I would like to take this update to thank you all for the support you’ve given the battle against BC Hydro’s “smart” meter program and for our Charter Rights to decide if we want to expose ourselves and our families to dangerous devices and toxins. I realize at times this has been frustrating and difficult, especially facing the bullying by a large, power corporation. But think of what we’ve accomplished since we began.


1)   BC Hydro’s mandate was to complete the grid by Dec. 31, 2012 – 2 years ago. We prevented that from happening. Our refusing to bend to the government’s will has prevented the completion of this program. We did this.

2)   We forced BC Hydro and the Liberals to allow an opt out. They didn’t want to offer one, and their Clean Energy Act said all homes and businesses would have a fully functional “smart” meter. We prevented that.

3)   More important, we have educated many people about the dangers of these things, that the radiofrequency radiation that is emitted can lead to serious health problems, including cancer. We have taught many that this RF is dangerous regardless of which wireless device is involved. The corporations don’t want this.

4)   We have succeeded in reaching 100s of 1000s through our grassroots effort.  Hydro has spent  huge amounts of money (our money) liberally on ads and flyers in our bills.  We have no money for PR, just our voices, and we have been heard – with no help from the media. We have told the truth, informed others about the twists and misrepresentations (lies) that the utilities were spreading.  We have become a force for Hydro, Fortis and the government to reckon with.

5)   Now there is strong evidence that the government and BC Hydro are lying about the fact that fires/failures have occurred. With our strong voices spreading the information, soon this effort to force a dangerous fire hazard on our homes will be confronted.

6)   Lastly, and perhaps most important, there is momentum building across North America and around the world. Each week I share information about new groups forming to resist the installation of smeters. When we started we were one of a small group, but now people look to us for guidance. We are leaders and we will win.

Thank you. Without you none of this could have happened. With your continued help 2015 can be a banner year!

Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters


In Grateful Admiration to the Memory of Jimmy Gonzalez,
1972 – 2014 – Died of Brain Cancer from Cell Phone usage


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