2017-06-12 Russian cyber-weapon could disrupt power grid

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1)    Russians are reported to have a new cyber-weapon that could take out the electrical grid in the USA.  More reason to go off the grid or to have small, neighbourhood/communal grids.

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Russia has developed a cyberweapon that can disrupt power grids, according to new research

“One of the most insidious tools in CrashOverride manipulates the settings on electric power control systems. It scans for critical components that operate circuit breakers and opens the circuit breakers, which stops the flow of electricity. It continues to keep them open even if a grid operator tries to close them, creating a sustained power outage…

With this malware, the attacker can target multiple locations with a “time bomb” functionality and set the malware to trigger simultaneously, Lee said. That could create outages in different areas at the same time.”


2)    Another article on the study at University of Waterloo that reports little, if any, savings from smeters while facing the possibility of getting much higher (incorrect) consumption readings.

Smart Meters’ claimed cost efficiency benefits are mostly BUNK, analysis finds

“Smart meters allow electricity companies to charge different prices at different times of the day. Smart meters were supposed to encourage energy savings, especially during peak times when the grid is under much more stress. One of the key goals of Ontario’s smart meter project was shifting the demand for electricity away from peak periods to reduce maximum capacity requirements and save money on infrastructure, reported Science Daily.

Unfortunately, these smart meters aren’t the “smarter” solution. In fact, smart meters could be overbilling you by an astonishing 582 percent while destroying your health.”

“What about our costs that have resulted from the ‘Smart’ Meter program”


3)    Parents’ use of wireless devices affects a child’s behaviour.


4)    In the USA, getting rid of landlines is closely affiliated with the implementation of the wireless 5G technology, as explained by Blake Levitt.  She has given permission to share. I suspect we are losing our landlines without being told and without being given a choice. Perhaps this is something that we should be asking of our new “governments” – both provincial and federal.


From Nina Beety … Please file comments to FCC ASAP — doesn’t have to be much but it is important to go on record. Attached see comments filed late last year re: a similar bill. FCC is determined to get rid of the landline network. We must demonstrate that it is still of considerable value to millions… Feel free to use mine as a model or whatever… It hardly seems worth talking to this FCC but it does still matter. In the least, they won’t be able to tell Congress they didn’t know.

There are two issues here — first, landlines and FCC; second, how AT&T is enlisting wired networks to become wireless 5G. They are related. The video link at the bottom will demonstrate how out-of-the-gate this all is now. There has been no environmental or health review. Feel free to forward.


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Nina wrote:

I discovered today FCC WC Docket No. 17-84 which is to revisit copperline “retirement” rules and speed everything up, including possible pre-emption of state rules stopping this. Due dates for comments: June 12 and 15.

Proposed rulehttps://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2017/05/16/2017-09689/accelerating-wireline-broadband-deployment-by-removing-barriers-to-infrastructure-investment

Feel free to post my comments.

Nina Beety

Power lines are hideous, but AT&T thinks they’ll be great for 5G

5)    Innovation, “Science” and Economic Development, the former Industry Canada, — says it wants to consult with the public re providing more and better wireless communication.  Nothing about SAFER. Submissions are accepted, I believe, until early September.  Hopefully, there will be some formal submissions by groups such as C4ST.



6)    Verizon is pilot testing 5G in Sacramento, California including in 27 parks!!  Where are all the environmentalists on this issue?

Sacramento-Verizon partnership brings free Wi-Fi, digital kiosks and 5G cell towers

“Further improvement will include free Wi-Fi at 27 Sacramento parks and the deployment of next-generation 5G wireless services. 

As a precursor to the announcement, the city had participated in a 5G Verizon Pilot to test the tech in various parts of the city starting on Feb. 22. Verizon estimated the 5G connection speeds to deliver download speeds of of up to 10 gigabits per second — 10 times the speed of services like Google Fiber…

“This pilot program is one of the first practical implementations of 5G in the nation,” MacGunigal said in her post. “It is this type of innovation that will enable residents to experience gigabit speeds that were previously only available via costly fiber.””



Letter sent to Dr. Perry Kendall’s Health Officers (contact info available at www.stopsmartmetersbc.com under “CONTACT”) [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/z/bc-contact-e-mail-lists/

From: X
Sent: June 11, 2017
Subject: Wireless health effects that are being suppressed (Environmental Health Trust document attached)

Hello Medical Health Officer:

I am attaching a PDF document (https://ehtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/Telecom-10-K-Liability-and-Insurance-Companies-Slides-EHT-6-2016.pdf) which contains internal investor statements from many well-known ‘wireless’ companies as well as insurance companies. This document was produced by Dr. Devra Davis’s ‘Environmental Health Trust’ organization.

It is obvious from these statements that the industry is well aware of the health impacts of ‘wireless’ and the coming litigation. Apparently our Provincial Health Office is not, although literally thousands of studies showing harm has been delivered to its occupant.

The statement below, which is on the Microsoft slide in the attached PDF, is quite telling:

“The lawsuits also allege an industry-wide conspiracy to manipulate the science and testing around emission guidelines.”

Is it possible the Provincial Health Office might likewise be involved in favoring the interests of the wireless industry over that of the health of the public? Many members of the public seem to think so. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have a wireless ‘smart grid’, would we?

