2018-10-28 Provincial Health Authorities are ignorant of the science, proudly so

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1)  Unfortunately, we have many examples of our Provincial Health officials ignoring scientific evidence that microwave radiation is dangerous, leading to Wi-Fi in schools, smeters on homes, and microcells outside our bedrooms. Below in Letters is a stream of emails prompted by response to a letter from Jerry Flynn. The response dismisses evidence Jerry provided and the response to me says that there has been no recent scientific evidence that changes the out-of-date information on their websites. Really, this is shameful. People who are looking for information are being totally misled. How can these people continue to ignore science when it’s their job?

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Island Health (formerly VIHA) – https://www.islandhealth.ca/

2)   Another death from glioblastoma. Bonnie Gilles, mother of Canadian figure skater Piper Gilles, died at age 63.






Island Health (formerly VIHA) – https://www.islandhealth.ca/

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From: Sharon Noble
Sent: October 26, 2018 8:39 PM
To: ‘Stanwick, Richard (Dr)’ <Richard.Stanwick@viha.ca>

Subject: RE: Information re. non-thermal radiation specialists

Dear. Ms. Gallacher,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my email.

In the email to Mr. Flynn, the statement said there is an expert on radiation. Now you say that the BCCDC has the expertise as does the Provincial Health Services Authority. So what are the qualifications of these people who question the independent experts who have found that exposure to radiation levels far below Health Canada’s Safety Code 6.  I am not aware of anyone in either the BCCDC or in the provincial health authority’s office who has any education or experience in researching microwave radiation emitted by wireless devices.

It is very disturbing to learn that the Medical Health Officers and the BCCDC say that they are not aware of any new EMF studies that would be included on their websites or affect their stance re. wifi within provincial facilities. There have been many in the last 5 years or so that have been heralded as extremely significant. This confirms my belief that there is no one in the BCCDC or the provincial medical or health authorities who is qualified to assess the dangers.

Following are links to 2 major studies which are missing from every provincial website and about which, as you admit, our provincial authorities know nothing. I would ask you to confirm that you have forwarded them to the BCCDC, Dr. Bonnie Henry and all other provincial health authorities. Our children are being exposed to microwave radiation that could cause them life-changing harm.

1) National Toxicology Project, a 10 year, $25 million study done by the NIH in the US which found that exposure to cell phone radiation is responsible for various cancers including glioblastomas (brain cancer) and schwannomas of the heart (cancerous tumors of the heart that have been extremely rare.)  The peer review report is at  https://ntp.niehs.nih.gov/ntp/about_ntp/trpanel/2018/march/peerreview20180328_508.pdf . The decision of an international peer review panel was that there is CLEAR EVIDENCE of association between cell phone radiation and cancer – THE HIGHEST LEVEL STANDARD.

Scientific panel advises there is evidence for an association between both heart and brain cancers and cell phone radiation in large-scale animal study.

(Triangle Park, NC) Scientists concluded there is “clear evidence” linking cell phone radiation to the development of cancers in rats. The U.S. government invited an expert panel to make a majority-rules declaration in response to the $25 million U.S. government National Toxicology Program (NTP) study of cell phone radiation in animals. After a three-day review of the study data, they voted to strengthen the conclusions that cell phone radiation caused health effects in the cell phone radiation exposed rats and mice…

The peer review panel voted that the malignant schwannoma tumors found in the heart of male rats be scientifically categorized as “clear evidence of carcinogenicity”.

2)  Ramazzini Study on low level microwave radiation.  Another 10 year study by the world-renowned institute in Italy, done on cell tower radiation. Radiation levels to which the animals were exposed were much lower than that emitted by cell phones or used in the NTP study.  The levels were those in the real world, to which we are exposed every day, levels in schools with wifi, for example.  The results were similar to the NTP study with cancers to the brains and other parts of the body including schwannomas of the heart.  Here is a link to the press conference where the results were announced.  https://www.emfacts.com/2018/03/ramazzini-study-on-base-stationcell-tower-radiation-press-conference-3222018/

If you would like to have more major studies for our provincial authorities to review, please do let me know. I would be happy to provide them.

