2017-04-24 Microcell flyer needs to be circulated

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1)    Cell towers are dangerous for workers as well as for customers.

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2)    A really good letter in a Minnesota newspaper warning about the effects of smeters.  We must support the battle in other places because it’s the number of people fighting this that will make a difference. The politicians won’t.


3)    A member created this flyer and handed it out for Earth Day. It has great info about the microcells Telus is putting outside our homes without our being informed or giving consent. There will be many fairs and weekend markets soon and these are great venues for reaching people.


Microcell Flyer for Public Education: (revised Oct.2018) Share with friends and neighbours, leave some @ your local coffee shop, community centre, and library – help spread the word about microcells.


(new) Microcell Flyer for Municipal Governments: Share with local Municipal Government officials.
To create the handout:
1. Print the front page document on letter size paper.
2. Flip and reverse, and print the back page on the back of that first page.


4)    Below in Letters is an introduction to an article in a cooking magazine about how smeters made the author ill.  She made the connection and now is spreading the word. Many people in BC right now are having health issues that they can’t explain that could be caused by living and sleeping near these RF emitters. We need to figure out how to reach them through various media sources such as this type of magazine.

Smart meters contain a device that communicates wirelessly using radio frequency radiation. This is called a zigbee chip. We had more than 200 zigbee chips in our new home and it’s taken months to remove all of the smart technology. If you look at the list above, we had a large portion of the devices on it.

We removed the last smart technology from our house in February. For three and a half years I lived in a home that contained radio frequency radiation levels well over 1,000 times those recommended by the Building Biology Association. It’s now been eight weeks since we removed the last of the smart lighting system and other devices…”


5)    Last night, I sent the article about Ted Archibald’s presentation to the City of Mission City Council. The video of it is available here:

http://mission.ca.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=1&clip_id=231   (starting at 17:35)


(what some cell towers look like)

6)    A paper by Dr. Martin Pall warning about the effects of Wi-Fi on our health and that of future generations.



Hi Everyone!

If you’re a regular reader of my newsletter you know the past two years have been very rough. Although I’ve done everything right in terms of sleeping, eating well, and getting many supportive alternative medical treatments such as HBOT, I haven’t seen results.

It’s frustrating when you put your mind to something and it doesn’t change as much as you want it to!

I’ve received thousands of comments offering help and I am so deeply grateful to have all of you in my life…..

Well, last fall I started to make sense of things. My health issues began around a year after we moved into our new home and have been steadily getting worse ever since then.

What I found out is shocking and I’ve spent hundreds of hours researching.

In this post, I am sharing it all with you. The first part outlines thoughts and studies from medical researchers, and the second part dives into my personal experience.

To find out what made me sick, click HERE


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Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice —  it is conformity.
~ Rollo May

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