2017-12-22 BioInitiative Updates, with as many as 90% of new studies showing harm.

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1)    The BioInitiative Report has been updated adding studies that have been done since the last review in 2014.  If you’ve never looked at the BioInitiative Report, you really should. It is an amazing compilation of evidence that EMF and microwave radiation have serious health effects. Industry has tried to demean this report as not showing both sides – that it concentrates on the studies showing harm only. The purpose of this report is to refute industry’s (and those agencies like Health Canada and the Cancer Society) who argue that there is no evidence of harm.

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Under Dr. Henry Lai’s summary of 200 studies of RFR Oxidative Effects, for example, 90% reported health effects.


(Dr. Lai’s summaries are on the right-hand side of the page: http://www.bioinitiative.org/research-summaries/)


2)    A member sent this article from the Financial Post, encouraging us to write to the FP (as well as making comments to the article) about the health effects which are not discussed in this article.

Cellphone usage is the new smoking. It’s time to follow France’s example and stamp it out




3)    From our friend and colleague, Kate Kheel, in the USA:


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