In the end the truth is always known… but that may be a long time away. You and your family are exposed to the same hazards as the rest of us, as you sit quietly by while the environment is filled with more and more electromagnetic traffic. I encourage you to have the courage to be on the side of the truth, not merely on the side of political expediency. Your job is the protection of the health of the public, not the profits of wireless companies.

Thank you.


From: XX
Date: June 12, 2017
To: mayor@saanich.ca
Cc: Sherri Andrews <Sherri.Andrews@saanich.ca>, Council <council@saanich.ca>, “Andrew Weaver.MLA” <andrew.weaver.mla@leg.bc.ca>, elizabeth.may@greenparty.ca

Subject: where are the usual flocks of birds ???

Dear Mr. Mayor,

Although it has been a few months since our meeting in your office during your Open Door hours and although I am still waiting for your promised response to the information I presented, as well as to the further information forwarded to you regarding the problems with LED street lighting, I am now, nevertheless, forwarding new information that you and your council need to be aware of in order to make informed decisions: the increasing and disturbing proliferation of micro cell transmitters everywhere and the electromagnetic smog (radiation) they create.

The information at the bottom of this letter is provided by Sharon Noble of the Stop Smart Meters Coalition in BC. It can be overwhelming, but is vital if we are to make informed decisions about the use of electronics / wifi for ourselves privately, or as you are entrusted to make them on our behalf — when it comes to the installation of micro cell transmitters — due to your role in public office.

Not only are micro cell towers appearing on Victoria’s landscape at an alarming rate, but also the amount of radiation produced by them is huge and is therefore a huge concern.

Furthermore, the companies installing these towers are looking for cheaper options and preferably those that do not require the added hassle of paying for and obtaining permits — that is why they are suddenly appearing on top of buildings everywhere, whether private, public, office, residential, and now on public right of ways such as utility and telephone poles in all areas, including residential. Municipal authorities everywhere must be made aware of the fact that they have been kept out of the loop on this matter and must take control over what is happening in their jurisdictions.

Mr. Mayor, the next time you are outside, whether just outside your office, or in your neighbourhood, or spending time downtown, or commuting from point A to point B, notice the extensive empty skies above Greater Victoria. For decades Victoria was inundated with massive flocks of crows, seagulls, starlings, sparrows, pigeons — the usual city dwelling avian suspects. Where have their substantial numbers disappeared to?

One sees the odd crow and sparrow and seagull here and there but very low to street level: on poles, boulevard trees and the like, but simply put, not everywhere. While there are small numbers of birds in residential areas and for example in locations like Cedar Hill Park, birds are conspicuous by their absence. And while ducks are still plentiful at the ponds at Cedar Hill Park, the usual numbers of Canada Geese have been low this year. Why is that?

I know you will respond that ones sees Bald eagles overhead, Turkey Vultures, Ravens and even Lamp post hawks about, but their numbers also have decreased compared to previous years. The skies are empty and no one notices because whether they are walking, or waiting for the bus, and yes, even driving (despite the threat of fines), everyone is preoccupied with their cell phones. I am not and that is why I am disparagingly aware of the fact that the skies are empty and so I ask you again, where are the birds?

There is an apparent correlation between the sudden appearance / proliferation of micro cell transmitters everywhere and the equally sudden decline in bird populations. It is no longer only the canaries that we have to look to for our own safety because now it seems all birds are disappearing. Please take note. Please take time to inform yourself about this technology, about the inadequacy of our so-called Safety Code 6, and most importantly, about the unregulated proliferation of micro cell transmitters and our obvious lack of say in the matter. And do so now before you find a micro cell transmitter installed outside your bedroom window: microwaves and a good night’s sleep do not mix.

Sincerely XX
Saanich residents

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Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharon Noble
Date: June 11, 2017
Subject: Update 2017-06-11 Another apparent cancer cluster in a California school

1)    An article from a Nebraska newspaper that most likely will be read by people who otherwise would never hear about electro smog:

Our planet is being polluted with a gush of radio and electronic energy waves that increases with each Bluetooth device, each cell tower, each electronic device of any sort. And to think that energy has no effect on our health and the planet is ludicrous. Known broadly as Electro-Magnetic Frequency pollution or EMF, this web of broadcast and radiated energy is increasing in strength and presence, invading our homes, workplaces and the entire planet. The farthest reaches of the deepest oceans are not immune. Nor are the deepest caves. Your bedroom, your basement, your favorite fishing hole and your church will not give you sanctuary from its extended reach.”


2)    In California a bill is being pushed through to allow access to public right of ways for micro/small cells which will irradiate into homes without permission, or acknowledgement — including the homes of non-customers of the telecom company responsible.

This is happening in BC without even a law being passed.  INNOVATION, SCIENCE AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT (formerly Industry Canada) is allowing this intrusion without consultation with community councils, or residents – bypassing all antenna siting consultation policies and even Industry Canada policies! Municipal councils must learn about this at the Union of BC Municipalities annual conference and demand that they be granted authority over the public right of ways, the public must be involved.

“Called “small cells”, there is little difference in size for many of these antennas; the chief difference is the location on utility poles versus large towers. Measurements of these cell towers recently taken in Palo Alto found high levels of radiation on the sidewalk below them — levels higher than those associated in research with breaches in the blood-brain barrier, free radical formation, DNA damage, cancer and tumors, and heart rhythm disturbances.” 



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation