2017-12-13 Major press release by California Dept. of Public Health re. cell phones

[CDPH News Release re Cell Phones (AAP, Cancer, CDC, Children, FCC, Fertility, FTC, Karen Smith, WHO) – Cell Towers RFR Studies (Sachin Gulati, Anita Yadav, Neeraj Kumar, Kanu Priya, Neeraj K. Aggarwal, Ranjan Gupta) – DNA – Doctor Joel Moskowitz – Environmental Commissioner of Ontario – Health Canada Safety Code 6 – Itron – Letter to NDP re Site C – Marc EliesenMarcus Schluschen Reply to Michelle Mungall, John Horgan, Claire Trevena re BC Hydro Smart Metering Program – Sierra Club Supports Wireless Devices (Alert Labs Flowie Water Sensors) – Susan Foster | BC – Guelph & Waterloo & Welland, Ontario – India – Sacramento, California, USA]

1)    A recent study confirms that people living within a few hundred meters of a cell tower are exposed to RF at levels that are higher than needed for cell phone service and cause genetic damage.  The entire report is here:


and the abstract is at the link below. The level of RF that resulted in genetic damage was 1.2 microwatts per square centimeter, 1800 MHz frequency.  Safety Code 6 allows us to be exposed to 439 microwatts per square centimeter. This is the new and “improved” level. Before 2013-15, the allowed limit was 1000 microwatts per square centimeter.

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For reference, ITRON admits the power density of the RF from the primary transmitter is 227 microwatts per square centimeter (see update from 2016-09-27https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/z/2016-09-27-another-lie-exposed-this-about-rf-levels-of-smeters/ for the FCC document).  What more evidence do we need to show that these are dangerous devices?

Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of antioxidant enzyme system in human population exposed to radiation from mobile towers

These cell towers transmit radiation continuously without any interruption, so people living within 100s of meters from the tower receive 10,000 to 10,000,000 times stronger signal than required for mobile communication… 

In the current study, a significant association of genetic polymorphism of antioxidant genes with genetic damage has been observed in human population exposed to radiations emitted from mobile towers.


2)    Sierra Club has been a supporter of smeters, believing they will reduce energy usage and, therefore, are “green”.  This environmental group has no understanding of or concern for microwave radiation and the biological effects it has on all living things. Now it is promoting making analog water meters “cellular devices” and putting transmitters throughout homes to reduce water usage. If any Coalition members are also Sierra Club members, please tell me how we can get Sierra Club to understand the harm being done by their support of these devices. Here is a letter one member received:

“When you know exactly how much water you’re using, you know how much you’re wasting.

Sierra Club Canada Foundation and Alert Labs are partnering to help supporters conserve water and protect their homes from water damage.

As a start up founded in Kitchener, Ontario, Alert Labs cares about technology that empowers Canadians to protect our homes and our water resources.

In 2016, Southern Ontario saw levels of water stress that triggered municipalities to issue drought warnings and encourage residents to use less water (Environmental Commissioner of Ontario Annual Energy Conservation Progress Report – 2016/2017 – Volume One).

Alert Labs is working with cities such as Guelph, the Region of Waterloo, and Welland to help residents use less water.

Customers have reported reducing water use by 18% after installing the Alert Labs’ Flowie water sensor and Floodie companion sensor. That is similar to saving 2 months’ worth of water consumption.

Visit Alert Labs [to receive 1 year of FREE water usage analytics and leak and flood monitoring ($59 value) when you purchase a Flowie water sensor or water sensor kit. Use promo code SIERRA1YR at checkout.

As an additional benefit when you make this purchase, Alert Labs will make a charitable donation of $25 to Sierra Club Canada Foundation in support of our work to protect our precious water sources.

With thanks from the Sierra team.”


3)    Today, there was a major press release regarding cell phones from the California Department of Public Health. If only we had Public Health Officers who would say even these things – which still leave a lot to be desired. It’s a major start.  This results in large part from the work Dr. Joel Moskowitz did to get information released 7 years after the report was written.

