2021-04-25 What could happen in Canada to facilitate 5G

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2) Dr. Arazi’s group, and others, express frustration at the French authority re. EMF seeming to reverse itself given its stance re cell phones 2-3 years ago. It appears that ICNIRP has influenced its decision which is to consider heating as the only effect and ignoring the drastic cumulative effects of EMF once millions of devices are connected via the 5G grid. If I find a translated version of the report or significant portions of it, I will share.

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[Press release] Report on 5G and health: ANSES between confusion and inconsistency!

The report turns its back on the concerns about the deployment of 5G, expressed by many scientists, health professionals, our organizations and citizens both in France and in Europe.

According to ANSES, “the resulting exposure to electromagnetic fields (from the deployment of 5G) is not representative today of what it will be in the future. The agency remains confused about the different modes of exposure, mobile phones, antennas, connected objects. It does not address the cumulative effect due to exposure to all frequencies, proposing only a differentiated analysis by bands.”


https://www.anses.fr/fr/system/files/AP2019SA0006_Rapport_5G_consultation.pdf    (The report in French)

3) Below is info about the Federal government’s plans to facilitate the siting of 5G microcells in our communities. One important thing that is needed is to revise the ISED policy (2003) CPC 2-0-03 that allows a telecom to put a transmitter on any existing structure without notification or consultation. The justification Industry Canada gave me (back in 2004) was that people didn’t mind or object to the transmitters. It was the ugly towers they didn’t want in their neighbourhoods. So, for Industry Canada, the answer was to co-locate transmitters on existing towers, to eliminate building more. Never was there mention of putting transmitters on buildings, poles, etc.

Times have changed. Telecom infrastructure has changed. No longer can there be justification for putting transmitters on poles outside our homes or even on our neighbours’ homes. We must demand that ISED policy is revised to require notification and consultation before transmitters are put on our neighbours’ homes or on poles outside our homes.


By the way – in terms of OTARD in the USA – to the best of my understanding, there is nothing stopping telecoms in Canada from now knocking on doors and asking to place small cells on people’s roofs. All they need is the permission of the landowner, not the land use authority.

In terms of proposed changes to federal policy to facilitate 5G – as you likely know, in Canada the transmission lines (the fiber) are controlled by the CRTC while antennas are controlled by ISED. Telecoms find this problematic.

Below is some info from CALM that clarifies what policies the feds may change to facilitate 5G and why.



Members may want to read the whole FAQ found here: https://thecalm.ca/ufaqs/who-decides-if-a-microcell-is-placed-by-my-home to fully understand who decides where small cell antennas get placed at this time in Canada.

What do the Feds and Telcos want to do to Facilitate 5G in Canada?

1. Amend the Telecommunications Act to take away local governments’ and private landowners’ right to refuse antennas on their property, therefore consolidating federal authority over the infrastructure that will support 5G.

2. Create a “Canadian Communications Commission” which will be given the final say in all radiocommunication and telecommunication siting matters and dispute resolutions, and will have the power to override any existing provincial or municipal rights that may impede 5G.

Learn more Here: See Section 5.2 of ISED’s Spectrum Outlook 2018 to 2022Antenna Sites and Structures

Here: See Section 2.4 of the January 2020 Report from the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Legislative Review Panel “Unlocking the advanced networks of tomorrow” https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/110.nsf/eng/00012.html#Toc26977839

And Here: See CRTC wants more power over 5G infrastructure placement, chairman tells Senate  https://financialpost.com/telecom/crtc-wants-more-power-over-5g-infrastructure-placement-chairman-tells-senate

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