2014-12-23 Fortis is using Hydro’s mis-information

1)   Below is another letter to Adrian Dix about another fire that has not been fully investigated and for which the reporting is incomplete.


2)   Fortis is giving the same bunch of lies as Hydro gave to us. In this interview Fortis says for one thing that Corix installers are well trained. I have lists with hundreds of problems, failures, etc. that occurred during live installation of the smeters. At one incident in Port Alberni, the installer when confronted by BC Safety Authority said he had received only 8 hours training, not even the 50 that we were told they would get. Fires will occur, appliances and homes will be damaged. Hydro has paid for many repairs to homes where damages occurred as a result of careless exchanges. I’m sure many damages were not paid for – Hydro and Corix both refused to admit any responsibility for many blown out computers, fridges, etc. Please let me know when you learn of any such events.



3)   Another article about the many problems associated with smeters. Nothing really new, but a good general overview for those who still know nothing. Maybe a good one to share with friends and relatives who have $meters.



4)   The industry is realizing that changing the means of communicating the story that “smeters are safe” isn’t enough given the many problems that so many states, provinces and countries are experiencing.

“several utilities have or are dealing with lawsuits and backlash from customers who do not want the advanced meters, criticism that they invite invasion of privacy and cause health problems — all issues that have led to organized groups dedicated to stopping smart meter deployments. While many utilities have fine-tuned their customer outreach and communication programs and offered or agreed to opt-out options, those solutions are likely inadequate to the task at hand: reassuring a number of wary customers that smart meters are safe.”



5)   In Nevada insiders are describing practices similar to what insiders and reports have confirmed as happening with great frequency in BC – the utility company making repairs before the inspector can be called, taking smeters from the scene and installing new meters before anything can be noted, and having the smeter burn up, leaving nothing for the inspectors to determine the cause of the fire – allowing the utility to say the problem occurred at the base. Hydro has taken smeters from the scene of the fire, in violation of the Fire Standards Act, sometimes saying they sent it to the laboratory for investigation.

I have been trying to get reports from Hydro’s lab for several months. Powertech, Hydro’s lab, says they have not investigated one smeter. My FOI asking for the name of the lab that is investigating smeters is unacknowledged.

The investigation files also offer evidence that the meter blazes could be more widespread than even fire investigators know. In the reports, NV Energy employees on the scenes of two of the fires told investigators that such blazes happened regularly.

In an interview last week, an electrician who helps NV Energy replace the meters told the Reno Gazette-Journal that often meters would be fixed before the fire department could even be called. The RGJ has withheld his name because he continues to do work for NV Energy and didn’t want to put his employment at risk



6)   The Energy Minister of Ontario stands by the $$tupid program in Ontario, no matter what the facts show.  Jerry Flynn has a letter to the Ottawa Citizen about other things that should be considered. (see below)



7)   This youtube is making the rounds, offering people an idea about shielding the $meter which in fact could make things worse.


According to an electrical engineer, putting such a cover on a smeter could cause it to overheat, which is a serious problem already, as you know. Such a shielding as well will prevent signals from going out or being received which could result in the meter increasing its power as well as Hydro getting an error message, believing the meter is being tampered with. As better shielding is aluminum screening, like that used for windows. The signal can still get through, but it will be weakened, and air can pass through to the $meter.



From: Dennis and Sharon Noble [mailto:dsnoble@shaw.ca]
Sent: December 22, 2014 11:34 AM
To: ‘Dix.MLA, Adrian’
Cc: John Horgan. Leader NDP; ‘Holman.MLA, Gary’; ‘Shin.MLA, Jane Jae Kyung’; ‘Karagianis.MLA, Maurine’
Subject: More evidence of fires

Hello Adrian,

Attached is another copy [see attached] of a report from BC Safety Authority about a smart meter fire that I sent you earlier, this one resulted in 2 homes being destroyed. As you will read, there was an electrical arc but the cause cannot be determined because the smart meter itself was destroyed. You will recall that the smart meter is plastic and combustible. As Len Garis said, a fire where the igniter is the electrical distribution system is normally attributed to the meter.


Also attached is the Fire Commissioner’s report on the same fire, which has no indication that the meter was involved, the cause being attributed to a short circuit.  This fire would not have been included in the Len Garis’s report.


This event was not included in the response by BC Hydro to my FOI request for smart meter incidents. https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/BC-Hydro-FOI-Fires-3.pdf

Questions that some independent electrical engineer should ask are:

1 –      Even if the fire were a result of damage to the base during installation, why did it result in such a high level of energy?

2 –      Why wasn’t the smart meter de-energized automatically and quickly by Hydro’s protective device?

3 –      Why wasn’t this fault detected and isolated automatically by the smart meter to reduce risk to the public?

I have not been given any assurances that a thorough investigation of the cause of this fire has been or will be done.

