2017-06-17 Six things everyone should know about the IoT

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1)   A School Board in Massachusetts votes to inform parents and teachers of ways to reduce exposure to Wi-Fi. Why should it be such a big deal to allow information about risks associated with Wi-Fi to be posted and given to concerned people is beyond me, but it is. In BC, School Boards refuse to allow such info to be posted or given to parents and teachers. We should all be asking why.


2)   Six things every consumer should know about the ‘Internet of Things’


“Consumers are exposed to significant risks from IoT devices, from predatory use of data, to security flaws and devices no longer being supported.” 


3)   A recent group of devoted experts and parents met in Colorado to begin an effort to make schools safer for children. Here is a series of YouTubes, most about 5 minutes long, with presentations. I hope you will share this with parents and teachers, School Board members and the Minister responsible for Education.

Screen Time in Schools


4)     I couldn’t bring in this entire article without a subscription so I asked a member in the UK to provide it.  Look at what this utility company thinks is “smart” – 10,000 signals a second!!

[10,000/second x 60 = 600,000/minute x 60 = 36,000,000/hour x 24 = 864,000,000 signals/day]

Centrica Exposes Smart Energy Meters as Dumb

The government’s £11 billion plan envisages every UK household being offered smart meters by 2020 NICK RAY FOR THE TIMES

The “smart” energy meters due to be installed in every UK home are in fact “pretty dumb”, a senior executive at Centrica has said, suggesting a new type of meter that can monitor individual household appliances and identify problems should be rolled out instead.

Charles Cameron, the British Gas owner’s director of technology, said it was trialling “super smart” meters in Cornwall and they could be ready to deploy more widely in six months.

The sophisticated meters, made by Green Running, could identify the electrical usage of each household appliance, helping to optimise their power usage and even flagging faults, he said. “It’s looking at unusual spikes in your washing machine to say, ‘this device has a problem, it needs to be serviced’.”

The government’s £11 billion smart meter programme envisages that by 2020 every UK household being offered smart gas and electricity meters, which send automatic readings to suppliers.

Mr Cameron said the model that was due to be fitted in most households — known as Smets2 — was now regarded as “basic” due to a “real revolution” in technology in recent years.

“What we call a smart meter today is pretty dumb. It’s dumb because the amount of signals it takes is like one every ten seconds,” he said. The new meters were able to take 10,000 signals a second and could cost less to produce than the £215-per-home estimated cost of Smets2 meters. If trials were successful, they should be deployed instead, he said. “When something new comes in we have to recognise there is something better. We have to find a way of opening it up so it can be put in.”

Delays with central communications infrastructure mean up to a fifth of households will not get Smets2 meters and are instead being fitted with “even more basic” Smets1 meters, which may not work if they switch supplier.”





From: Marlene Macfarlane (name given with permission)
Sent: June 15, 2017
To: ralph.goodale@parl.gc.ca; jane.philpott@parl.gc.ca; phil.bourke@canada.ca; tim.singer@canada.ca
Cc: Sharon Noble; Jerry Flynn

Subject: Code 6 Failure To Protect Me from Radiation

To: Ralph Goodale, MP, Regina; Jane Philpott, Minister of Health; Phil Bourke, Health Canada ; Tim Singer, Health Canada
cc: Sharon Noble; Jerry Flynn

Mr. Goodale: PLEASE change CODE 6 !!!!

Jane Philpott, Tim Singer: You say that Code 6 protects everyone when exposed to multiple sources of RF (RADIATION) on a DAILY basis and you PROMISE there will be NO ADVERSE HEALTH AFFECTS.

You tell me now, why did it take LESS THAN 3 WEEKS OF EXPOSURE NEAR SMART METERS to make me ILL FROM THE RADIATION????

I am now 100% electrohypersensitive.

That means, every time I am exposed to radiowaves – cell towers- smart meters – wifi- a heavy wifi-vehicle driving past – cell phones – I have terrible terrible PAIN – PAIN as if YOU are sticking a knife in the side of my head.

– and I am not a small child who will be even more susceptible to the radiation.

Jane Philpott, really, what kind of medical doctor are you supposed to be???? (not only supposedly a medical doctor but also educated in public health!) Surely, you understand that radiation kills?????

Ralph Goodale, you know that SaskTel has installed cell towers all across the province, there is literally nowhere to go to escape the poison radiation. In Regina where I live, I am now completely encircled by at least a dozen towers within a mile and half radius and there is clearly no regulations for health. The towers are even installed right beside schools!!!!

In Calgary, I wanted to watch my grandson play soccer – the soccer field, behind a school, was surrounded by 3 TOWERS on 3 sides – this is beside a school!! The children at that school are being fried every day in a microwave oven !!

The federal government’s greed at selling spectrum is obvious as you fail to protect people’s health. End result will be further strain on our already broken health care system.

Your agenda to connect all cities in an IOT will backfire. Not only will your smart meters literally catch on fire, your smart grids will be hacked and your Internet of Things will totally collapse.

Government officials have now been personally sued in the Flint water poisonings.
Perhaps it is time that Canadian government officials are similarily sued for their part in radiation poisoning.

Marlene Macfarlane


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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