2016-03-14 A member begins hunger strike to protest govt. inaction on his health claims.

1) Steven Halpern, a very famous composer, has offered “smart meter stress reducing music” for everyone, and hopes that those who are sensitive will benefit, as he has.


http://www.stevenhalpern.com/smartmetergift.html#gateway to download the entire album

2) BC Hydro’s employees have no shame about lying to people. They will say anything to get the smeter on a home. This from a member:

“I spoke to Jessica at BC Hydro at the number you gave me, which is the smart meter dept.

She told me the following:

They ran out of analogue meter stock in December and so unfortunately do not have any more old ones to install.

All the people who are receiving the order that their meter will be changed, their Legacy meter has expired.

BC Hydro can be fined up to $5000 if they leave an expired Legacy meter installed after the expiration.

If a customer does not allow access to BC Hydro to change the meter, the hydro will simply stop working as BC Hydro is not permitted to run an expired meter and so will not be able to continue to provide hydro.

The Radio-Off meter has zero frequency and is not connected to BC Hydro at all.

The Radio-Off meter has to be read manually each time.

The account is grandfathered into the Radio-Off program until Dec 31, 9999. Therefore, unless permission is given to turn the radio to “on”, either verbally or in writing, by me, BC Hydro cannot turn the radio to ON. This is what is grandfathered in until Dec 31, 9999.

3) My monthly opportunity to speak on CFAX, a major Victoria radio station. Here is what I tried to cover today. I hope some people who know nothing about smeters were listening.

(audio 33:57-46:17 & 50:43-59:45) Guest: Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters – Ian Jessop, C-FAX 1070 – 1:33 PM @ March 14, 2016:

Guest: Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/

– inadequate safety certification standards for smart meters

– many jurisdictions have chosen not to install smart meters because the costs outweigh any benefits

– fire insurance re smart meters (the claims are paid and then reimbursed by the utility)

– Norman Lambe, Los Angeles, California, USA Insurance Claims Adjuster has written many articles about smart meters
(Changes are coming to your insurance policy by Norman Lambe – Examiner – February 07, 2016:

– if a fire occurs, take photos ASAP before BC Hydro/FortisBC removes the smart meter for proof for the investigation (serial # is on your utility bill)

– government officials and media do not show any interest in this subject – use word-of-mouth to educate your friends and relatives

– Sharon receives 200-300 e-mails per day from utility customers asking for help

– smart meters don’t fit correctly into the meter bases which were designed for analog meters – the blades are thinner which leads to arcing which leads to fire

4) Non-smeters. Please see below in “Letters” an email sent from a member who has started a hunger strike at the BC Legislature. He has suffered the effects of radiation through exposure at work and the BC Government, his former employer, denies responsibility. I am sure others who have suffered injuries at work, including teachers exposed to Wi-Fi, for example, understand Norm’s frustration.

It’s time we began to take stronger stances, too, to have our concerns heard. It is time we started organizing rallies, sit-ins, picketing. It won’t be easy or fun, but these sorts of tactics have worked before (e.g. civil rights in the USA), so why wouldn’t it work for our civil rights in Canada? Please give this some thought, and we should begin some plans for as many areas as possible.

Please share your thoughts in emails to me with “Tactics” on the subject line.


From: Norm Ryder
March 14, 2016 8:50 AM
: cbcnewsvancouver@cbc.ca; investigate@cbc.ca; cbcnewsvictoria@cbc.ca; tips@GlobalTVBC.com; tips@cheknews.ca; islandnews@ctv.ca; dobee@timescolonist.com; sunnewstips@vancouversun.com; publiceditor@globeandmail.com; editor@thetyee.ca; david.newell@wcat.bc.ca; jtst.minister@gov.bc.ca; premier@gov.bc.ca; oppositionleader@leg.bc.ca; gopublic@cbc.ca; Holman.MLA, Gary <gary.holman.mla@leg.bc.ca>

Subject: Legislature Victoria Monday 10:30

At the front of the Legislature in Victoria at approximately 10:30 AM March 14, 2016 I intend to start a fast (including no liquids)(yes I am well aware of the potential of the ultimate consequences and I explicitly state I do not give my consent for medical or other emergency intervention – even if unconscious no consent is implied) until the issues with WorkSafeWCAT are resolved, WorkSafe and WCAT are an out of control profit making enterprise profiting on the backs of injured workers in BC. The WorkSafe annual reports for 2013 and 2014 report over $800 million in excess profits for each of the last 2 years. The money acquired surplus to their needs is sufficient to pay for the CRD sewage treatment plan. WorkSafe does not investigate some incidents according to well known (Industry Canada among others) standards.


After years of battle with WorkSafe in their bizarre pseudo legal system operated for the most part outside of public scrutiny and bearing no resemblance to a normal court system operating on the principals of natural justice, it is time to step forward and speak for myself and thousands of others struggling to survive against WorkSafe/WCAT abuses.

I am not threatening to do harm to myself, I am tired of the harm Minister Bond through her agencies is doing to hundreds and probably thousands of British Columbians through the Agencies she is responsible for. I have asked to meet with her and/or senior aids. She has ignored and not even acknowledged the request. I will also state that it is my opinion the prime agency bullies in my case are Medical Advisor Dr. Sami Youakim at WorkSafe and Vice Chair Ms Deidre Rice at WCAT for their refusal to address the facts and apparent willful insertion of information and accusation/innuendos into the case they should know to be incorrect. It is my opinion that others in both agencies have contributed to the problems. It appears trust the science unless the science points in the direction their predetermined opinion does not agree with is the policy of WorkSafe and WCAT.

