2017-12-04 A response to MLA “Shame” Simpson re. hydro bills

[Ajit Pai (remove Net Neutrality) & Jessica Rosenworcel (Wired Internet) – Brain Cancer Risk from Smartphones & Cell Phones – C4ST Website Hack (Frank Clegg) – Janis Hoffman Letter to Shane Simpson re BC Hydro Smart Metering Program Bills (Carole James, John Horgan, Michelle Mungall) – Jim Goddard Radio Interviews with Sharon Noble (Smart Meter Fires Report, etc.) – Katie Singer December Newsletter (5G Microcells / Small Cells Antennas Public Right-of-way Siting Legislation, FCC, Liability Insurance, OSHA, RFR, Safety) – Michael Calabrese, Wireless Future Project – Tim Wu – Write to NDP re Stop Site C | BC]

1)    Jim Goddard has a digital talk show and for the last couple of years has helped me share with his listeners the concerns that I include in updates each night by interviewing me every couple of weeks. Jim covers topics that the corporate media won’t cover, like the Smart Meter Fires Report.  My interviews are on our website as well as his:


&  https://www.youtube.com/user/talkdigitalnetwork/search?query=sharon+noble

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https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/avppt/ (scroll down, links in chronological order)

2)    Here is Katie Singer’s December newsletter in which she summarizes some of the important work being done by so many people to reduce exposure to RF.


3)    Non smart meter. From a member who is also a member of the NDP. She said suspicions are that the Site C project is going to be approved during Christmas while people are not paying attention. Horgan is not answering questions the members are asking – making many very nervous that this dangerous, expensive program will be approved. IMHO, if they do this, they might as well change their party name to Liberal.  There is no justification for this project moving forward.

If you feel strongly about Site C, please contact, call, visit your MLA and Horgan. It’s time to make our voices heard.  (I apologize for this off-topic vent.)  [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/z/bc-contact-e-mail-lists/]


4)    Apparently, the website C4ST.org has been hacked and some have reported infection by a virus when they did access it.  I confirmed that there are problems and I would recommend avoiding this site until you know for sure it’s safe. I’ve asked Frank Clegg to let me know when it has been fixed.


Dear Mr. Shame Simpson,

Iwas appalled with your response to the 50 pages of letters from people in this province who have been forced into poverty because of their need to heat their homes.

I wrote to you, as Minister of Poverty Reduction, with complaints concerning the effects that BC Hydro’s smart meters are having on people and their electricity bills. When these meters were installed on homes, often without the homeowner’s consent or even knowledge, consumption increased, and not just by a small amount. Many people see consumption increasing by multiples without explanation.

Even when people reduce their usage and insulate their home, consumption continues to increase. This makes no sense, yet BC Hydro has no answers. They offer to remove the smart meter and take it to their lab where it can be tested but if the meter tests show that all is fine, the burden is on the customer to pay the $125.

According to electrical engineers the only way to determine if the meter is running fast is to test it at the home, in place, because these meters are computers, once it is unplugged it reboots, returning the settings to those set at the factory. If some error had been programmed by BC Hydro, it would have been erased.

If you had read my letter and any of the 50 pages of complaints you would have seen that people have some hard choices to make. Instead of an honest reply, you decided to promote a pet program of your own which bears no semblance to your mandate, which is poverty reduction. To use this letter as an opportune time to advertise your support for fracking was cold and callus.

In your mandate letter, Premier Horgan said your first priority is to make life more affordable. Nowhere in that letter of direction are you told to support and promote natural gas and fracking.

Your lack of concern is shocking and I believe your constituents – the residents of BC – deserve to know how little you care about them and their problems.

Shame on you.

Janis Hoffman

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Subject: RE: I cry every day as I have my hands tied,with this dilemma
Date: 30 Nov 2017
From: Simpson.MLA, Shane <Shane.Simpson.MLA@leg.bc.ca>
To: Janis Hoffmann


Hi there,

British Columbia’s government is in the process of creating a roadmap for the future of the province’s energy that will drive innovation, expand energy-efficiency and conservation programs, generate new energy responsibly and sustainably, and create lasting good jobs across the province. The natural gas sector has an important role to play in this future.

We know the growth and diversification of the natural gas sector strengthens economic prospects for local businesses and creates partnership opportunities for First Nations communities. As part of our commitment to reconciliation, First Nations will continue to partner with our government and industry as we work together to achieve common goals, keeping operations safe and responsible.

Our government looks forward to supporting the natural gas sector moving forward, and the opportunities it offers people across British Columbia. The industry is a major economic contributor and are evaluating how government best supports the industry’s growth while concurrently respecting our commitment to indigenous partnerships and the environment.

Thank you for taking the time to write.


The Honourable Shane Simpson 冼崇山
MLA Vancouver-Hastings
604-775-2277 | F. 604-775-2352 | 2365 E. Hastings St. Vancouver BC, V5L 1V6
http://shanesimpson.ca  | Twitter | Facebook  | Newsletter

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– https://smartgridawareness.org/?s=higher+bills
From: Janis Hoffmann (name given with permission)
Sent: November 26, 2017
Subject: I cry every day as I have my hands tied,with this dilemma
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From: Janis Hoffmann   (name given with permission)
Sent: November 26, 2017
To: premier@gov.bc.ca
Cc: EMPR.Minister@gov.bc.ca; AG.Minister@gov.bc.ca; carole.james.mla@leg.bc.ca
Subject: I cry every day as I have my hands tied, with this dilemma

Premier John Horgan,

As an NDP supporter I believe this government “the peoples party” can, “make life better and help families get ahead—guided by the values of help and hope, respect and dignity, justice, equality, and fairness.”

Starting back in 2012, I have been volunteering my time to the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters BC, providing information and support to the public about the mandatory installation of Smart Meters on our homes.  I received 100’s of letters pleading for someone, anyone, to listen to their stories about the outrageous bills that BC Hydro was forcing hard working citizens to pay since the installation of the Smart Meter Program.  These complaints were about the defective Smart Meters running fast and causing huge increases when compared to the previous years using the analog meter.

I submitted 50 pages of just some of the letters that I had collected in a short period of time back in 2012/13 only to have them fall on the deaf ears of the Liberal Government who threatened these people with disconnections if they refused to pay.  These people gave up any hope of anyone listening to their pleas for help.

Stories of the mother on a disability pension with a young daughter and having to choose between food and paying her Hydro Bill.  About the single mom with a new-born baby shivering because she was not able to heat her house because she was unable to pay her Hydro Bill.

How about the old age pensioner who worked hard all their life and is now in their ‘Golden Retirement Years’ huddled under a blanket in the corner of the living room with a lit candle just trying to survive?

Have you ever had to choose between heating your home and feeding your children?  Please take time to read these stories  https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/My-hydro-bills-are-shocking.pdf  and hope that none of them are from friends or family that you know, or perhaps these will be the stories that will be told by your friends and family in the future.

The taxpayers should not be expected to bear the burden of the Smart Meter Program that was set up by the previous government to line the pockets of their corporate friends.

We need an independent investigation into this program and the public is counting on the NDP’s promise to make the citizens of BC’s life more affordable while improving the services we count on as essential.

Janis Hoffmann


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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~ A. Einstein


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