“CDPH Issues Guidance on How to Reduce Exposure to Radiofrequency Energy from Cell Phones”



This document just released by the California Department of Public Health was suppressed for 7 years.  UC Berkeley’s

Dr. ​Joel Moskowitz sued the CDPH when they would not release it or answer his Public Record Act requests. Today it was finally released to the public for the very first time. This is a watered-down version of the original, but nonetheless it is public at last.”  From Susan Foster

https://tinyurl.com/y7vlcqlh  or


https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CCDPHP/DEODC/EHIB/CDPH%20Document%20Library/Cell-Phone-Guidance.pdf (brochure)

4)    Re. Site C. I don’t think we should stop the pressure. The First Nations are suing, and people are furious. The reasons for continuing the project make no sense to economists and experts like Marc Eliesen.  If Horgan and the cabinet were so unhappy having to continue the project, what was the deciding factor? I suspect it was the jobs that would be lost. Why not have other projects that NEED to be done, like infrastructure work, building roads, earthquake-proofing schools?  If the NDP wants to spend money on BC Hydro projects, why not put the power lines underground and have the workers remove the smeters and reinstall our analogs???  Even just paying the workers for a period until new jobs could be found would be cheaper by far. Pouring money into BC Hydro is like flushing it down the drain. IMHO, BC Hydro cannot be trusted and certainly not to be trusted to manage and run a project like Site C.


From: Marcus Schluschen  (name given with permission)
To: Minister, EMPR EMPR:EX
Sent: December 12, 2017 12:42 PM

Subject: Re: BC Hydro Smart Meter

Re:  Smart Meter Fiasco

Dear Minister Mungall,

I, as well as thousands of British Columbians are extremely disappointed with the NDP, as your reply is no different than what we received from the uncaring Liberal Party, before you.

May I ask, why do you not care about the health of British Columbians?  Perhaps read this section again, which obviously seems to have escaped your scrutiny from my previous letter.

” . . . cell phone networks, Tetra, LTE, cordless phones, WiFi, baby monitors, wireless meters, digital radio and TV, and many others, all these wireless technologies interfere with the biophysical organization of life with increasing layers and densities of electromagnetic fields.”
– International Doctors Appeal 2012


“The AAEM strongly supports the use of wired Internet connections, and encourages avoidance of radio frequency such as from WiFi, cellular and mobile phones and towers, and “smart meters”.
“The peer reviewed, scientific literature demonstrates, the correlation between RF exposure and neurological, cardiac, and pulmonary disease, as well as reproductive and development disorders, immune dysfunction, cancer and other health conditions. The evidence is irrefutable!
– American Academy of Environmental Medicine


The medical director of the Environmental Health Clinic, Dr. Riina Brae – Woman’s College Hospital, Toronto, stated:
we are witnessing an explosion of EHS victims in Canada.

My wife belongs to this misfortunate group of EHS victims, and life changed dramatically for us, since EHS struck with a vengeance, thanks to the uncontrolled expansion of unnatural, pulsed, microwave radiation, and the ‘wireless gold rush mentality’ of uninformed politicians.  The common pleasures of life that we used to take for granted, like attending a movie, a concert, or visiting a restaurant, are no more.

BC Hydro, Shaw, Telus and Planetworks, etc. protect their vested interests by quoting Canada’s outdated Safety Code 6, which has been condemned by international medical EMR research, as biologically none-protective, and utterly obsolete!
Code 6 was initially intended for workers at federal industrial sites, for a limited time of exposure.
It was never intended for 24/7 microwave radiation exposure of anyone, especially not for the unborn, children, the weak and elderly.  Health Canada’s own James McNamee admitted, before the Superior Court of Quebec, that Safety Code 6 does NOT consider biological effects, only thermal heating!

You also chose not to respond to my letter regarding orchestrated public deception by BC Hydro, as I have personally witnessed many times.  Why?

Why is the NDP not scrutinizing this deplorable, malicious behavior of this rogue Crown Corporation?  Any government employee, no matter their position, should be rewarded for public deception with immediate dismissal from office, including management.  Why do you, Minister Mungall, tolerate this ongoing, public deception by BC Hydro?

We used to believe that the NDP possessed more integrity, humanity and common sense than the Liberals, but unfortunately we were wrong.

Marcus Schluschen

= = =

From: Minister, EMPR EMPR:EX
Cc: OfficeofthePremier, Office PREM:EX ; Trevena.MLA, Claire F LASS:EX
December 12, 2017 9:33 AM

Subject: BC Hydro Smart Meter

Ref:     102492

Mr. Marcus Schluschen

Dear Mr. Schluschen:

Thank you for your October 19, 2017 email regarding potential BC Hydro Smart Meter fires, and for taking the time to write and share your views with me.

Modernization of the electricity grid is critical to provide an efficient, secure and reliable power system including the replacement of obsolete mechanical meters with modern smart meters.  While some legacy meters remain in operation in British Columbia, they are no longer BC Hydro’s standard meter.

All electricity meters must pass federal and North American standards set by Measurement Canada, the American National Standards Institute, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and the International Electrotechnical Commission.  All BC Hydro meters comply with the applicable standards.

