2018-05-27 The Health Minister still ignores recent important studies

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1)    It is time to question the stance of our new Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, who has replaced Dr. Perry Kendall.  Is she willing to consider the real science, especially the recent studies that have been confirmed to be top-quality and which point to the need for microwave radiation to be classified as a true carcinogen?  One of our members has written to Adrian Dix, Minister of Health, and Dr. Henry to ask when precautionary steps will be taken (see Letters).  Many of us have written to Kendall and various Health Ministers for years, providing study after study, only to be told that microwave radiation is safe if it is below SC 6, which is one of the most dangerous guidelines in the world.

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It’s time we all, everyone receiving this update, write to these people, in your own words, asking that steps be taken to protect our children, our families, ourselves and future generations from the dangers of microwave radiation which is increasing every day. 

Adrian Dix, Minister of Health <HLTH.Minister@gov.bc.ca>

Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer HLTH:EX <Bonnie.Henry@gov.bc.ca 

Please bcc me so that I can share. If we all work together to put pressure on these people, we just might have some effect. In the past, a few of us have written – we need numbers, large numbers, of people to write to really make an impact. Don’t worry about grammar, or that you don’t think you write well. You need to be heard.

2)    Re. the smeter fire in Baxter, Ontario (see  2) – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2018-05-26-telus-holding-info-session-on-5g-in-maple-ridge-may-28-and-another-smeter-fire/): according to the utility’s website, they are using Sensus, but not the model that was recalled in 2015.  It looks as if there should be more recalls…. On this website, false information is provided e.g. that safety testing is thorough. Obviously, it isn’t because fires are still occurring.

In BC, no testing is done by BC Hydro and our utility depends entirely on ITRON’s word that the smeters are safe.

“Although Alectra Utilities (formerly PowerStream) does use Sensus meters, we are assuring customers that the specific model recalled by the ESA is not in use in our service territory, and there are no issues with the devices installed at customers’ homes and businesses.”


3)    The Fire Marshal has determined that this fire in Baxter, Ontario was not caused by a smeter but it was “accidental” – an electrical fire, starting on the outside of the home, early in the morning…. Hmmm.

https://barrie.ctvnews.ca/fire-destroys-two-homes-in-baxter-1.3946895 & (video 01:22 minutes) https://barrie.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1403390


4)    More German studies showing apparent effects on trees in direct line of transmitter signals. They are all given as a few slides.  As has been shown by many studies, EMR weakens the immune system of living things so a tree, for example, would be less able to fight off some disease. Also, it has been shown that EMR can exacerbate illnesses that already exist. In trees and people, if there is something wrong already, EMR can make it worse.


The Three Lime Trees
Bizarre High Frequency Damage
The Cherry Tree Hut
The Intelligence Test


(Sharon Noble’s comments in blue)

From: Population and Public Health HLTH:EX <hlth.pph@gov.bc.ca>
Date: 18 May 2018
To: ‘Norm Ryder’
Subject: Ministry of Health Response – 1112370



Mr. Norm Ryder (e-mail address)

Dear Mr. Ryder:

Thank you for your email of April 11, 2018, regarding the Peer Review of the National Toxicology Program Technical Reports on Cell Phone Radiofrequency Radiation. The Honourable Adrian Dix, Minister of Health, forwarded your email to me for response.

I appreciate your passion and concerns related to electromagnetic frequencies. The Ministry of Health relies on the expertise of the BC Center for Disease Control, the Provincial Health Officer, and Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 <http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/ewh-semt/pubs/radiation/radio_guide-lignes_direct/index-eng.php>  when determining acceptable levels of electromagnetic frequencies.  Who are the people with expertise at BC Center for Disease Control?  What studies have they done or reviewed?  And what expertise does the Provincial Health Officer have in biological effects of microwave radiation?  She is merely a public health doctor.  As for SC 6, it is among the worst guidelines in the world.

Safety Code 6 sets limits on human exposure to radiofrequency fields between 3 kHz and 300 GHz and takes into consideration thermal, non-thermal and biological effects.   Not true.  SC 6 pertains to thermal radiation only, and the head of the Radiation Section, James McNamee, admitted this, after being asked several times, in testimony before the Quebec Public Utilities Commission [Régie de l’énergie Québec].  As well, as stated in the Preface of SC 6, it applies only to federally regulated sites (such as cell towers) and workers at or visitors to these sites.  Our homes, schools and businesses are not federally regulated sites.

