2017-06-25 “smart” water system hacked in 5 USA cities

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1)    A UK magazine for families offers warnings for pregnant women and advice about reducing babies’ exposure to RF.

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2)    Water smetering systems hacked in several USA communities.

Fired Employee Hacks and Shuts Down Smart Water Readers in Five US Cities


3)    In other countries, such as India, it is not unusual to see articles about the dangers of RF exposure. I can’t recall the last time a newspaper in Canada or the USA published an article like this one.

How Mobile Phones (Mis)Use Is Affecting Our Health & Social Fabric 

The cell phones were distinguished from dangerous microwave ovens based on the amount of power used to push the microwaves and it was argued that the cell phones will not impact the health of consumers, other than the heating of tissues. The theory worked due to the pressure from different profit based industries and cell phones were exempted from any type of regulatory oversight, an exemption that continues today.”  


4)    Apparently, “smart” appliances have a “MAC” address somewhere on them, usually on the back.. This address is used to initiate connection with the smeter to gather data. Even if the appliance doesn’t say it’s “smart”, it would be a good idea to check for this before buying.

https://youtu.be/scVprND6YDg   (02:51 minutes)



From: Patricia White (name given with permission)
Sent: June 24, 2017
To: customer.relations@bcferries.com
Subject: Re: Wi-Fi on ferries

Dear Ms. Hawe,

I, too, am in complete agreement with the enclosed letters.

I especially second Ms. X’s suggestion that it is difficult to find people in positions of authority today whose heads are not made of plastic filled with water! (at least this is my interpretation)

How is it that thousands of us have been able to do the research and find the scientific basis for banning Wi-Fi; yet those paid by us to protect us can’t find the same information?


Patricia White

= = =

From: X
Sent: June 24, 2017
To: customer.relations@bcferries.com
Subject: Wi-Fi on ferries

Dear Ms Hawe;

I am in complete agreement with the writer of the enclosed letter to you!

I happen to be one of the unfortunate people who became electro hyper sensitive. This condition tends to get progressively worse with more and more exposure.

Fortunately I am not obliged to travel on the Ferries. The presence of radiation would make it difficult, so I will avoid it.

As Ms. Gregson of the letter below says, Safety code 6 was not intended to protect against non-thermal radiation. It was meant for industry workers, and the standard was arrived at by heating water in a plastic head by one degree.

Unfortunately many of us don’t have plastic heads filled with water, although sometimes you wouldn’t know it!

West Vancouver, BC


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From: Petrina Gregson (name shared with permission)
Sent: June 22, 2017
To: Customer Relations <customer.relations@bcferries.com>
Subject: Re: BC Ferries

Dear Ms Hawe,

Thank you for your response.  I will be sure to avoid the Tsawwassen to Victoria ferry.

I’m a bit shocked and dismayed that you put your faith in the out-dated and inadequate “Safety Code 6”. It is based on heat. This is an obsolete standard and not considering current science which shows cellular and organism harm from non-thermal effects. I feel fairly certain that you cannot be unaware of the many scientific studies and reports that reveal the inadequacy of this “Safety Code”.  While the presence of continual Wi-Fi may not cause perceptible physical reactions to most of your passengers, it is causing biological changes in all of them, and more important, to the crew–who are being exposed continuously for longer periods. EHS can develop suddenly and unexpectedly, causing horrendous handicaps in our EMF-engulfed environment. Accumulation of EMF heightens the risk of developing EHS. EMF is no longer just a possible carcinogen; it is a probable one.

Our son developed cancer at age 32. I urge you to do research on this topic and use the Precautionary Principle. Surely you must not wait for lawsuits? The tobacco industry scorned the safety of the public. It seems the telecom industry has the same blindness, putting profits before health.


http://www.aseq-ehaq.ca/online-conferences-of-may-12-2017/?lang=en  (see videos below)


I’m greatly disappointed in your apparently uninformed response. I can only hope that someone in your field begins to get uneasy enough to do his or her own research, instead of relying on Health Canada, the minister of which is just another puppet.

Petrina Gregson


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“If we remain silent, we kill freedom, justice and the possibility that a society armed with information may have power to change the situation that has brought us to this point.”
~ Anabel Hernández

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