2017-06-11 Another apparent cancer cluster in a California school

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1)    An article from a Nebraska newspaper that most likely will be read by people who otherwise would hear nothing about electrosmog.

(click on photos to enlarge)

Our planet is being polluted with a gush of radio and electronic energy waves that increases with each Bluetooth device, each cell tower, each electronic device of any sort. And to think that energy has no effect on our health and the planet is ludicrous. Known broadly as Electro-Magnetic Frequency pollution or EMF, this web of broadcast and radiated energy is increasing in strength and presence, invading our homes, workplaces and the entire planet. The farthest reaches of the deepest oceans are not immune. Nor are the deepest caves. Your bedroom, your basement, your favorite fishing hole and your church will not give you sanctuary from its extended reach.”


2)    A mother’s loss of a daughter because of Wi-Fi….

“Her symptoms: headaches, fatigue, joint pains, sleep problems, skin irritation, rash, anaemia, menstrual cycle disruption, heart flutters, difficulty concentrating, temperature control, urine urgency, overwhelming sense of needing to leave some classrooms at school.”


3)    In California, a Bill is being pushed through the legal hoops to allow access to public right of ways for microcells / small cells which will irradiate into homes without permission, acknowledgement and even if you are not a customer of the telecom responsible. This is happening in BC without even having a law passed.  INNOVATION, SCIENCE AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT (formerly Industry Canada) is allowing this intrusion without consultation with community Councils or residents – bypassing all of the Antenna Siting Consultation policies and even Industry Canada policies. We must ensure that the Municipal Councils learn about this at the Union of BC Municipalities annual conference and demand that they be granted authority over the public right of ways and that the public be involved.

“Called “small cells”, there is little difference in size for many of these antennas; the chief difference is the location on utility poles versus large towers. Measurements of these cell towers recently taken in Palo Alto found high levels of radiation on the sidewalk below them — levels higher than those associated in research with breaches in the blood-brain barrier, free radical formation, DNA damage, cancer and tumors, and heart rhythm disturbances.” 


There are some really interesting comments

4)    In California, a mother has started a petition because her 10 year old son and another 10 year old have developed cancer, as have 2 teachers, after having attended a school with a cell tower.  There have been several cancer clusters in California that have occurred in buildings/schools with cell towers that have been well-documented 

“this cell tower is on school grounds in Ripon… 2 10 year olds have cancer- a brain tumor and a wilms’ tumor. 2 teachers have cancer.”


Please consider signing.


From: Benita & Marcus Schluschen
(names given with permission)
To: elke.kite@bcferries.com
Sent: June 06, 2017


Subject: Medical information on RF radiation

Re:  Safe Zone on Ferries, from Wi-Fi.

Hello Elke,

I hope you and your colleagues had the opportunity to look at some of the information we provided in our earlier email.

This German medical doctors site shows images, and explains what happens to blood cells when exposed to cell phone radiation for a duration of only 3 minutes!  Hypoxia – Rouleaux formation!

For the benefit of BC Ferries management and your colleagues, I translated the text.

Translation of small text, right below blood images:
Red blood cells under a normal microscope.
Blood sample taken from earlobe, before and after 10 – 20 min. cell phone call. Easily reproducible!
Since the persons 2 meters away from test subject are also affected, would exclude any thermal effects.”

Possible consequences:  Strokes because of reduced viscosity of the blood!
But instead of verifying, government agencies, as well as lobby groups, argue with absurd arguments.

Translation of main text:
(medical doctors and mobile phone / health consequences / mobile phone-blood clumping money-roll effect)

Blood clumping, Money-roll effect (Hypoxia)
There are visual and reproducible experiments that show the effect of mobile-telephone calls.  One example is the money-roll formation, illustrated proof by students.

Blood was taken from several persons between 17 and 20, who were not allowed to use their cell phone for 24 hours.  Immediately after, the young researchers let their test subject use a mobile telephone (Siemens ME 35) and again took blood from the earlobe and finger.  Ten minutes later, the procedure was repeated.

The result of this field study was explosive: After every phone call, a definite cluster formation from the ear, as well as the finger, and even in photographs that were taken ten minutes later, showed blood clusters clearly.

Through clumping, the blood becomes thick and can more easily plug up capillaries and narrow passages.
Further, through this surface reduction of the red blood cells, less oxygen is transported.
This, for example, can lead to heart/circulatory problems (Hutter et.al. 2002), tiredness, concentration difficulties, etc.

Some time ago already, educational materials were created and developed by the Department of Physics of The College of Education Heidelberg. 

Clicking on: der Pädagogischen Hochschule Heidelberg. (on the bottom), you will learn that these educational materials to conduct these blood tests can be ordered by educators from the University.

BC Ferries might consider that this illustration of unhealthy biological blood change takes place well within Canada’s Safety Code 6 guidelines!

Hypoxia, a deficiency of oxygen reaching the tissues of the body, is a serious health issue!  A simple internet search will provide you with the medical facts.
This medical illustration shows how second-hand microwave radiation exposure affects fellow passengers and children, in a 2 meter radius of mobile phone/tablet users, and Wi-Fi!  Clearly, inducing Hypoxia in passengers is not a good situation!

Please forward this information to BC Ferries management so that they can see for themselves what happens inside the human body.  I am certain that they will appreciate this information, and perhaps will consider the growing requests for e-smog free zones on BC Ferries.

Best regards,
Benita & Marcus Schluschen



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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