2021-04-27 Time Sensitive — C4ST announcement

1) Special announcement from C4ST:
Former President of Microsoft Canada, Frank Clegg Challenges a President of Rogers Communications to return the $150m subsidy of taxpayer money

Dean Prevost, President of Connected Homes and Rogers for Business, Rogers Communications was addressing a virtual media conference on March 19, announcing that Rogers is the successful winning bidder in the Eastern Ontario Regional Network project. The plan calls for antennas to be added to the current 300 towers and installations of 350 new cell towers. Mr. Prevost also discussed “the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of more Canadians” who can be impacted if this type of project is expanded to other parts of Canada.

In that media conference, Prevost stated that radiation from 5G systems, cell towers and antennas is safe.

Not once, but FOUR times.

In a short video, Frank Clegg, Former President of Microsoft Canada, challenges Mr. Prevost to show us the proof—actual scientific evidence in the peer-reviewed literature—that the radiation emitted by 5G and cell tower antennas is safe. In the news release announcing the video, Frank also asks for Rogers to return the $150m subsidy of taxpayer money if the evidence is not provided.

On Wednesday, April 28, at 8:00 am PT, that video will be posted on C4ST’s Facebook:


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2) Another “Dear Greta” letter by Katie Singer to help us better understand some of the “green” alternatives to fossil fuels.

Industrial-scale intermittent wind power: recognizing its unreliability before we spend billions
a column about nature and technology

“Greenwashing our dependence on electricity and the fact that every fuel source—including wind and solar photovoltaics [31]—has harmful consequences does not reduce those consequences. Who benefits when we call wind “clean” and “carbon neutral?” Who benefits when legislators vote on spending billions on industrial wind without due diligent evaluations? With due diligence on our table, what solutions (to energy demands, climate chaos and biodiversity loss) could emerge?”


Katie also recommends:

(click on photo to enlarge)


“Bright Green Lies,” Julia Barnes’ documentary is now available.
Based on the book by Derrick Jensen, Lierre Keith and Max Wilbert, Bright Green Lies is about the ecological impacts of “renewable” power.
Katie highly recommends this film AND the book.


3) A member advised that April is Autism Awareness Month. Dr. Martha Herbert. a pediatric neurologist, gave a presentation in 2016 about how RF affects the nervous system of children, and in this article there is just a small snippet of it. Hopefully, pregnant parents and parents of young children will learn to reduce RF to which their growing babies are exposed. No talking on cell phones while holding babies. No wireless baby monitors. No laptops on bellies of soon-to-be moms.


Wireless Radiation And The Developing Nervous System

“Dozens of peer reviewed research studies indicate that wireless and electromagnetic fields alter brain function and affect the nervous system. Research links these exposures to altered sleep, damaged mitochondria, increased oxidative stress, cellular damage, genotoxicity, and blood brain barrier permeability. When our bodies have increased stress at the chemical, immune and electrical levels, our brain health is compromised. Children are more vulnerable as their brains are still developing so the neurological effects will be greater.”

Autism, ADHD, and Wireless Electromagnetic Fields


And here is a paper with more information and observations: https://ehtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/MarthaHerbertPAS-Handout-1.pdf

4) The wonders of 5G according to Telus and how 5G will rescue the economy from the pandemic slowdown.

Harnessing 5G to Accelerate Economic Recovery

“In this new business landscape, digital technology is key, and wireless infrastructure is the facilitator that will define just how fast and far Canadian entrepreneurs are able to go. That’s why TELUS is strongly focused on rapidly deploying its 5G network infrastructure across Canada, with the service already available in 81 cities and communities, and active plans to cover rural areas as 5G tech evolves.

The benefits of delivering speeds faster than 1Gbps are already being felt by the millions of Canadians who began working remotely due to the pandemic, a shift that may stay in effect long after it’s safe to go back into the office.

“What we’ve seen, which is remarkable, is a massive increase in productivity,” says Prevette. “It’s meant that companies are rethinking whether they go back to a traditional office space.””



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.”    Isaac Asimov



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