202016-03-08 Warning that security of grid is at least 10 years away

  • Communities and companies, as well as individuals, are leaving Hydro due to costs (and, I know, due to the way Hydro is treating its “customers”, with contempt and deceit.)  Dr. Timothy Schoechle has researched the issue of dependence on the major grid and is advising that communities install their own systems. This prevents major hacking, and protects against the major attacks that experts expect.




  • From the electronics industry the warning that real security is a decade away. It is critically important to get community systems.

“Criminals do not want to destroy, but small modifications would destroy.  Governments could do this,” said Kaspersky. “I hope we will never see a state-sponsored attack on a massive scale on infrastructure because they [potential attackers] are vulnerable too and will expect the same in return. There are some freak countries, and I hope they will be smart enough not to start anything.”

 “We have to move fast, but no nation in the world has enough engineers to do it in a reasonable time. It will take 10 to 20 years to protect all critical infrastructure. We are living in a time when we will be vulnerable and not protected”.



  • I don’t know what this means. Could some technical guru tell me if there is something here of significance?

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Newsletter prepared by  Sharon Noble

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