2018-05-11 Why won’t smeter companies allow customers/rate payers know contractual details of deal made with utilities??

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1)    Why should the customers/rate payers of utility companies not be allowed to know the details of the contract for smeters?? BC Hydro has been told by ITRON that it cannot release basic info like the time the meters are covered by Warranty.  Why shouldn’t we know what we’ve bought and what we are paying for, over and over again?

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http://www.registerguard.com/news/20180508/smart-meter-firm-disputes-eugene-utilitys-decision-to-release-contract-details & http://projects.registerguard.com/documents/4454302-Lawsuit.html


“Smart” meter firm disputes Eugene utility’s deicison to release contract details

In its April 30 lawsuit, Sensus characterized the detailed pricing lists and other technical details contained in the contract that EWEB intends to release as proprietary and, thereby, exempt from public disclosure.

The company claimed that release of the information could cause it significant harm because numerous competitors could “reverse-engineer Sensus’ pricing model and predict how Sensus will bid in a future public bidding process.” The company suggested that such disclosure would lead to it being undercut on bidding for future projects.

Also, the technical details in the contract about the system’s operating system could allow “hackers or other bad actors to facilitate a coordinated attack on the utility communication system,” Sensus argued.


2)    In Vancouver, a new company has paired with BC Hydro to provide info via voice about what is happening with your energy usage….“Smart” speakers.


Ecotagious Now Enabling Utilities to Engage Consumers via Smart Speakers

“Ecotagious, a top cleantech company that delivers industry-leading energy savings and enhances customer engagement to utilities, is now offering its hyper-personalized energy insights via the Alexa and Google Home smart speakers.

Ecotagious is driven to make saving and managing energy effortless for consumers. This is just one part of our work in connecting the Smart Grid to the Smart Home to deliver what we call Home Energy Automation. It is an exciting time for consumers and utilities alike,” says Laura Cornish, Director of Product Management at Ecotagious.

Ecotagious will be providing a demo of their smart speaker functionality at the BC Tech Summit event on May 15th.”


3)    Another good article by BN Frank. Includes a very good short video by American Academy of Pediatrics.


Why Limit Your Kids’ Screen Time? Anxiety, Depression, Eye Strain, Insomnia, ADD/ADHD, Delayed Maturity, Cancer Risk, Text Neck, Diabetes, Obesity, Digital Addiction, Infertility…



Today we encounter a hundred thousand times the level of radiation from wireless technologies than we did decades ago. Yet the safety standards set by federal regulatory agencies are outdated.

New wireless devices such as smart phones, tablets and baby monitors to the latest “Internet of Things” continue to enter the market without any proper pre-market testing or post-market monitoring.

In fact,

1. No “safe” level of cell phone or wireless (WiFi) radiation has yet been scientifically determined for children or pregnant women.

2.  2012 research determined that cell phone and WiFi radiation can disrupt the blood-brain barrier which may cause it to leak.

3. In 2016, researchers at the Mayo Clinic determined that “Sending Text Messages On Your Smartphone Changes The Rhythm Of Your Brain Waves.”

4. There’s also cancer risk from exposure. Brain tumors  are reportedly killing more British children than anything else.”

https://www.activistpost.com/2018/05/why-limit-your-kids-screen-time-anxiety-depression-eye-strain-insomnia-add-adhd-delayed-maturity-cancer-risk-text-neck-diabetes-obesity-digital-addiction-infertility.html   or


4)    More info now available via CBS about the cluster of eye cancers (ocular melanomas).  So far, as many as 36 cases in Auburn, Alabama and 18 in Huntersville, North Carolina.

What’s going on?” Rare form of eye cancer detected in two groups in two states

“Researchers want to know what may be causing a rare eye cancer in two states. Ocular melanoma is an extremely rare form of cancer, usually found in just six of every one million people. But it has been identified in a group of 18 patients in Huntersville, North Carolina, and in a second group in Auburn, Alabama, some of whom were friends who’d attended Auburn University together…

But their own struggles motivated them to help find other cancer victims. McCrary started a Facebook page. So far, she says, 36 people have responded saying they, too, attended Auburn University and have been diagnosed with ocular melanoma.”





Auburn Ocular Melanoma Page Community Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pg/Auburn-Ocular-Melanoma-Page-405444223229609/posts/]

5)    As the levels of RF increase, more people are becoming sensitive. Sensitivity is like the canary in the goldmine, showing there is a problem. Just because you don’t feel anything doesn’t mean your body isn’t being affected.



Allergic to Wireless? Headaches from your iPhone?

“Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is a growing health issue.

Reports are coming in from all over the world. People are saying “I get sick” after exposures to wireless radiation.

Symptoms include headaches, sleep problems, heart palpitations, rashes and dizziness.

Much like an allergy, these symptoms decrease when electromagnetic radiation sources are avoided. Medical experts state this condition will increase exponentially unless we start decreasing daily exposures to wifi.”



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Knowledge is Power.”
~ Sir Francis Bacon, 1597


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