2017-04-18 Cancer Cluster in North Carolina – Is it linked to EMF?

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1)    A cancer cluster in a school near an LNG compressor and storage station.  The Ocular Melanoma (OC) cancer could be related to the Dirty Electricity coming from the gas compression plant per Milham’s paper linked below.


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Dr. Milham’s offer to test the EMF was refused.


2)    From a member:  Non-smeter or RF, but certainly pertaining to BC Hydro. There will be a Site C rally this weekend in Kelowna. Full details are below in “Letters”.

3)    Another major county in California is opposing the mandated microcells that are being put on public property without permission or regulation. This is from Marin County.

Wireless and Small Cell Telecommunications Facilities Notice of Opposition


4)    An Open Letter to the telecom industry in response to a comment they made on a website in Palos Verdes, California that is dedicated to educating people so they can fight cell towers and microcells. This is Part 1 and I will share Part 2 when I have it. This should be sent to every Council member – they need this to understand their responsibility to respect our rights, too.

An Open Letter to the Wireless Industry


5)    Article by Devra Davis. Please share this widely. We have to put pressure on the Minister of Education (forget Dr. Perry Kendall, he will do nothing), on school boards, principals, teachers and other parents/grandparents. When enough people know about this, things will change.

Wifi in Maryland Schools may put your kid at risk for cancer.



Please share with people you know all over British Columbia; to help save our northern land for their agriculture lands; environment, fish and wildlife; aboriginals cultures and customs; all our people and future generations!  We can’t afford this not needed flooding of site C DAM!  BILLIONS OF DOLLARS when solar and wind will work!

Ken Boon of the Peace Valley Landowners’ Association
and the Great White Elephant on Stopping Site C Dam

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Next weekend the Okanagan Stop Site C Coalition will be holding a rally in Kelowna and bringing in the lead voice against the construction of the Site C dam.

Ken Boon, President of the Peace Valley Landowners’ Association whose family farm has been expropriated by B.C. Hydro, will be the guest speaker at the first annual Earth Day Coffee House to be held on Saturday, April 22nd at 7 p.m. at the Unitarian Church, 1310 Bertram Street.  There will also be musicians playing and representatives of environmental and community groups bringing short Earth Day messages. Home baking and coffee and tea will be available.  Admission is free. Ken and Arlene Boon have been valiantly holding on to their farm and spreading the word about the potential destruction of the environment and way of life for them and many others as heavy equipment tears into the fertile land.  They have been warning about the heavy debt burden that British Columbians will have to carry for at least 70 years as a result of this project.

On Sunday, April 23rd at 11 a.m. at Stuart Park near Kelowna City Hall, the Great White Elephant will make an appearance at a rally where Ken Boon will speak again.  White elephants are traditional symbols of useless gifts that cost needless expense and are burdensome to maintain.  The white elephant is coming to warn people about the costs of the Site C Dam to their families and future so they can vote accordingly.  May 9th is an important election to the people of the Peace River Valley.  The people in southern B.C. owe them at the very least an independent review which the B.C. Utilities Commission has been prepared to do but which the B.C. government has refused to allow, even though it is in the public interest.

For more information about these events and how to get involved,  please contact Fae Shaw, President of the Board of Directors, Kelowna Unitarians at 250-762-5982 or shawnaka@telus.net

  • Go to our new SiteC.RealHearings.org letter-writing website where all you have to do is write a letter expressing your concerns and by entering your postal code, the site will automatically identify and send your letter to all the BC election candidates in your riding, the Prime Minister as well as the federal environment and justice ministers. Please use the social media buttons on this site to share on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.
  • Visit our new, informative website, Justthedamfacts.ca where you will find factual information clearly and succinctly laid out. Please share this site with your friends to help them get informed.

  • Contact Ariel Martz-Oberlander (a.martz-oberlander@gmail.com or 604-351-8324 ) to request copies of our Justthedamfacts brochures for distribution at events, public gathering places and/or to your friends, family and co-workers. These brochures clearly lay out the common questions and answers about Site C and we need as many people as possible to understand this before election day!
  • For those living in the Peace, mark your calendars for Sunday, April 23rd and join us at Boon’s farm on Bear Flat from 2-4 p.m. Folkactivist Luke Wallace looks forward to having supporters join him as he makes a video of his song, Give a Dam among the hundreds of Yellow Stakes standing in solidarity to defend the Peace! Visit and share the Facebook event here. Hope many of you will make it!

If you’ve ever wished you could do more to help, now is the time! 

Even just doing one of the actions above will make a difference.

Thank you!!

For the Peace,

Andrea Morison              Galen Armstrong               Candace Batycki
Peace Valley                      Sierra Club BC                     Yellowstone to Yukon
Env.Assoc.                                                                                 Cons. Initiative



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.”     
~ A. Einstein



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