2018-10-30 Why are policemen checking up on smeter installations?

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**Over the next few days I will be travelling and my updates may be sporadic. In the meantime, I hope that people will read my email below, sent to the Attorney General, and consider sending your own to him, whether you’ve been smetered or not.**

1)  A good article with basic information to hand out to people who need to know about EMR/EMF but don’t.

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2)  A member told me about her experience being smetered last week. First, the installer admitted that the Corix people who were doing most of the installations didn’t know what they were doing. Then, some time after the exchange, a policeman stopped by to ask about how things went. Why? It seems that BC Hydro is having police follow up. What a waste of money and the officer’s time. Then the police officer told about an incident he had…..   Then her brand new dryer wouldn’t work. Coincidence, I bet BC Hydro will say.  Lots of incidents like this while I was investigating fires. And BC Hydro fights them all. If this happens to you, lodge a formal complaint right away.


Received call from Michael at customer metering almost immediately on 23rd OCT. Then a message left on machine by some guy called Dwayne on the next day saying he’d be here between 8 AM & 4PM  on OCT 26. He arrived about 8:30 while I was having my breakfast in my jammies. Asked if he could wait 15 minutes til I got dressed & shut power down, which he did very begrudgingly.

Took a pic of analogue reading, before disconnection, as well as face of smart meter. Have to download to computer so U can see if it is a radio off model. He told me there were only about 200 left to exchange BC wide. Also that most of his calls were now from radio off customers, wanting to switch to smart meter to save them $400 per year (his words). When I asked why he didn’t wear the plexiglass mask for the exchange (that I saw the Corix guys wearing) he said it was because they didn’t know what they were doing (his words).

He obviously didn’t like me standing there, while he set it up on computer & to my surprise I had a police officer stop by at dinner time asking for my side of how the exchange went. Apparently BC Hydro must be wasting taxpayer money with this new routine to cover their ass about how customers are treated! The police officer told me that they wanted him to pay $500 to replace the line from the pole to his house, when it caught on fire. I said I was not surprised.

Today I placed calls to BC Hydro as well as their claims dept (where no one is answering) because I see that my BRAND NEW dryer is not working! Have used it 3 times since it was delivered to house.”

3)  The growing number of people who are sensitive find it hard to find a doctor, or to explain to an employer why the Wi-Fi throughout the workplace is making them ill.  This article is an “easy cheat sheet”.




Island Health (formerly VIHA) – https://www.islandhealth.ca/

From: Ron Ramsey  (name given with permission)
Sent: October 29, 2018
To: Dorothy.Gallacher@viha.ca; lisa.beare.MLA@leg.bc.ca
Subject: Provincial Health Authorities are ignorant of the science, proudly so

Hello Ms. Gallacher:

I’ve just reviewed the cursory response in support of the wireless industry you sent to Sharon Noble on behalf of your department.

On the topic of environmental health expertise and leadership, I would like to confirm with you the name of the expert who posted the article regarding the 2017 NTP study at the link below on the BC Government website. It was posted anonymously, which is highly unusual for experts showing leadership. If this is not an official state secret, could I please have the name of the person who created this document, and of the department authorizing? While it may not have been your department, it’s a small world and I’m sure this information is quickly at hand if desired.

The designer of the NTP study, Ronald Melnick, disagrees with the document’s author. A recent peer review of the NTP study confirms cancer causation. Since your department officially denies all suggestions of wireless being harmful, is seemingly not able to find relevant studies which clearly exist directly in front of it, and not able to recognize them when they are delivered to it, and considering the extremely serious nature of the topic and the implications of the author being wrong or representing interests other than that of the health of the public, the author’s identity is of consequence to all citizens of British Columbia. Please supply the author’s name if it is not a state secret. He or she deserves due credit for the posting.

Also, our esteemed Public Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry does not meet with the public regarding this topic or answer questions, seeming quite defensive. Does Dr. Stanwick have a similar policy of serving the public, or is a meeting with Dr. Stanwick at his convenience possible to discuss this general area?

Thank you.

