2017-06-03 Great microcell flyers to help educate Councils, public.

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1)    CRTC has been given money to “upgrade” broadband internet service in those areas with poor or no service at the present time. They are asking for input from the public. Broadband doesn’t need to be wireless. The money would be better spent on installing good fiber optic service, perhaps piggybacked on Telus’s lines. Fiber optic cable is secure and will last much longer, being cheaper in the long run.


2)    Our neighbourhoods are being saturated with microcells, which are being installed without notification or approval by most Councils. It  is vital that the Councils, local politicians, the public become educated about these things. A member has created terrific flyers that can be printed and circulated. I certainly hope that you will consider sending these to your local Councillors, asking for them to take this issue to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM).

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Microcell Flyer for Municipal Governments: Share with local Municipal Government officials.
To create the handout:
1. Print the front page document on letter size paper.
2. Flip and reverse, and print the back page on the back of that first page.


Microcell Flyer for Public Education: (revised Oct.2018) Share with friends and neighbours, leave some @ your local coffee shop, community centre, and library – help spread the word about microcells.


3)    Some months ago, I sent this link around but it is important enough to share again. I hope everyone will share with all the relevant parties, e.g. politicians, who try to assure us that microwave radiation is fine.  Many of these statements have been taken from annual reports given to their investors, but some are in policies. The Lloyds of London waiver was in a policy one of our members was given during a renewal.  The waiver was in the exclusions sections. Insurance companies predict risks and try to protect themselves. Their actuaries have determined that it is too risky to insure any risks associated with wireless devices, the liability will be the telecoms’. The statements from the annual reports are warning of financial implications facing the industry. Most likely, special funds are being set aside to pay for future lawsuits.  They tell their investors but they don’t tell their customers.

What the Telecom Industry Doesn’t Tell You…But Does Tell Its Investors – Environmental Health Trust has assembled a series of slides by Telecom Companies that warn investors of the potential for economic loss due to litigation about health effects from wireless.  For eg. VERIZON states:  “Our wireless business also faces personal injury and consumer class action lawsuits related to alleged health effects of wireless phones or radio frequency transmitters, and class action lawsuits that challenge marketing practices and disclosures relating to alleged adverse health effects of handheld wireless phones.  We may incur significant expenses in defending these lawsuits.  In addition, we may be required to pay significant awards or settlements.”




From:  X
Sent: June 2, 2017
To: Complaints BCUC:EX <Complaints@bcuc.com>

Subject: Put ‘troubled’ smart meters programme on hold, urges Institute of Directors | theenergyst.com

Dear BCUC,

The BCUC doing nothing other than approve whatever BC Hydro presents before them has now burdened BC electricity consumers with ever escalating costs and safety concerns.  Smart meter programs in other areas of the world have been found to offer no benefit to consumers, and had you properly investigated the program you may have reached the same conclusion.  Here is more information:


I and many others trust the new government in Victoria will take action to truly protect the health, safety and pocketbooks of the electricity users in this province.  You all deserve to be replaced by people more willing to investigate and more effectively and honestly regulate the activities of our public utilities than has been the case for the past decade.



 Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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