2018-10-21 Chinese province bans cell phones and tablets from schools

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1)   A  province in China has banned cell phones and tablets from schools and is pushing for a drastic reduction in use of wireless devices because of the significant increase in myopia in children.  I’m sure there are other health problems, too.
Why aren’t our schools aware of the problems associated with intense and prolonged exposure to wireless devices?

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China bans mobile phones in classrooms

“Primary and middle school students in Shandong province will not be allowed to use cellphones or tablets in classrooms starting from Nov 1, according to a new regulation.The regulation, adopted by the provincial legislature last month, calls on schools to keep such devices for the students during schooltime if they bring them to school, with the aim of curbing the incidence of myopia… 

It recommends that children’s use of electronic screens not exceed 15 minutes in a single session and not more than one hour a day.”

new link – http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/a/201810/10/WS5bbd537fa310eff303281764.html


or   https://tinyurl.com/Chinacellphoneban

2) A new study done on a small group of men shows that DNA damage in the ear corresponds to use of cell phone and increases with the amount of time it is used per day.


Exposure to non-ionizing electromagnetic fields emitted from mobile phones induced DNA damage in human ear canal hair follicle cells

“Results of the study showed that DNA damage indicators were higher in the RFR exposure groups than in the control subjects. In addition, DNA damage increased with the daily duration of exposure. In conclusion, RFR emitted from mobile phones has a potential to produce DNA damage in follicle cells of hair in the ear canal.”


3)      If you must use a cell phone, never use it when the signal is weak, which can happen in elevators or cars, in the interior of a home, or when some distance from the nearest cell tower, for example.


New California State Study Reveals That Cell Phone Use in Poor Reception Increases Microwave Radiation 10,000 Times

“* Cell phones used in areas of weak reception can result in microwave radiation emissions 10,000-fold more intense than in areas with strong network signals.

* When used with a weak signal (1 to 2 bars), radiation exposures from all phones were higher intensity by up to four orders of magnitude in comparison to exposures from a strong signal (4 to 5 display bars)

* Even at distances of more than a foot and half (48 cm), microwave radiation was much higher intensity when signal reception was weak when compared with closer distances in areas with strong signals (2 inches, 4 cm)…

 This important study shows the need to keep wireless devices away from the body, especially whenever we encounter areas of weak signal every day, such as when we are in an elevator, in a traveling car, in the basement or interior rooms of a home. Limiting cell phone use in weak signal areas potentially reduces RF EMF exposure by up to a factor of 10,000,” stated Devra Davis PhD, MPH, President of Environmental Health Trust.”



Island Health (formerly VIHA) – https://www.islandhealth.ca/

From: Benita and Marcus Schluschen (names given with permission)
Sent: October 12, 2018
To: patientcarequalityoffice@viha.ca

Subject: Fw: excellent health care for everyone?

Ladies and Gentlemen, of VIHA,

VIHA’s website states: “Excellent health care for everyone, everywhere, every time”.

Unfortunately, this does not include those who suffer from man-made, electronic hypersensitivity (EHS), induced by a sea of wireless microwave radiation, emitted 24/7, by cell towers and WiFi, now even in hospitals and medical facilities, such as dentists’ offices.

I am one of the growing number of people who suffer from EHS.  For me, our irradiated environments have become an ordeal and a physical barrier to access medical care.

I tried, in vain, to find a dentist in Campbell River to have a painful tooth extracted.  All of them have WiFi on the premises.

It is beyond comprehension that VIHA allows hospitals and medical facilities to carelessly expose vulnerable patients, sick children and those who are fighting for their lives, to WiFi and cell tower microwave radiation!  Microwave ovens operate on the same frequency of 2.4 GhZ, the same as WiFi!

The World Health Organization (WHO) classified this RF radiation, a possible carcinogen, in 2011.  A lot has happened in EMR research since 2011:

Cardiac specialist, Dr. Hugh Scully testimony on WiFi:


Excerpt:  As a physician leader in Canada with a great commitment to the health of Canadians, I am very concerned about the increasing evidence internationally that EMR is creating increasing health problems in our population as its use increases exponentially. This is particularly true among children and young Canadians, and teachers and nurses who are continuously exposed to WiFi routers in schools [and hospitals].

2017 – Cancer Expert, Dr. Anthony Miller,  Declares Cell Phone And Wireless Radiation As Carcinogenic To Humans


Excerpt:  “The evidence indicating wireless is carcinogenic has increased and can no longer be ignored!”

“ . . . the signals emitted by cell phones, other wireless and cordless sensor devices, and wireless networks – fully meet criteria to be classified as a “Group  1 carcinogen to humans” agent, based on scientific evidence associating RF exposure to cancer development and cancer promotion.”

