2018-08-06 A major victory: New Mexico utility’s application for smeters denied

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1)    A major victory in New Mexico has been announced, with the Utility Commission denying the application to install ITRON smeters.  The denial was based on there not being a “net public benefit and it does not promote the public interest.”   If only the BCUC had done its due diligence instead of listening to the people from Exponent who defend the indefensible for a fee.  The decision is long but we should read it to see if there is anything new we could use in our battle to protect our families and homes. There is a link to the decision in the article. [https://smartmeterharm.files.wordpress.com/2018/04/new-mexico-prc-3-19-18-15-00312-ut-recommended-decision.pdf]

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AMI Smart Meter DEFEAT At New Mexico Public Regulation Commission

“..  there is relief for many residents of the State of New Mexico regarding their not having to suffer the forced retrofitting, non-ionizing radiation and non-thermal adverse health effects of  AMI Smart Meters, also now being called “digital meters” due to the negative connotations of the term “AMI Smart Meter.”

The New Mexico Public Regulation Commission did their due diligence and acted responsibly in the interests of NM citizens and the Precautionary Principle…

The [smart meter] plan presented in the Application does not provide a net public benefit and it does not promote the public interest.”



2)    5G:

– https://mdsafetech.org/2018/07/18/dr-leszczynski-sounds-warning-at-australian-meeting-precaution-with-5g/

Dr. Leszczynski Sounds Warning at Australian Meeting: Precaution with 5G

Assumption of Safety for 5G by Government Agencies, No Science.

A sober warning about the safety of 5G technology was sounded by Dr. Dariusz Leszczynski, Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry Division of Biochemistry and Biotechnology University of Helsinki, Finland,  at a recent international meeting in Australia. The 5th Asian and Oceanic IRPA Regional Congress on Radiation Protection (AOCRP-5) was held in Melbourne, Australia, May 20 – 23, 2018. Several presentations focused on 5G technology and non-ionizing radiation safety. While many supported the current safety guidelines, which like 2G, 3G and 4G technologies, are based on heat and not biological effects, the presenters were in general agreement that there was a lack of scientific research on 5G.

Dr. Leszczynski, who researches non-ionizing radiation, emphasized,  “there is a continuous talk about assuring that the 5G maintains low levels of EMF exposure. However, there is not sufficient scientific research to show what low levels assure no health effects in short- and long-term exposures (acute and chronic exposures). It seems that the telecom industry assumes that their low level exposures will not cause- never -any health effects and telecom industry forcefully imposes this scientifically unsupported assumption on others, especially governmental decision-makers. Mentioned above “realistic public exposure levels” and “low EMF levels” have no basis in scientific research on biological effects predominantly because such research has not been done.”





3)    New Samsung 5G $martphones will have as many as 16 antenna arrays. Of course, Health Canada and the Cancer Society will say this is safe because no one gets burned.  The technology seems to have many problems that need to be fixed, and Telus continues to partner with Chinese cyber-espionage company, Huawei.

5G Wireless Roll-out Brings Opportunities, Concerns, Calls for Moratorium

Here in Canada, Telus (working with its 5G tech partner, Huawei) has said that “5G wireless technology is expected to become commercially available beginning in 2020.”

Rogers has its 5G tech partnership with Ericsson, and it has announced 5G trials are underway in Toronto (at the Rogers Centre) and other Canadian cities.

(Among the hurdles for 5G roll-out in Canada: the agency responsible for allocating wireless spectrum has not announced a date, as yet, for the auction of 5G-capable real estate in the 3,500 megahertz band, aka 3.5 gigahertz. The Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development said previously that the timetable for the next spectrum auction would be tabled this summer.) …

It’s said that the seemingly unending consumer demand for bandwidth can only be met by using new spectrum, with higher frequencies (millimeter waves) than previously used (radio waves).

One of the problems with millimeter waves is that they do not travel well through buildings – or trees and rain, for that matter. So 5G delivery will need more than the ubiquitous cellular towers – it will require small cells, and lots of them.

Small cells are like low-powered relay stations. But so many are required for robust 5G delivery that certain physical areas (rural locations) will be hard to serve, and high traffic areas will be inundated with them.