Ron Ramsey


Cell Phone Radiofrequency Radiation: A Review of the …

Cell Phone Radiofrequency Radiation: A Review of the National Toxicology Program’s Partial Findings In May 2016, the US National Toxicology Program (NTP) reported initial findings of an animal


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From: Gallacher, Dorothy [mailto:Dorothy.Gallacher@viha.ca] On Behalf Of Stanwick, Richard (Dr)
Sent: October 26, 2018 4:15 PM
To: Sharon Noble
Subject: FW: Information re. non-thermal radiation specialists

Sent on behalf of the Chief Medical Health Officer

Dear Ms. Noble:

Thank you for your inquiry, which was forwarded to this office for reply.

Island Health works collaboratively with other Health Authorities across BC.

Environmental Health expertise is provided with Island Health by our Medical Health Officers and Environmental Health Officers, with whom you have communicated in the past.

Leadership in specialized areas such as radiation exposure are provided through BCCDC and the Provincial Health Services Authority.  While currently no single person fills the radiation exposure specialist role, BCCDC through the Environmental Health program maintains diligence in important advances in the field as well as linkages to like agencies in other provinces and federal partners.

Our Medical Health Officers have confirmed with BCCDC that no recent scientific work substantively changes current EMF assessments that are available on BCCDC and Provincial Health Officer websites, nor would they affect island Health provision of WIFI within our facilities.


Dorothy Gallacher
Executive Assistant to the
Chief Medical Health Officer
Island Health
430-1900 Richmond Avenue
Victoria, BC V8R 4R2


From: Sharon Noble
Sent: October 30, 2018
To: AG.Minister@gov.bc.ca
Subject: ITRON’s plans for illegal use of smart meters

Dear Attorney General Eby,

A recent industry document expands upon ITRON’s published information that I sent to you on Sept. 22 which describes ITRON’s long-term intention to use smart meters for purposes other than for billing. This new article explains how ITRON will be using the smart meters, our homes and the smart grid in manners which have never been included in the Electric Tariff or were not part of the Clean Energy Act.

IT Science: Making Millions of Energy Devices Smarter with IoT

Describe the strategy that went into finding the solution: To successfully create a new system designed for millions of intelligent IoT devices that would ultimately become part of the Active Grid, Itron and Bsquare outlined four requirements the application distribution and management solution had to meet. It needed to:

  • reside on meters without impacting core metering functionality;
  • be extremely compact in order to be delivered over potentially bandwidth constrained network connections;
  • integrate seamlessly into Itron’s existing OpenWay Riva IoT platform; and
  • be able to scale to millions of grid edge devices.

Ultimately, Itron and Bsquare wanted the platform to create new business model opportunities for utility and smart city customers.



This breach can be done remotely, without our knowledge or permission. In fact, the current meters might be compromised already – who would know?  BC Hydro certainly wouldn’t tell its customers.

Mr. Eby, I have informed Patrick Wruck, Secretary of the BC Utilities Commission and he believes that BCUC cannot take remedial action, even with regards to potential illegal activity such as this,  because of the Clean Energy Act, which prevents them from exercising their legal regulatory oversight responsibility.

There is no question that ITRON both intends and has the ability to expand the use of the smart meters to enable millions of wireless devices to connect to the grid.  I do not give my permission for the meter on my home to be used in this manner.   Can you please tell me what options I have since I have no choice but BC Hydro as the provider of electricity?

Sharon Noble

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From: Sharon Noble
Sent: October 21, 2018
To: AG.Minister@gov.bc.ca
Subject: RE: ITRON admits smart meters make homes its commercial platforms– Is this legal?

Dear Attorney General Eby,

Would you kindly tell me when I might receive a response to this request for information?

Thank you,
Sharon Noble

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From: Sharon Noble
Sent: September 22, 2018
To: AG.Minister@gov.bc.ca
Subject: ITRON admits smart meters make homes its commercial platforms– Is this legal?

Dear Attorney General Eby,

I am writing to you as the official legal adviser for the provincial government and the various ministries.  ITRON is the corporation that provides the smart meters and has developed the grid used by both BC Hydro and FortisBC. Below you will find ITRON’s vision for expanding the usage of the smart meters and the smart meter program beyond that approved by the Clean Energy Act or approved by the BC Utilities Commission. Many of the uses envisioned by ITRON invade our privacy and use our properties in manners which are unreasonable, if not illegal.

