of the home.

When BC Hydro’s microwave transmitters (smart meters) came along, we immediately refused the installation of this device on our home, since my wife suffers severe negative biological reactions to any form of wireless technology.

Three years ago, the rapid increase of microwave radiation finally forced us out of our home.

Unfortunately, it was impossible for us to find a home without a smart meter, so we ended up shielding the existing smart meter at our newly purchased home, located at the edge of a forest.

When kept requesting several times, a replacement of the smart meter with a non-digital analog meter due to my wife’s EHS from BC Hydro, nothing was done!

Instead, deliberate false corporate spin was given to us by numerous agents.

When her EHS got so severe that she had to sleep with RF shielding clothing inside of our own home, we moved again to a home on a large property in Gold River, but this home also has a smart meter on the inside of our garage.  Again, we had to shield our living space from the continuous smart meter radiation!

I took radiation readings of the smart meter and the RF meter indicated, non-stop radiation transmissions on average every 30 to 40 seconds!

The meter’s histogram looked like a picket fence, indicating the strong microwave radiation pulses.

One again, we contacted BC Hydro by email and numerous phone calls, requesting the removal of the microwave transmitting device, because of my wife’s EHS.

Once again, just like before, BC Hydro stone-walled and provided automatic responses with inaccurate information and stunning corporate spin.

Over the last 6 years I have read countless bio-medical peer reviewed documents and in all instances, the warnings for pulsed microwave radiation is front and centre as a powerful biotoxin.

Did BCUC asked BC Hydro the following questions?


  1. In BC Hydro’s analysis, how many published bio-medical research papers were considered and referenced?

At least 1800 archival bio-medical research papers, published in recent years, address the biological effects from exposure to electromagnetic radiation from various levels, sources, intensities and frequencies.

  1. What credence did BC Hydro’s analysis give to the international working groups, and health organizations that have objected on health grounds, to further increases to humans, and especially to children and vulnerable groups, to radiofrequency/microwave radiation, from multiple wireless devices including smart meters?
  1. Did BC Hydro’s analysis address the findings and recommendations coming from the following organizations?
  1. The World Health Organization/ International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)
  2. American Academy of Environmental Medicine
  3. American Academy of Pediatrics
  4. Austrian Medical Association


  1. Did BC Hydro’s analysis address the findings and recommendations coming from working groups of scientists and working groups?


  1. The Seletun Scientific Statement of 2010
  2. The Bioinitiative Report of 2012
  3. Biological Health Effects of Microwave Radio Frequency Transmission,

a Review of the Research Literature (2013)

  1. The International EMF Scientists Appeal to the United Nations (2015)

by 2021 Scientists as of Today.


  1. Did BC Hydro’s analysis address the possibilities of electromagnetic interference from wireless smart meters on medical devices?

Hearing Aids
Insulin and Pain Medication Pumps
Cardiac Pacemakers
Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators

Shockingly, when people like us who are rightfully concerned for their health, BC Hydro  resorted to stonewalling and outright deception of the public.

To top it off, those who fight for their right of safety in their homes, have been charged hefty extortion fees, just to keep their analog meters.

These extortion attempts are utterly unfitting for a publicly owned utility, and are a grim reminder of the criminal element in our society.

Do we really need another ENRON fiasco, only this time on a massive biological scale, where government oversight bodies chose not to oversee anything, allow gross incompetence and even criminal neglect?

Will the latest BC Hydro Tariff revisions be absent of full public scrutiny, rammed through without public announcements?

Is not BUCK supposed to be overseeing this rogue utility company and to make sure that all changes are in the best interests of the consumers?

Any major changes are supposed to be done as a separate application to BCUC, and the public is supposed to be given an opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns, as interveners and otherwise.

I would appreciate a non automated response to my questions.




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