The subject of non-ionizing radiation damage from wireless technologies is, unfortunately, not taught in most medical schools, with the exception of Prof. Genuis in Alberta and The Environmental Health Clinic / Women’s College Hospital in Toronto – Dr. Riina Bray, Medical Director and Associate Professor.

Dr. Bray educated several hundred medical students on the health effects non-ionizing radiation has on the human physiology, which includes WiFi.

In 2015, after 3 days of testimonies by medical scientists and EMR experts, Health Canada was severely reprimanded by HESA, Governmental Health Committee in Ottawa, for being negligent in their duties to inform the public, and medical schools, that non-ionizing radiation can have adverse effects on the human body and the environment.

Dr. Riina Bray, HESA, Parliamentary Health Committee, testimony:


Excerpt:  As a physician who has specialized in the area of environmental health for over 20 years, I am mortified at the lack of accountability regarding radio and microwave radiation use in the everyday lives of Canadians both young and old. I am appalled by the poor, impractical, and unrealistic research done in this area and the lack of proper, relevant investigations that need to be done and have not.

International Doctors Appeal 2012 – Quick read – 2 pages (signed by thousands)

Excerpt:  Human, animal, and plant life is controlled by naturally occurring electromagnetic fields and signals. Technical electromagnetic fields with their extremely low to very high frequencies can interfere profoundly with the biological processes of cell communication and cell metabolism. Initially, the self healing power of living beings will compensate for imbalances through finely tuned control mechanisms. Prolonged electromagnetic stress, however, may lead to a chronic impairment of this biologically meaningful organization of life and result in disease.

Physicians for Safe Technology – Extensive information on medical science regarding electro-smog pollution from WiFi, cell towers, etc. and living cells.

Excerpt from executive summary:  Widespread use of digital media and near constant exposure to wireless devices has caused increasing concern among scientists, health care professionals, psychologists, educators and the public who are now considering this is not only a public health issue but a looming public health crisis.

International Scientists Appeal to the United Nation and the WHO (signed by 244 EMF scientists, of 41 nations)
Scientists call for Protection from Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Field Exposure

www.EMFscientist.org  Includes a short informative video by cellular biologist, Dr. Martin Blank.

Excerpt:  We are scientists engaged in the study of biological and health effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (EMF). Based upon peer-reviewed, published research, we have serious concerns regarding the ubiquitous and increasing exposure to EMF generated by electric and wireless devices. These include–but are not limited to–radiofrequency radiation (RFR) emitting devices, such as cellular and cordless phones and their base stations, Wi-Fi, broadcast antennas, smart meters, and baby monitors as well as electric devices and infra-structures used in the delivery of electricity that generate extremely-low frequency electromagnetic field (ELF EMF).

Health Canada’s James McNamee revealed, to a Quebec Superior Court, that Health Canada only considers thermal heating effects.  Incredibly, they have the temerity to casually dismiss THOUSANDS of studies showing adverse biological effects, including the recent 10 year study of the US Governmental National Toxicology Program, as well as Italy’s 10 year Ramazzini study, which was conducted WELL below, Canada’s so-called “Safety Code 6” Guideline.

In contrast, Health Canada’s own website shows a 5 day study by McNamee, but yet, they have the boldness to call this 5 day study “the most comprehensive study ever”, and simply ignoring science.  Most galling is that they completely dismiss the recent 28 million dollar US National Toxicology Program as well as the 25 million dollar Ramazzini study, of which both were reviewed by other international EMR experts.  For Health Canada, corporate health comes first and public health, dead last!

Is VIHA aware that the head of the WHO’s radiation safety department is no longer run by the highly esteemed physician, Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland?  She resigned because she too became a victim of EHS.  Today, much to the delight of telecom industry, it is Electrical Engineer Emily Van Deventer, with close ties to the wireless industry, who runs the show.

My question to VIHA is:

1. Since WiFi has invaded all medical facilities, including hospitals, where can people like me, who suffer from electronic hypersensitivity, go when I am in need for medical services, when no medical facility is left without WiFi?

I met others just like me on Vancouver Island, who suffer from EHS, who try to avoid WiFi and cell tower exposure, which has become a nightmare for many.

Several, just like me, had to move away to remote regions to avoid the constant radiation exposure of today‘s irradiated communities.

2. Can you please advise me if there is a dentist, who has no WiFi on their premises, in the region of Campbell River or Mid-Island?

If VIHA truly believes in “Excellent health care for everyone, everywhere, every time”, you owe it to the patients to educate yourself and create radiation-free zones, free of WiFi and cell phone radiation pollution, so that everyone receives health care, everywhere, every time, when we need it the most.

I implore you to get in contact with Dr. Riina Bray and take this matter seriously.

Please be so kind as to provide me with answers to the questions I have.

Kind regards,
Benita and Marcus Schluschen



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.”
~ Albert Einstein


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