Ms. Gallacher, I would appreciate receiving comments on these studies from our provincial experts.

Thank you for your time.

Sharon Noble

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From: Gallacher, Dorothy [mailto:Dorothy.Gallacher@viha.ca] On Behalf Of Stanwick, Richard (Dr)
Sent: October 26, 2018 4:15 PM
To: Sharon Noble
Subject: FW: Information re. non-thermal radiation specialists

Sent on behalf of the Chief Medical Health Officer 

Dear Ms. Noble:

Thank you for your inquiry, which was forwarded to this office for reply.

Island Health works collaboratively with other Health Authorities across BC.

Environmental Health expertise is provided with Island Health by our Medical Health Officers and Environmental Health Officers, with whom you have communicated in the past.

Leadership in specialized areas such as radiation exposure are provided through BCCDC and the Provincial Health Services Authority.  While currently no single person fills the radiation exposure specialist role, BCCDC through the Environmental Health program maintains diligence in important advances in the field as well as linkages to like agencies in other provinces and federal partners.

Our Medical Health Officers have confirmed with BCCDC that no recent scientific work substantively changes current EMF assessments that are available on BCCDC and Provincial Health Officer websites, nor would they affect island Health provision of WIFI within our facilities.


Dorothy Gallacher
Executive Assistant to the
Chief Medical Health Officer
Island Health
430-1900 Richmond Avenue
Victoria, BC V8R 4R2

Phone: 250.519.3406 | Local: 33406
Email: dorothy.gallacher@viha.ca
Web: www.islandhealth.ca

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From: Sharon Noble
Sent: October 16, 2018
To: Salim, Lauren [mailto:Lauren.Salim@VIHA.CA]
Cc: Stanwick, Richard (Dr); kathy.macneil@viha.ca; HLTH.Minister@gov.bc.ca; Bonnie.Henry@gov.bc.ca

Subject: Information re. non-thermal radiation specialists

Dear Ms. Salim,

Mr. Flynn was kind enough to share your email of Oct. 9 (below) with me.

You state that there is a radiation specialist in BC who advises the Public Health Officer and her office.  Could you please tell me who this specialist is and direct me to any research that this person has done or advisory reports that have been prepared?  Are you aware that much of the information that is on the BCCDC link you provided is out of date and that there is no reference to several significant recent studies that many in the scientific community laud as “game changers”?

In addition you state that your office, as a Health Authority, relies on provincial experts and internal specialists  in EMF.  Could you please tell me who these specialists are, and where I might find the information available to the public regarding benefits and risks of WIFI servers?

I look forward to receiving your response at your earliest convenience.


Sharon Noble
Victoria, BC

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From: Salim, Lauren [mailto:Lauren.Salim@VIHA.CA] On Behalf Of CEOExecutiveAssistant
Sent: October 9, 2018
To: Jerry Flynn

Subject: RE: Scientists say that non-thermal radiation is causing today‘s disease epidemics and innumerable premature deaths – but Health Canada refuses to listen!

Sent on behalf of the Chief Medical Health Office

Hello Mr. Flynn,

Thank you for your email of  September 15, 2018 regarding non-thermal radiation.

The issue of electromagnetic radiation (EMF), irrespective of source, receives considerable attention through both public scrutiny and within the science community. We are fortunate in BC to have a radiation specialist on whom we also rely for knowledge synthesis in the area. This information is updated and posted to http://www.bccdc.ca/health-info/health-your-environment/electro-magnetic-exposures. There are several important links to the national and international agencies that share an interest on these issues.

We recognize that in the domain of EMF, different parties place differing weight and importance on various perspectives and publications currently available. As a Health Authority we rely on the options of both our provincial experts and internal specialists on these matters, and after  weighing the risks and benefits of WIFI servers we initially provided for our staff only, more recently, are now allowing public access as well.  I appreciate you do not agree with this decision and have voiced your opposition to not only the health authority as well as others including a member of the BC legislature.


Administrative Assistant, Executive Office
1952 Bay St. Victoria, BC V8R 1J8
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