2021-04-19 New paper re. Covid and 5G/RF–immune health effects

1) A map that purports to show the various wireless networks, 2G-5G, by carrier According to this, there is virtually no 5G service in Victoria at this time, but most of the area is blanketed by 4G. Many areas of Canada are available as are other countries.


2) Dr. Magda Havas and Angela Tsiang have just published a paper that many may consider controversial. They would welcome any feedback, including criticism, which can be sent to:

[corrected]  A Tsiang <tsiangangela@gmail.com>

“We will undoubtedly be criticized by industry for this paper to say the least. I know some of you feel that our paper could be “dangerous” because it may be called “conspiracy.” However, I feel it is more dangerous to not tell the truth of what’s happening. Between 5G and worldwide changes under the guise of controlling coronavirus, we are running out of time. I have children, ages 16 and 12, and right now, I don’t know what kind of a future they will have or where they will live or even if they will be able to work and make a living given what’s happening with increasing dangerous RF exposure levels and vaccination mandates. The future is bleak.

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p.18 – https://esmed.org/MRA/mra/article/view/2371/193545802

From our paper,
“Based on multiple linear regression, if there was no mmW exposure, case and death rates would be 18-30% lower for 5G mmW states and 39-57% lower for 5G mmW counties. This assessment clearly shows exposure to 5G mmW technology is statistically significantly associated with higher COVID-19 case and death rates in the U.S.A.”

If you are of the opinion it is dangerous to associate 5G/RF and coronavirus out of conspiracy concerns, I ask that you read our paper with an open mind before saying “there’s no evidence of RF or 5G effects on the immune system” that will be used by industry against us. We are running out of time – denying immune health effects from RF/5G is dangerous – there are 5G/RF immune effects, and now is the time to say it.”

COVID-19 Attributed Cases and Deaths are Statistically Higher in States and Counties with 5th Generation Millimeter Wave Wireless Telecommunications in the United States




From one of our members who is expressing the frustration that many of us feel about the failure of our elected officials to do their jobs. Few letters or emails are answered, and then mostly with form-type responses. Our concerns are ignored. They seem to care only when they want our votes or money. We’ve tried to flood their inboxes, we’ve phoned them. Some of us have even picketed their offices. Any other ideas? What we really need are good, responsible people in these offices, not just people looking for a great-paying job with a fabulous pension plan.


“This business of elected officials may be guilty of criminal negligence, brings to mind that ultimately people need to go to court, which is overseen by partisan judges. The UN claims to be there for all people. It created UNDRIP (United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples) for FN. Canada, BC are signatories, I believe. But, they never keep their commitment. We just had the Nanaimo Airport expansion hearing [https://www.rdn.bc.ca/search?q=nanaimo+airport], which someone told me is just a formality. I spoke to the hearing on the phone, but could not hear the other participants, because the video and audio kept breaking up. Next day, I phoned and asked for the link to the oral presentations. I was told they would not be made available, that the RDN will provide a written summary–which they did last November, when 29 residents were unanimously against expansion. Their summary made it sound like it was ok for expansion to proceed, when it is not. The public was given 2 weeks notice for this hearing at Easter in a pandemic, and not everyone gets the Nanaimo Bulletin. Some people affected live outside the Regional District Nanaimo but are impacted by noise. As you know, the Ombudsman does little or nothing for us, our MLAs do not respond, even our Area Director does not respond, Minister of Municipal Affairs has done nothing on the Airport case, the media is selective and biased So, while gov[ernment] officials might be guilty, there is no body to turn to that will help the people, from the municipal level to the UN and world courts. There must be another way, or we are held prisoners. I read your daily missives and simply see things rolling out in our midst. Your thoughts? Regarding EMR, and SMs, is there a way you could put out a call for all your readers to write to the Ombudsman and politicians, flood them with snail mail or E-mail?

“Perhaps our elected representatives should be reminded that they have a legal obligation to ensure the well-being of all of their citizens. Renowned University of British Columbia ecologist William Rees (of “environmental footprint” fame) argues that government officials who ignore their duties may be guilty of criminal negligence. Rees notes that “the Criminal Code (Section 219) is clear that lack of intent to harm is no defence if the damage results from conscious acts performed in careless disregard for others: ‘Everyone is criminally negligent who (a) in doing anything, or (b) in omitting to do anything that it is his duty to do, shows wanton or reckless disregard for the lives or safety of other persons’.””  [https://vancouversun.com/entertainment/books/boiling-mad-over-canadas-water-crisis  &  https://www.criminal-code.ca/criminal-code-of-canada-section-219-1-criminal-negligence/index.html]


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”    Winston Churchill



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