Adrian, hopefully you are beginning to realize that the picture presented by Len Garis, BC Hydro and Bill Bennett is not an accurate one. Information is not being reported accurately or completely (sometimes not at all). From all of the requests I’ve made and the responses that I’ve received, it is obvious that the system is not working:

The Fire Commissioner is not getting reports on all fires. Where I have asked for reports that have not been filed, the Fire Commissioner has requested them, but often they result in no information being available due to the lag between the date of the fire and the date of the report being prepared. There is no way for the Commissioner to know when a fire has occurred for which a report has not been filed, and there seems to be no ramification for failure to report.

Critical information is omitted from fire reports most likely because there is no funding for thorough investigations. I have been told by more than one fire chief that they have been told to not investigate beyond identifying the cause to be electrical. They just don’t have the resources.

Even though the law requires reports to be filed on all fires, the Justice Department is not following up on outstanding reports.

Even though the law requires reports to be filed by insurance investigators, this is not happening. In fact the person with whom I spoke at the Justice Department was unaware of the law.

All electrical incidents where there is fire or where Hydro or an electrician attends are supposed to be reported to the BC Safety Authority, but this is not happening consistently. BCSA told me that when they know there are missing reports that involve the smart meter or BC Hydro, they do not have the authority to follow up and to demand the report.

If you don’t look, you won’t find. It is likely that Bill Bennett, BC Hydro and all of the politicians who refuse to acknowledge the dangers of these meters are counting on no one looking.



Sent: December 23, 2014 12:49 AM
To: dreevely@ottawacitizen.com
Subject: Wireless Smart Meters – The Biggest Single Threat to Canada’s National Security, our Health, Privacy and Safety in Our Country’s Entire History!

Hi David,
One of your readers forwarded to me your recent article in the Ottawa Citizen about wireless Smart Meters, which dealt only with the economic folly of the Smart Meters. Tragically, there are far, far more serious concerns about Smart Meters, which Health Canada and Industry Canada do not want any of us to know about. Let me explain.

The Government of Canada (i.e., Industry Canada) is being totally and inconceivably irresponsible in allowing the CWTA (Canadian Wireless and Telecommunications Association – the main lobby association in Canada, the President and CEO of which is fluently-bilingual Bernard Lord, QC, ONB, and former two-time premier of New Brunswick, who is reputedly on the short-list of candidates to succeed PM Stephen Harper when the latter eventually leaves office) to influence Industry Canada’s decision to utilize wireless Smart Meters to operate and control something as vital to our national security as Canada’s national electric power grid! Actually, it is to be a wireless  North American electric power grid, the building of which is being led by the corrupt U.S. Military / Government / Industrial complex. You may know that then President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the American people against this in his State of the Union speech in 1961, in which he said that only a vigilant American people can prevent this corruption from happening. It should also interest you greatly to note that Bernard Lord is also Chairman of Ontario Power Generation! A very powerful and influential man is he! And his main clients are provincial premiers and municipal governments!

As a retired Electronic Warfare officer, who spent two years in National Defense Headquarters, Ottawa, in the Directorate of Electronic Warfare, I can tell you personally that there is nothing in the world more easily defeated or destroyed than a wireless radio system, which is precisely what Smart Meters are. To build such a thing would be absolute insanity, for it would have absolutely no defense against any number of enemies, including solar storms, terrorist groups, hostile countries, etc. Even North Korea, Iran, China and Russia, as a minimum, by using a single Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapon could plunge the entire USA into total darkness! The same goes for Canada! I have letters on file which I will gladly share with you which I sent two years ago to, firstly, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, then, when I heard nothing back from the PM’s office, to then Minister of National Defense, Peter McKay, warning both of the unprecedented dangers to which they were subjecting Canada and all Canadians because of someone’s insane decision to use wireless Smart Meters!

Secondly, all of today’s wireless devices, such as baby monitors, Smart Meters, cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, etc. emit what is called “non-thermal” radiation – which does not heat the skin nor organs of the body – yet is very harmful to all living things, including humans! Health Canada and its corrupt allies in the U.S. and internationally don’t want us to know about this, as they refuse to recognize that “non-thermal” radiation even exists. But honest scientists the world over (those not paid by or dependent upon industry or the military) have known for more than 60 years that it is harmful not just to people but to all flora and fauna!

If you are interested, I have developed over these past five years my own 470 slide power point presentation covering all of today’s wireless devices – all of which are dangerous. My slide presentation is broken down into segments, such as: history of electro-magnetic radiation (EMR); corruption in Health Canada, Industry Canada, the USA, the WHO, etc.; Safety Code 6; electromagnetic radiation (EMR); cell phones and cordless phones; cell phone towers; Wi-Fi; Power-line or 60 Hz electric and magnetic fields (EMFs); Smart Meters, Electronic Warfare weapons, etc. I will happily send this to you, no strings attached, and you may use all or any of it as you see fit. References are included with all significant slides.

Regardless of your decision, keep up your good work, David. I only wish we had more forthright, honest reporters like you. The truth about today’s ever-growing constellation of wireless technology must come out, as honest scientists around the globe know that the non-thermal radiation all of these devices emit constitutes the single biggest threat to human health in our entire history!


Jerry Flynn


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