2016-03-25 US Companies seeing use of data as source of revenue

  • Utilities see sharing of data to third parties as a major source of profit.

 “To make it worth the utility’s while, Con Ed can find ways to share the benefits of opening third-party access to AMI data with its own shareholders, the order noted:

“The total expenditures approved in this order will act as a cost cap, with the potential for the Company to enhance its earnings by working with third parties who offer alternative solutions or deployment approaches that can reduce costs and/or generate new revenues, which will primarily benefit ratepayers, with an appropriate share of savings as an incentive for the Company.””


 Most of the smart meters in North America include a ZigBee radio capable of putting out second-by-second readings, but the few states that have opened them up have seen low uptake and technical problems.”



  • Another US utility allowing customers to keep their analogs, permanently – Texas, No fees determined yet.



  • According to an industry report, most power and utility (PU) companies are not prepared for a cyberattack:

“Highlighting the main concerns of the P&U sector, the EY report reveals that 19 percent of P&U responders admit that they do not have an information security strategy; 46 percent point to a lack of executive awareness or support as a major obstacle to dealing with threats to cyber security; and 55 percent confirm that their organisation does not have a dedicated security operations centre (SOC).”




  • In 2012 the Engineering and Technology magazine, E&T, warned about the risks associated with smeters, “Smart Meters and Dumb Fires”.   They noted that there had been fires in the US and Australia. Why, if these fires were known to industry people, did BC Hydro not know about them? Why are these meters still allowed to be on people’s homes? Certainly ITRON knew its meters were fire hazards before Hydro signed the contract. Why won’t the NDP support a recall and demand a full refund, including the paid legacy fees?  Please send this to you MLA, along with your request/suggestion/demand that these be recalled.


Reports of fires related to smart meters in the USA and Australia have quite rightly provoked concern among consumers. That concern seems well justified; following an enquiry with the Health and Safety Executive, E&T has uncovered the fact that the UK has suffered its share of incidents…

 In other regions, where similar trials are taking place, there have already been dozens of incidents of smart-meter related fires reported. Some have been attributed to poor design while others have been put down to poor installation.



  • In 2012 when the UK was having pilot projects for smeters, there were warnings about keeping flammables away from the electrical intake areas (I assume the meter and panel), for the first time.



  • A member sent this info about a presentation/discussion with Edward Snowden about big data, security and human rights  that will take place via conference call at 7:00pm April 5. The tickets are all gone, so those who wish can listen via streaming. The full information is available at http://www.sfu.ca/publicsquare/upcoming-events/EdwardSnowden.html


Sharon Noble

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