2014-12-28 New film coming – going off the grid


1)   Many are considering  going off the grid  to escape the tyranny of BC Hydro as well as to help the environment. A new film is being made, and here is a trailer plus access to other info.



2)   Several people have sent me this link which has a compilation of a lot of good articles/reports. This info is reaching many new people through sites like this.



3)   Email below (in letters)  that a friend/colleague in Israel has sent widely concerning conflicts of interest in WHO.


4)   A comment from a member re. letter in last night’s update re. Jerry Flynn’s letter:

“In reference to the Jerry Flynn email…. I would like to comment that officials do not have trouble understanding…. they are merely ignoring the evidence to move forward with their programs…..”


5)    Nevada authorities have listed 3 actions they will take to make the smeter program safer. They have ignored the fact that the designs of all smeters are basically the same with the same flaws, made of the same cheap combustible material – plastic.  Why not just go back to the safe, dependable and inexpensive analog? The argument once again that water getting into the meters caused “flame out”, or that the large fire could not have been caused by the smeter because arcing continued. Misleading statements aimed at deceiving the public.


NV Energy detailed three steps it will take to improve smart meter safety:

  • Installing a firmware update that will allow a smart meter to send a signal or shut down when it begins to overheat;
  • Monitoring the meters closely;
  • Using a different brand of meter on new homes and businesses.



Hi all,

James McNamee from Health Canada is one of the experts chosen by the WHO to write the report on cell phones and health, that will be published in 2016. See “additional experts”:


In the EMF summit, Sharon Noble tells a very disturbing story, showing that James McNamee has a conflict of interest. This is only ONE of the WHO experts. There is now an opportunity to listen, because Alison Heath is very kind to enable free listening to her whole summit for the holidays (http://tv.naturalnews.com/alison_heath.asp ). This summit includes many interesting interviews, but I stress especially the issue with James McNamee, because the WHO final report will be the final say for long time, on cell phones and health. And since the process is unethical (because of conflicts of interests of experts and financial ties to the industry the WHO is aware of), it is important to alert people as much as possible. There are also on the list, experts whose conflicts of interests were revealed during their SCENIHR report process.

This is a scandal.


From a member:

Please take some time over the holidays to watch this video and make sure you send this outstanding paper on EHS to School Boards, Municipalities and Officials.  It is unacceptable to expose our children to microwave radiation emitting from Wi-Fi routers and wireless devices when existing hard wire connections to the Internet is safer. 

Let’s make 2015 the year we let the voices of our children be heard.

Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe – Electromagnetic Radiation, Health and Children 2014


Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity A Summary by Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe

December 2014 (79 pages)


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