One should not need to be prepared to put their life at risk to communicate to the Minister there is a serious problem with the way WorkSafeBC and WCAT operate. The stresses I have felt are repeated in the thousands across BC that have been abused by WorkSafe/WCAT. The question to ask is what has WorkSafe and WCAT done to make person feel the only way to have the wrongs of WorkSafe/WCAT corrected to take the action I am.

During my sojourn through the WorkSafe/WCAT hell attempting to follow their floating and capricious rules and procedures. Interpretations which are often dealt with behind closed doors without the injured worker present and only advised after it is too late for the worker to make a correction to the WorkSafe/WCAT misuse of authority. The whole process is very similar to what one would expect from school yard bullies organising a kangaroo court, the process bears no resemblance to the legal system that most Canadians believe exists in this country.

Rules of evidence include after the worker has made their submissions WorkSafe/WCAT personel can create their own “evidence” based on their not supported by science declared understanding of the issue even if it is contrary to scientific opinion. The worker has no right to test the supposed evidence as is typical in most court processes and only learns of the newly fabricated evidence after the WCAT personel have ruled their fantasy is correct, not allowing the worker to appeal or dispute the WorkSafe/WCAT Fantasy.

The Workers Compensation Appeal Tribunal (WCAT) feels they do not have the authority to correct or overrule a wrong fact used by WorkSafe when they create a decision better called a derision. What [is] the purpose of WCAT if they can not overrule and correct incorrect information being used by WorkSafe.

During my 5 year plus investigation into my injury I have come across far too many injured workers with experiences of what appears to be miss diagnosis, errors in diagnosis and treatment, treatment or diagnosis withheld, arbitrary and strange leaps of logic and many more significant deviation from appropriate treatment. A manager of a food bank told me my estimate of 25 % as the number of recipients at the food bank having an unresolved issue with WorkSafe et al was wrong – her estimate closer to 50%. The fall back position for far too many injured workers is social assistance and after 2 years with luck PWD and have the government take their Bus pass away from them. The food banks of BC assist over 100,000 people each month. Unfortunately they are also one of the few “growing” industries in the province.

I will only break the fast if Minister Bond or senior Ministry Aides meet with me and agree to:

  1. Investigate my claim on the facts in an open forum open to the media and public. No secret tribunals held away from public scrutiny and the injured worker. I am prepared to put the facts before the public. Why does WCAT need to conduct their “deliberations” in private excluding even the injured worker?
  1. An inquiry into the abuses of WorkSafe against injured workers is immediately begun by an appropriate 3rd party such as the Ombudsperson.

Far too much of the information WorkSafe records on a claim misses or outright is the opposite to what the injured worker or their experts provide.

  1.   WorkSafe fully apprise the public and workers of the potential dangers of near and intermediate field radiation and the distance from the source that near field and intermediate field radiation conditions apply – this particularity applies to rooftop cell tower antennas, and the use of wifi in classrooms and hospitals.

(For a quick once over understanding of the intermediate and near field chaotic conditions consult the Radio Frequency
Handbook for Environmental Health Practitioners from the BCCDC
– all of the document is pertinent, in particular sections 2- 5 inclusive specifically noting the equations from 2-12 and
cumulating with 2-19 as the most significant equation and the text from eq 2.12-2-19.) For a quick summary of the
near/intermediate fields issues see a youtube video at http://tinyurl.com/neaarfield (note the 2 a’s in near)

Unfortunately few lawyers will touch a WorkSafe case, fewer still WCAT appeals and none I have found will consider a judicial review or reconsideration, even a highly competent lawyer cannot anticipate the twist, turns and recreation of “process” WorkSafe and WCAT evoke to deny a claim.

Someone has to stand up for the health and safety of workers and the public, WorkSafe does not unless being antagonistic counts. Despite numerous efforts to contact WorkSafe re the special issues in the near field WorkSafe has refused to acknowledge the contact and are continuing to not investigate according to the established standards of the day (one worker admitted they do not have the equipment and was not sure if they have the expertise to operate the complex equipment needed). No official agency is stepping forward to protect the public and especially children from excessive radiation and in particular excessive radiation in the near field.

For one man’s personal experience with radiation this Tedx talk

My experience with WorkSafe/WCAT

Attempts to resolve the issues at the Assistant Deputy Minister level, with WCAT and WorkSafe in a less confrontational meeting have been consistently rebuffed – the WCAT vice chair even ridiculed me for my attempts [to] resolve the matter in her recent reconsideration decision.

Is the fundamental policy WorkSafe/WCAT the reverse of “Blackstone’s formulation”?

The protest will be quiet and with no signs etc., (apart from a copy of this email to explain the reason for the protest) symbolic of the way WorkSafe/WCAT bully injured workers into silence as they drop a claim in shear frustration dealing with the bully’s kangaroo court.

Norm Ryder

The highly dangerous and unpredictable zones around Cell Towers, Cell Phones other radiating devices


Subject: BC Hydro Tariff Amendments


It has been brought to my attention that BC Hydro upper management is attempting to amend the Tariff beyond the RDA application limitations. It is required that major changes require separate applications. I must insist at this time that these regulations be followed to the letter with regards to BC Hydro’s application to insure proper discussion and consideration is brought to bear on this or any application by BC Hydro. Jessica McDonald is, or should be, aware of these application requirements and should be held accountable for this obvious attempt to breach the requirements.

Yours Truly,




Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters


“Our Society is run by insane people for insane objectives. We are being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that.
That’s what is insane about it…”
~ John Lennon


Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation