2018-10-20 Utility companies blame Measurement Canada for our having to have smeters

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1)  BC Hydro has told people in every letter that they are changing the analogs to smeters because Measurement Canada has new requirements which analogs do not satisfy. I’ve shared for years that I wrote to Measurement Canada several years ago about this and was told that Measurement Canada doesn’t care what type of meter is used so long as it is accurate. It cares for nothing else, even though BC Hydro has implied there is a safety factor involved. For accuracy purposes, Measurement Canada requires periodic re-certification but that could be done easily if BC Hydro truly was following Measurement Canada’s requirements.

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File a Complaint to Measurement Canada – https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/mc-mc.nsf/eng/h_lm00007.html

In Quebec, someone wrote to Measurement Canada and got the same response:

Le 21 sept. 2018 à 13:33, Theriault, Ray (IC) <ray.theriault@canada.ca> a écrit :

Bonjour,  (translated by Quebec recipient)

To answer your questions: 

1- Measurement Canada did not ask Hydro-Québec to change all the meters. On the other hand, any meter whose verification seal has expired, must be re-verified according to the law on Electricity and Gas. Your meter has expired since 2015. You can find this information about your image that you included in your last message:

2- the counters do not have an expiry date, but rather a date of seal, yours being of 2015.

I hope I have answered your questions,

Bonne Journée !  

Ray Thériault
Spécialiste Électrique, Mesures Canada
Innovation, Sciences et Développement économique Canada / Gouvernement duCanada

Ray.theriault@canada.ca / Tél : 506-381-1838 / ATS : 1-866-694-8389

2)   St. Albert, Alberta has mandated that every home have a “smart” water meter, and some residents are resisting on the basis of health. Failure to accept the smeter appears to result in possible “disruption of service”.  Water is an essential service – people must have water to stay alive. How could a city cut off water?

City of St. Albert Water Meter Replacement Program – Neptune – https://stalbert.ca/home/utilities/water/water-meter-replacement-program/


City should be challenged on smart water meter

“A notice of non-conformance with the city’s smart water meter project has been sent to me and to an unknown number of other St. Albert residents. The notice states that failure to comply is a contravention of the city’s water bylaw, an offence that may result in disruption of water service and a fine up to $1,000. I am supposed to comply by Oct. 17.

A few other people who have received the same notice have contacted me as they are concerned about how they can respond. Some of these people already have health conditions that they are dealing with and this makes their situation even more stressful.”



Note from Ted

see https://stalbert.ca/uploads/PDF-infosheets/NeptuneTechnologyFAQsR900RFEmissions.pdf
"The exposure to radio frequency energy at a distance of 1 foot from the meter is never more than 0.08 mW/cm2 for the Fixed Network Messages."

This is a 800,000 µW/m² hit of pulsed RFRadiation every 14 seconds.

Note that the truck that reads the water meters only drives by once every month or 2 months.

And the Water meter is pulsing every 14 seconds just so the truck can read the meter when it happens to drive by.

The pulsed radiation is a message that contains:   meter number,  number of cubic meters of water sensed since installation time,  and some codes like "leak sensed" and possibly battery level is low and some other possible alert situations.

At 900 MHz:
US FCC limit is 0.6 mw/cm² = 6,000,000 µW/m² 
CAN SC6 (2015) limit is  2,070,000 µW/m² 
The FCC and SC6 limits have been established based ONLY on the THERMAL heating properties of microwave radiation and not on the impact of RFRadiation on the cells of the body.

There are 100s of studies that show that RFRadiation has a major impact on the body.

Everybody that is researching the SC6 and FCC levels believe that these levels are maintained at these very high levels because of industry pressure.  There is lots of money involved here.

There are many studies that show that the "pulsed nature" of the RFRadiation from Smart Meters and Smart Water Meters are far more damaging to the body than just a continuous wave (CW) nature of a radio station transmission.

I had a smart water meter installed when I lived in Lake Country several years ago but I was lucky to have a orchard water license which allowed me to have the district place, at no cost, the Smart Water Meter in a pit about 20 m away from the house.   This removed the danger of the pulsed RFRadiation from me and my family.

People who lived in homes with the water meter in the basement or near the living quarters several options:
1 - pay about $1500 to have the meter installed in a pit near the road and away from the house.

2 - erect an RFR shield to prevent the RFRadiation from radiating into the living quarters.  (Aluminum foil works - allow the side of the meter to be not shielded so that the truck that drives by once every 1 or 2 months will get a signal.

3 - pay additional to have the Transmitter part of the Water Meter installed on an outside wall of the house.  This still leave the problems of RFRadiation entering the living quarters of the house.  (maybe this option is available)

4 - pay additional to have the digital read-out with no transmitter installed on an outside wall of the house.  The meter reader would have to exit the truck and walk to the side of the house and manually read the meter. (maybe this option is available)

I have a router to support my various computers but it has the Wireless option turned off.  I just turned the Wireless Option on for a minute for testing and I measured the RFRadiation of above 10,000 µW/m² at 1 ft from the router.  So it seems that the 800,000 µW/m² pulse every 14 seconds is a much higher hit that the wireless router at the same distance. I tell all of my associates/clients to to WIRED because of the high level of RFRadiation.  And the smart water meter has higher levels. 

The goal is to have NO RFRadiation for ANY DEVICE.



3)  A terrifically detailed article with lots of information about having homes tested for EMF/RF and ideas for mitigation.


EMFs & RFs Constantly Invade Your Home Inflicting DNA Damage, But There Is Something You Can Do To Mitigate That, Protect Yourself & Your Loved Ones

“How can we ascertain the electromagnetic dangers invading our space and homes?

There are specially trained professionals who assess homes for EMF and RF pollution, but not all who think they can do it, really do a completely thorough job, often not measuring certain frequencies.

I’ve been looking for such an individual to assess my house/home and recently had it done by Paul Harding of Total EMF Solutions.  I thought I would share with my readers how it’s done and what can be done to mitigate as much as possible EMFs/RFs from invading your space.”


or   https://tinyurl.com/EMFmitigation


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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