Although Safety Code 6 is a guideline, it is a legislated requirement through the auspices of several regulatory frameworks including the Canada Labour Code, Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, Radiocommunication Act and WorkSafeBC Policy.  This means that workers are left exposed to one of the worst, most dangerous guidelines in the world.  Even China, India, and Russia have much stricter ones.  These regulations do prevent workers from being exposed to all 2B (possible human) carcinogens EXCEPT for microwave radiation.  Why is this?  Employees (and the public) cannot be exposed to lead or DDT (also 2B carcinogens) but we can be forced, as in the case of smeters, to be exposed to microwave radiation, also a 2B carcinogen.

It should also be noted that Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada has sole jurisdiction over telecommunications infrastructure. The province can only regulate electromagnetic frequencies emitted from personal devices and, to a limited extent, commercial use.  ISED does not set the exposure limits, Health Canada does.  In SC 6, it says that the province can set its own guidelines regarding exposure to RF.

The Ministry of Health and Health Canada are aware of the recent report by the National Toxicology Program. All reports are taken into consideration and a weight of evidence approach is applied. This considers the quantity of studies demonstrating both adverse effects and no effects, and the quality of those studies.  The quantity is overwhelmingly to industry’s advantage because they fund more that are produced at their request to show that wireless radiation is safe. Done by scientists hired by and working under the direction of industry, the results are biased.  Studies by Harvard University and others show that industry-funded research produces “no harm” results in 70% of the cases.  When research is independently funded (non-industry), 70% of studies show harm.  If something is truly safe, how can there be so many quality studies showing it isn’t?

I appreciate you providing me with the opportunity to respond to your concerns. Since I have no further information that I can provide to you on this topic, this will be the Ministry of Health’s final response.

Tim Lambert, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Health Protection Branch
Ministry of Health

= = =

Doctor Bonnie Henry, BC Provincial Health Officer <bonnie.henry@gov.bc.ca> – http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/perry-kendall-retirement-1.4502023

From: Norm Ryder   (name given with permission)
Sent: April 11, 2018
To: Minister, HLTH HLTH:EX <HLTH.Minister@gov.bc.ca>; Henry, Bonnie HLTH:EX <Bonnie.Henry@gov.bc.ca>

Subject: NTP study

Dear Honourable Minister Dix, Dr. Henry


Recently, more of the National Toxicology Program report Report of Partial Findings from the National Toxicology Program Carcinogenesis Studies of Cell Phone Radiofrequency Radiation in Hsd: Sprague Dawley® SD rats (Whole Body Exposures)  was released.  The  peer review of the technical data attached notes the strong association between the radiation and cancer.  The findings are not new for those that have been looking at the subject for years.  The association between radiation and cancer, as well as a great many other health effects, have been noted for many years.  The new information in the study reporting the effects is a very high level study and the results have been replicated in another study from another highly respected source, the Ramazzini Institute in Bologna, Italy.

The excuse to do nothing because more research is needed has expired long ago.  The association between radiation and biological harm has been well established.  If new research is needed, then a better understanding of how the process works and presumably ways to protect or treat those that have been exposed are needed.  The residents of BC need a strong statement re protecting ourselves from the hazards of radiation.  When can the public expect a strong statement re the dangers of radiation in the environment today come from your offices.

Am I to assume, by your silence on this issue, that you are not concerned about the hazards of radiation and feel the NTP study and the Ramazzini Institute study are meaningless in your opinions?

Why is there no legislation in BC protecting the public from any amount of radiation?  Safety Code 6 is only a guideline and does not apply to most people most of the time.  Of course every exposure in public it complies with Safety Code 6 as the Code does not set limits or even suggest limits to protect the average citizen on the street.  Even worse,  SC 6 only protects from thermal damage or, in other words, it does no more than suggest to the public that climbing inside a microwave oven is not recommended.

Yes, I expect a timely response to the content of this email from both your offices.

Norm Ryder



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“A government has no conscience. Sometimes it has a policy, but nothing more.”
~ Albert Camus


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