But using multiple individual transmitters or relays means transmission waves may bump into each other, causing data echo if not outright loss.

So, the industry says MIMO devices are a solution. MIMO, for multiple-in, multiple-out, describes wireless systems that use two or more sync’ed transmitters and receivers, and dozens of antennas, to support high data throughput.”



4)    The security risk involved with Huawei’s products is a concern for many countries and some have banned use of them. The UK seems to be pondering its approach and experts acknowledge the difficulty of use foreign-made technology because of security issues.

Health issues, most likely, will not get the attention it deserves from the federal government but, hopefully, the security issue will. They could stop the installation of microcells by Telus right now. That could buy us time to educate the local municipal governments and for us to organize to fight this program.  I hope you will consider writing your MP about Huawei and ask for the program to be stopped in BC.

Living Lab in Vancouver, BC – http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/telus-achieves-blazing-fast-results-with-next-generation-of-wireless-technology-tsx-t-2163677.htm

Huawei in British spotlight over use of US firm’s software

“By contrast, London says it effectively addresses any security issues presented by the use of Huawei products as part of Britain’s critical national infrastructure by having the equipment reviewed by staff at a special company laboratory. 

This is overseen by British government and intelligence officials who report annually on its work. In addition to the issue with VxWorks, this year’s report also cited technical issues which limited security researchers’ ability to check internal product code. 

Many in the cyber security industry say efforts to bar equipment or software on grounds of nationality are futile because of the deeply inter-dependent nature of the global technology business. 

“There’s a real dilemma for policy makers, for politicians,” said Robert Hannigan, former director of Britain’s GCHQ spy agency and now executive chairman for Europe at cybersecurity services firm BlueVoyant. 

“How do we find a way of taking advantage of foreign technology in a way that we don’t think compromises our security? That’s a really difficult balance to get.””


or   https://tinyurl.com/ybw3jllx



From: Sharon Noble
Sent: August 5, 2018
To: randall.garrison@parl.gc.ca

Subject: Huawei — a major security risk

Dear Mr. Garrison,

As one of your constituents I am alerting you to a major security issue here in BC and elsewhere in Canada.

Telus is installing microcells approximately every 100-200 meters along streets, mere feet from homes, across the province. More than a year ago many were installed in Colwood and Langford in preparation for 5G technology. There is a 5G pilot project in Vancouver right now.

Each microcell has transmitters inside which emit microwave signals into homes, and these transmitters were made by Huawei.  I received this information directly from Telus. Confirmation of the Telus-Huawei relationship is attached.


For some time now the intelligence agencies of many of Canada’s allies have banned Huawei from operating in or working with companies in their countries.  These agencies have warned other countries, including Canada, that Huawei is under the control of the Chinese government and is considered to be guilty of cyber-espionage. Finally it appears that Ottawa is taking notice.



Morning Update: Ottawa’s worries grow over Huawei’s global ambitions

Canadian officials will not say what measures Canada might take against Huawei, but the senior government insider said national-security officials have been consulting their counterparts in Australia, which is reportedly preparing to ban Huawei from supplying equipment for its planned 5G wireless network. Huawei has already been virtually shut out of the giant U.S. market because of national-security concerns and effectively banned from that country’s future 5G network.


Here is the entire article.  https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-ottawa-sees-chinese-owned-huawei-as-major-security-threat-senior/

These transmitters and the technology can be obtained from Canadian and American companies so there is no reason for Telus to be putting our security, privacy and safety at risk by contracting and partnering with Huawei.

It is very possible that viruses and/or other flaws have already been installed in our electrical grid, which could lead to future catastrophic events. But to limit our exposure to this risk, I ask you, Mr. Garrison, to work with your fellow MPs to ban Huawei from working with Canadian corporations in Canada, and demand that all Huawei transmitters and other infrastructure be removed immediately.

I hope that you will be kind enough to advise me on the actions that you are taking to raise this issue with your fellow MPs and Prime Minister Trudeau.

Sharon Noble



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters
One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived
~ Nicolo Machiavelli

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