2017-06-20 Parents in schools in California being misled about cell tower and RF, while kids are getting cancer

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1)    Further to BC Hydro in Nanaimo area, I’ve been told that BC Hydro has not sent out any letters in advance, just showed up at doors telling people they have no choice – take the smeter now or pay the failed installation fee of $69.  People who were home were able to turn their power off. A couple did get smeters with transmitters turned off. Not quite as bad as I reported last night, but still … no letters, nothing about expired analogs?

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If you have been smetered, keep an eye on it. If it gets warm to the touch or gets water inside, call BC Hydro ASAP. Also, if weird electrical things happen like lights flickering, call them. People have reported things like this happening before their meters failed and burned.

https://www.bchydro.com/contact.html  (1-800-224-9376)

2)    Reports from Ellie Marks on a meeting with the School Board in California where 2 children suffered cancer – parents pleading to remove the cell tower that is on the school. And news about another cancer cluster at another school. Why are School Boards refusing to implement the Precautionary Principle?  MONEY!!  Dr. Robeson sounds like Dr. Perry Kendall who says Wi-Fi is safe.


Here are 2 TV news reports from last night‘s meeting where parents, affected children and I approached the School Board about the cell tower on the elementary school grounds – 20 feet from the Kindergarten and first grade classes.  

These interviews are powerful as they interview the two 10 year old boys who have cancer.  

The Board did not respond last evening but on the last day of school recently, one of the Board members, Dr. Ziggy Robeson, sent a note home in the kids’ backpacks that the FCC and ACS say cellular towers do not cause cancer.  

These parents have a long battle ahead of them. Not only does the School Board not want to lose the revenue but they are worried about contracts. Turns out there is another on the high school and 6 students have cancer – I just learned about that last night.

I was only given 3 minutes to speak but I mentioned the International Appeal, the AAP, the DOI, the GAO, and the US NTP study. I was basically stating the FCC limits are not protecting health – especially that of children.  They did ask for a copy of my talk after, so I think they will do their homework.  

If you know of other schools that have been able to break contracts, please let me know.  

Also, if your children’s school has a cell tower near it, please start working to get it removed. Also, there is a big movement worldwide to get Wi-Fi out of schools. Hope you will consider joining that movement.  



The reporter in the FOX 40 did not quote me correctly. ​

Ellie Marks
California Brain Tumor Association​

3)    Even though we all have our doubts about whether our comments will be taken seriously, we cannot miss the opportunity to raise our concerns about 5G technology to ISED (formerly Industry Canada).

Consultation on Releasing Millimetre Wave Spectrum to Support 5G

4)    A father in Colorado wants to prevent children under 13 from having smartphones after he noticed changes in his sons’ behaviours. He, no doubt, is part of the group pushing for legislation mentioned in yesterday’s update.

“At one point, he even tried taking one of their phones away, to which he says one of his sons then launched into a temper tantrum that was the equivalent to that of a crack addict. 

He would then do his own research, finding that too much technology can brain development impairment, hinder social skills and an unhealthy dependence on the neurotransmitter dopamine.” 


5)    A comment by someone from California on Facebook re. smeters and insomnia.  Waking up when transmitters send signals or download data (which often is done in the middle of the night when networks have the least traffic) is commonly reported by those living near cell and radio towers, and now smeters.  My guess is this will get worse with the microcells outside homes.

Not so Smart Meters (san jose west)

“I usually find conspiracy theories amusing, but usually easily refuted. A colleague who questions all questioned why I mentioned awaking at exactly 3am, since he did as well. Then he mentioned the smart meters and their EMF. I kinda laughed inside but then my mom mentioned waking right at 4am. I wrote it off as the typical stress/anxiety nonsense, but it came back. Now I’m hearing from other people, who don’t mention smart meter, but they do mention newer insomnia and other issues that never occurred in their homes before. There are not that many stressed/anxious/insomniac folks out there. Ours is right at the porch, like most homes. It gives reason to live in a condo.

I’m going to request to remove it, or look into shielding it somehow. Or, go off the grid.”


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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