2021-04-05 Time Sensitive: Tuesday 11:00 am PT live re. wireless in schools

1) Time Sensitive: Presentation on Tuesday at 11 am PT, Cece Doucette will speak about how she managed to get her school district to adopt a policy for safe use of wireless devices. No pre-registration necessary. Today, children in BC are exposed to high levels of EMF from Wi-Fi and wireless devices every school day, despite the fact that fiber optic cable is usually readily available.

Precautions with wireless technology in schools and the New Hampshire, USA bill TUESDAY April 6th at 2 p.m. EST

“This Tuesday, 06/04 at 2 p.m. EST, we will have another special live of international articulation, this time we will receive Cecelia (Cece) Doucette, the Education Services Director at Wireless Education. She will present her experience with wireless precautions in schools in Massachusetts, USA and also on the New Hampshire, USA bill.”

Click to access Live-with-Cece-Doucette-from-Massachusetts-USA-l-World-Health-Day-and-the-letter-for-the-WHO-SlowPhone-Newsletter-April-03-2021.pdf


2) The Eastern Ontario Region has announced signing with Rogers for an enormous cell network that will add more than 350 new towers, plus “upgrading” the current 300 to 5G. The MPs and officials all take credit and promise great benefits, even Dave Simpson, a First Nations member who mentions over and over the importance of protecting the land, the birds, and nature. This takes the first 35 min. or so. Then Rogers provides a little more information, with Q&A, including from the Globe & Mail about “skepticism” about the safety of EMF. Of course Rogers lies, saying studies show how safe it is, and the current technology is just like FM radio. Rogers and the MPs promise this type of project is heading across Canada.

I would suggest watching at least the last 15 min. I so wish there were an agency that would hold telecoms to account for misrepresenting (aka lying) about the safety of their product but, unfortunately, Consumer Affairs reports to ISED.

EORN Cell Gap Project — Contract Announcement

“Listen, I don’t want to be too blunt but the skepticism or concern is very ill-placed… There is an enormous amount of research that surrounds it, quite conclusively stating that it’s safe…… I understand
the concerns. The facts and the science are quite clear: this is safe.”

….Residents of eastern Ontario can sleep at night knowing this is a very, very safe thing that we do.” (statement made by Rogers’ director Dean Provost to a Globe and Mail reporter, Sam Hoops) At around 45 minutes.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knsXoWMY5aE   (51 min.)

3) A lawsuit charging discrimination for charging an opt-out fee to someone, even after his doctor advised against being exposed to EMR, is going to proceed. But at least his utility allows him to keep his analog — we were never given this option by BC Hydro or FortisBC. Many people with health conditions and doctors’ statements were forced to either go off the grid or pay to have the transmitter disabled.

Judge to Hear Smart Meter Disability Discrimination Case-Denies CMP Motion to Dismiss

“April 1, 2021 –On July 7, 2020 Bowdoinham resident Ed Friedman filed a disability/discrimination lawsuit against Central Maine Power (CMP) in Portland’s U.S. District Court. The suit, brought under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Fair Housing Act (FHA) and Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Rehab Act) alleges smart meter opt out fees are discriminatory to those disabled customers whose condition may be exacerbated by emitted radiation from the meters.

Friedman has lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma, an incurable form of cancer. CMP filed a Motion to Dismiss on several grounds. On Wednesday March 31, Judge Jon Levy issued a ruling denying CMP’s Motion on all counts. This allows the case to proceed and CMP has until April 14 to submit their answer to the original complaint….

For Friedman, opting out of the smart meter program is not a choice. His doctor recommends he not be exposed to any excess radiation in his home. According to Friedman’s oncologist, exposure to even low-level radiation from the meters may exacerbate “fatigue, cognitive difficulty, memory issues and multiple cancer types.””

Click to access Ed-Friedman-Judge-to-Hear-Smart-Meter-Disability-Discrimination-Case-Denies-Central-Maine-Power-Motion-to-Dismiss-Press-Release-by-William-Most-April-01-2021.pdf



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Environmental pollution is an incurable disease. It can only be prevented.”     Barry Commoner



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