2018-05-04 BC Ferries putting Wi-Fi transmitters on private land.

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1)    Today, while at a friend’s, I spoke with a Meter Reader who told me that there are very many analogs still being read in the Victoria area. He said there are 3 full-time and 2 part-time readers in Victoria alone.  I asked him if he spoke with the owners often and he said he did. Many are concerned about health effects and others about privacy. He said he’s spoken with people with smeters who have become ill from the radiation and asked him if he can help get their analogs back.

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When I asked him if many smeters are being replaced due to end of life, he said yes, most after about 6 years. This is consistent with the industry statement that smeters’ life expectancy is 5-7 years, not the 20 claimed by BC Hydro, FortisBC or ITRON, and certainly not the 30-40+ years of analogs’.


I am still waiting to get a response to my request made to the BCUC some months ago for the financial report showing the amount of money collected from the extortion fees, aka opt-out fees, and the costs associated with reading meters. Also, I’ve asked for the number of smeters replaced by year, the reasons and the costs.  Why it should take so long to get information that should be readily available is obvious, I think – they don’t want to provide it.

2)    A member shared this info re. the BC Ferries Wi-Fi program. Last year, many of us wrote to the BC Ferry Services Inc. about there not being any place on a ferry to escape Wi-Fi. It is pervasive and is strengthened when it reflects repeatedly off the metal boat and fixtures.  Many people who are sensitive are forced to stay in their cars, and it may be that even this area won’t be Wi-Fi free for long.

If anyone knows of someone on an island who might have property used by BC Ferries for their Wi-Fi transmitters, please ask them to contact me at:  dsnoble@shaw.ca  and to put “Ferry Wi-Fi” on the subject line.

– https://www.bcferries.com/about/wireless/index.html


BC Ferries uses private properties for Wi-Fi repeaters.  No wonder that people with sensitivities have trouble living near the water.

Wi-Fi not available at this time on the car deck?  “At this time”, sounds of ominous things to come!

Have these private property owners been made aware by BC Ferries that they would not be immune from potential lawsuits in the future?”


3)    Re. Site C.  Sarah Cox, who has alerted many of us about what is happening at Site C, has just written a book about what is happening to the lives of many people, the environment, great farmland, and the lack of transparency by the NDP.   She and others believe this travesty still can be stopped.

– https://thetyee.ca/News/2018/05/03/Wrong-Site-C-Sarah-Cox-List/

At your launch in Victoria, former Saulteau Chief Art Napoleon said he believes there’s still time to stop construction of the dam. What are your thoughts?

I think there are a number of things that could stop it. I think there was a recent media report saying it was 25 per cent completed. They might have spent 25 per cent of the budget, but it’s certainly not 25 per cent completed. They haven’t started building the dam structure because they’ve been unable to find bedrock. You can’t build a dam structure unless you can anchor it on bedrock. To put that in perspective, in the fall almost 90 per cent of the valley was still intact. I imagine it’s a little less right now, but I’m guessing more than 80 per cent of the valley is still intact.

What could stop it?

Three Treaty 8 First Nations are in court in two different constitutional challenges, one of them saying Site C and the cumulative impacts of other industrial development in the Peace has prevented the Blueberry River First Nation from engaging in traditional practices guaranteed to them in the treaty…

The other thing that could possibly stop it is the cost. At a certain point in time if the cost continues to go up it will become far cheaper to cancel it than continue it. The other factor that could stop it is continuing geotechnical issues which has been a huge problem all along and major contributing factor to the $2 billion cost overrun that happened just last fall.”


4)    I had this in a update not long ago, but I’ve been asked to share it again.  We all wish our colleagues in Quebec the best of luck in their fight against some of the deepest pockets in the world.

– http://collectiveactionquebec.com/uploads/8/0/9/7/80976394/durand_fax_collated_july_29_2017_confidential.pdf


In 2015 a Québec resident decided to initiate a class action suit against an array of manufacturers and large scale suppliers/users of wireless technology for exposing the population to a variety of wireless technologies despite the fact that there are growing concerns about the safety of such technologies for humans, fauna and flora.





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