Regarding your concern that smart meters are a fire safety hazard in British Columbia, the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) responded in July 2016 to this concern as a result of a customer complaint to the BCUC (see BCUC Document G-126-16, online at http://www.ordersdecisions.bcuc.com/bcuc/orders/en/item/168896/index.do).  Based on the data before the BCUC during the complaint process, the BCUC found “no evidence that smart meters materially increase the risk of fires in BC over analog and digital meters.”  However, the BCUC directed BC Hydro and FortisBC to report on a semi‑annual basis to the BCUC regarding “all incidents where a meter and/or meter base is reasonably assessed to be the possible or likely source of a high temperature or fire event that results in the meter and/or meter base requiring replacement.”

On December 21, 2016, BC Hydro filed with the BCUC, further to BC Hydro’s Fiscal 2017-Fiscal 2019 Revenue Requirements Application (RRA), the “Smart Metering and Infrastructure Program Completion and Evaluation Report.”  This report includes a review of safety and other concerns and updates the BCUC on responses to these matters. This report is available at http://www.bcuc.com/Documents/Proceedings/2016/DOC_48502_B-1-4_BCH-Appx-P-Update-SMI-Report.pdf (see pages 19 to 23 of 74).

Any complaint received by the BCUC concerning a utility is reviewed, and a response provided to the parties, as per the BCUC’s Complaints Guidelines, once the review is completed.

Once again, thank you for writing.  I appreciate the opportunity to hear from you about this important issue.  It helps inform my work within the Ministry, and your engagement is crucial to our democracy.


Michelle Mungall
Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources



From:  X


Date: December 12, 2017

To: Premier John Horgan <Premier@gov.bc.ca>, Attorney General David Eby <AG.Minister@gov.bc.ca>, “Minister of Energy, Mines & Petroleum Resources Michelle Mungall” <EMPR.Minister@gov.bc.ca>, Minister of Finance & Deputy Premier Carole James <FIN.Minister@gov.bc.ca>

Cc: harry.bains.MLA@leg.bc.ca, lisa.beare.MLA@leg.bc.ca, garry.begg.MLA@leg.bc.ca, jagrup.brar.MLA@leg.bc.ca, s.chandraherbert.MLA@leg.bc.ca, katrina.chen.MLA@leg.bc.ca, raj.chouhan.MLA@leg.bc.ca, george.chow.MLA@leg.bc.ca, katrine.conroy.MLA@leg.bc.ca, bob.deith.MLA@leg.bc.ca, judy.darcy.MLA@leg.bc.ca, mitzi.dean.MLA@leg.bc.ca, adrian.dix.MLA@leg.bc.ca, doug.donaldson.MLA@leg.bc.ca, mable.elmore.MLA@leg.bc.ca, mike.farnworth.MLA@leg.bc.ca, rob.fleming.MLA@leg.bc.ca, scott.fraser.MLA@leg.bc.ca, rick.glumac.MLA@leg.bc.ca, george.heyman.MLA@leg.bc.ca, ravi.kahlon.MLA@leg.bc.ca, anne.kang.MLA@leg.bc.ca, leonard.krog.MLA@leg.bc.ca, ronna-rae.leonard.MLA@leg.bc.ca, bowinn.ma.MLA@leg.bc.ca, melanie.mark.mla@leg.bc.ca, lana.popham.MLA@leg.bc.ca, bruce.ralston.MLA@leg.bc.ca, jennifer.rice.MLA@leg.bc.ca, selina.robinson.MLA@leg.bc.ca, janet.routledge.MLA@leg.bc.ca, douglas.routley.MLA@leg.bc.ca, nicholas.simons.MLA@leg.bc.ca, shane.simpson.MLA@leg.bc.ca, jinny.sims.MLA@leg.bc.ca, rachna.singh.MLA@leg.bc.ca, claire.trevena.MLA@leg.bc.ca, BC Greens <info@bcgreens.ca>

Dear Premier Horgan, Attorney General Eby, and Ministers:

I am extremely disappointed with the decision made to continue this insane project.  The reason that BC has invested a significant amount of money already into the project is not a good reason to continue this travesty of devastation.

Rationally, if the total sum lost by discontinuing with the project was, as the Premier estimates, $4 billion, that works out to less than $855 per British Columbian.  This is nothing for something that is going to destroy something with much more financial potential.  I don’t understand why we don’t accept the loss, rather than face even greater losses.

Also, to the average person, the sum seems like a lot, but to the growing class of billionaires, I doubt the sum would be significant.

The decision is short-sighted.  It has led me to lessen my enthusiasm for the NDP government, as a whole.

I am also even more grateful to the Green Party for being the voice of reason.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
~ Margaret Mead.


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