Many have hypothesized that the smart meters were intended to do more than just measure our power usage. We’ve feared that our privacy would be invaded when our personal data is gathered and, potentially, shared with third parties.  ITRON has now admitted that this is indeed the plan, and has been all along.

Itron, in the article linked below, foresees using our homes as a commercial base for corporations other than BC Hydro and FortisBC. Itron also foresees the smart meters being used for many purposes in addition to measuring electricity, gas or water usage. “Edge” devices will connect to the IoT (Internet of Things) via the smart grid, thus being a major part of the smart cities program by having multiple types of transmitters from multiple companies in the ITRON smart meter, to gather and “create business value” from all the data being gathered.

These statements are from ITRON’s own information page:



“The Active Grid demands both high-performance communications and reliable connectivity. That means a communications solution that combines multiple communication media – RF wireless, powerline carrier and Wi-Fi – on the same chipset and in the same edge devices. Edge devices are able to intelligently select the most appropriate path, data rates and communications mode (e.g. mesh, point-to-point, peer-to-peer, local broadcast) to assure the highest level of communication performance and reliability to support an entirely new portfolio of smart grid, smart distribution and smart city use cases. We call this Adaptive Communications Technology and it delivers assured connectivity at the highest possible speed. 

Not a Meter; a Grid Sensor and Computing Platform

With a powerful distributed computing platform, the Active Grid transforms the smart meter from a consumption measurement device to an advanced grid sensor with metering being one of multiple applications. That means embedding the equivalent computing power of a smart phone or desktop computer in every device, enabling real-time analysis of high-resolution data (1-second or better) at the edge, while eliminating latency and loss of data resolution during transfer over the network. This distributed computing platform also provides the ability to run multiple “apps” on meters and other edge devices, thereby unleashing a growing ecosystem of developers to innovate on the platform… 

This type of self-directed device interaction has always been central to the vision of a smart distribution network but never possible until now…

One of the key trends identified in the latest Itron Resourcefulness Index, an annual survey of utility executives, industry stakeholders and consumers to gauge progress in achieving more effective management of energy and water resources, was that utility executives are very concerned about creating business value from all the new data coming their way.”


At no time has ITRON been granted permission by any customer, by BC Utilities Commission or, at least as far as I know, by any government to use private residences for commercial purposes or to allow meters on residences to be used for anything other than to measure power usage. Is it legal to expand the use of the smart meter for “multiple applications”, transforming it from a “consumption measurement device” to a “computing platform” without having received explicit agreement from all the parties involved?

Neither has any customer, BCUC or any government, to my knowledge, agreed to allow personal data to be used to “create business value”.

BC Hydro and FortisBC customers have been misled about the benefits, costs and risks associated with the smart meter program from day one – and to this day this deception continues. Both the Liberal and NDP governments have turned a blind eye to the way this program was implemented, leaving the citizens with no choice and no advocate because the Clean Energy Act precluded the BCUC from regulatory oversight.  Now, with this new information from ITRON itself about its intention, we know what has “always been central to the vision of a smart distribution network” –  using smart meters for purposes about which we were never told and to which we never agreed.  Given BC Hydro’s lack of transparency and history of deception, how are we to know if the meters have been altered already to contain multiple transmitters, being transformed into a device capable of being used as a grid sensor and computing platform?

Mr. Eby, I will not agree to allow my data to be used for commercial purposes and neither will I allow my home to be used by ITRON or BC Hydro as a platform for its “multiple applications” on the Active Grid.

Can you please tell me if I can be forced to have such a device put on my home as a condition for having electricity?  In your expert opinion, is it legal for electrical meters to be used for purposes other than measuring usage without explicit approval from the customer?  I realize there are many other legal implications that must be considered and questions that have been raised. I hope that you will share your opinions after your review is completed.

I look forward to receiving your response at your earliest convenience.  Thank you for your time.

Sharon Noble


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The real problem isn’t whether machines think but whether men do.”
~ B.F. Skinner


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