2014-12-17 EHS and Human Rights

1)   There is a  worldwide electronic petition in motion  currently directed towards the World Health Organization asking them to reclassify EMF-RF from a Class 2B to a Class 1 Carcinogen, based on the findings of the leading independent expert in the field Dr Lennart Hardell.  Please take 5 minutes to read, sign and share this important petition.



2)   Attached is a commentary by Dr. Isaac Jamieson on Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and Human Rights. As more of us are exposed to higher and higher levels of exposure, the number of people who are sensitive is increasing dramatically. The victims suffer in many ways, including discrimination. It is vital that human rights be respected and measures taken to provide a safer environment. Of special note is the chart on page 2 showing exposure limits in various countries. Canada and the USA have the same limits as ICNIRP recommends. Please see the statement at the bottom of the page – there are techniques and wireless devices that can cut levels significantly. Why aren’t they being used in North America?


3)   Militaries using microwave “gun” to control people. China’s current weapon can reach up to 1 km.



4)   Several people who are on  equal payment have told me that they are getting huge bills  at the end of their billing year which include the shortfall in payments vs. amount used (even though BC Hydro set the amount) and the legacy fees. In these cases, BC Hydro has not read their meters so they have no idea that their payments have not been sufficient, and are surprised/shocked at the amount due ASAP.   A carrot is held over their heads – a bribe is offered to forgive the legacy fee if they accept a $$meter. This is devious and is clearly being used as one more tactic to get these things on people’s homes. In some cases, too many legacy fees have been charged (one member received several extra charges) and in others, the consumption numbers for which they were being charged have been incorrect. People should check bills carefully to see if the two-tiered billing has been done correctly, with the lower prices done correctly. Some people who had credits due to having had their monthly fee set too high told me that the “credits” given toward the next year were all at the lower (cheaper) rate when in fact they would have paid at the higher rate. For those on EPP, no rebates are provided for those periods when meters are not read. You are paying for having your meter read at least every 2 months, but this isn’t happening, and you are not receiving any refund of the legacy fee. Double discrimination.

5)   Another failure of $$meters in Saskatchewan. We need to get reports on the cause of the incidents, what about the Sensus meter is causing the fires, to see if the design feature that is responsible is one that the ITRON has. Most of these meters have the same design flaws. The difference is that Saskatchewan is providing details.  There have been far more than 10 melted or overheated ITRON meters – but Bennett and BC Hydro are denying the occurrences.

Media Release: NDP says it’s past time to ditch smart meter manufacturer Sensus by NDP Caucus Saskatchewan – Wire Service – December 17, 2014:
– http://www.wireservice.ca/index.php?module=News&func=display&sid=14003

Another smart meter burns in Saskatchewan – 10th fire of its kind this year, SaskPower says – CBC News Saskatchewan – December 17, 2014:
– http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/another-smart-meter-burns-in-saskatchewan-1.2876480





Sent: December 17, 2014
To: steeleonyourside@ctv.ca
Subject: Wi Fi

Why is CTV promoting WiFi when the dangers to health are becoming increasingly well known and accepted; and homes can have the same service without the negative health effects with a wired system.

Many countries, including Israel, have banned WIFi in schools.

Yet CTV is promoting WiFi in homes where children are exposed?!!!


It’s so outrageous I’m thinking of cancelling my cable – CTV is obviously untrustworthy on important issues.


Sent: December 17, 2014
To: steeleonyourside@ctv.ca
Subject: enhancing Wifi

Dec 17, 2014

Dear Ms. Steele:

I have read the CTV article (bc.ctvnews.ca/how-to-give-your-wi-fi-a-boost-1.2145365), and wish to strongly protest the dangerous lack of balance.  Wifi is dangerous to health.  Have you read Dr. Martin Blank’s book Overpowered (Seven Stories Press, 2014)?  That is just one source of information on this point.  There are countless articles in medical journals pointing to this problem.

May I suggest that you follow the article in question with another that presents the evidence for Wifi damaging health?  There is a reason why some parents have spearheaded successful initiatives to remove Wifi from public schools.


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