2014-12-22 UK study shows energy consumption is not reduced

1)   Non-smeter. Attached is a notice of a new cell tower in Parksville.

A member said it is planned for a small mall. Oceanside Elementary School is in the area. We all know that once one tower is erected more transmitters are piled on.  These should not be anywhere near where people spend time, and certainly nowhere near a school. The best way to protest this is to get to the person/company leasing property to Telus. Appeal to their concern for health, etc.  Also tell them that Telus has no worries about insurance – they can’t get any and besides the government indemnifies them. But the owner of the property could be held liable for health problems. Also property values reduce dramatically when a cell tower is in the area. Painting it black won’t prevent the harm this will cause.  Please spread the word to people you know in the area.


Note from Ted –  There are many studies that suggest that 300m -500 m should be the minimum distance from the cell tower to living or working areas.  Of course this all depends on how much power each of the antennae radiates.  Situating a cell tower just 10 and 30 m from businesses will give occupants high levels of RF Radiation.

Do a web search  “cell tower distance”

example  see http://www.mast-victims.org/forum/index.php?action=vthread&forum=1&topic=5433

2)   A new study out of the UK questions the premise that use of $$meters will reduce energy consumption by consumers knowing how much and when they are using electricity. It concludes in most cases energy will not be conserved. There are many reasons, and some could lead to individuals harming themselves.




Sent: December 20, 2014 10:05 PM
To: adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca
Subject: Smart meter reading rates

Hello Mr. Dix:

Thank you for your recent letter to Bennett regarding smart meter reading rates. This is appreciated, however tragically late and simply overlooks the main problems with this corrupt and dangerous program. We expect more, a helluva lot more, from an opposition party. There should be NO charge for keeping an analogue. BC Hydro is currently involved in extortion, and this is simply overlooked. Is crime now acceptable for those who can cut one’s power?

As someone has pointed out, your letter appeared to come from yourself only, not the NDP party. Where is the NDP party on this issue? Is the party too timid to take a stand?

Why was the Clean Energy Act brought in via a legal backdoor in order to be exempted from debate? Can the NDP not demand it be re-tabled and debated in the legislature? What is the point of so called ‘democracy’ if this is not happening?

The fire situation is very important and needs full investigation. Were it not for the efforts of Sharon Noble of Victoria this entire area would be missed.

Of much greater future impact to all is the health effects from steadily increasing wireless radiation. The smart devices are not safe in this regard, nor can they be proven safe. The Provincial Health Officer Perry Kendall will not answer questions regarding the safety of the devices. Kendall recently went out of his way to recommend that Toronto LOWER their standards to permit a higher level of EMF radiation in the environment. For what possible reason would the BC Provincial Health Officer be attempting to have standards lowered in other jurisdictions? Is Kendall this biased toward the wireless industry, or is he receiving favors from the wireless industry, to the effect that he cannot interpret or react to information concerning dangers?

I hope your party will become leaders in this area, and have the courage to do the right thing, not merely the politically expedient. Mayor John Ranns of Metchosin is the only politician who has had the intelligence and courage to weigh in on this issue. He would be a valuable addition to your team. Or perhaps, you to his.

We thank you for raising the smart meter issue, however a great deal more is needed. The letter was a flyswatter whereas a baseball bat is needed. Take a chance as a party, and stand up for what’s right, or else just get the hell off the playing field and quit wasting peoples time.

Thank you.

Sharon Noble


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