2018-02-18 Major cybersecurity concerns in UK delaying smeters

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1)    It took a court order to force data to be released showing that 90% of all cell phones tested greatly exceeded the allowed limits of RF exposure when tested the way they are used. This confirms what Wendy Mesley reported last year in her CBC Marketplace expose.  Yet, as in Canada, after several months,  the agencies responsible respond without addressing the issue, refusing to take any remedial actions recommended by experts.

Phonegate -Ministerial reply not equal to the importance of the public health issues by Marc Arazi, France – http://arazi.fr/wp2/2018/02/press-release-phonegate-ministerial-reply-not-equal-to-the-importance-of-the-public-health-issues/

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“PhoneGate:” French Study Finds 9 of 10 Cell Phones Exceed Safe Radiation Limits

“Under court order, the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) of France recently disclosed that nine out of ten cell phones exceed government radiation safety limits when tested in the way they are actually used, next to the body…

The French data is also corroborated by a 2017 independent investigation by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) that tested cell phones and found SAR values surpassed the US and Canadian allowable SAR values when the phones were tested in body contact positions. These findings were also replicated by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). They concluded that radiation levels reach as high as 300% more than what manufacturers claim. 


Phonegate: Ministerial reply not equal to the importance of the public health issues

« None of the proposals made in our letter of January 2018 has been retained, not even that of finally placing online the complete reports of the tests of the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR), requested since more than the last eighteen months.  Such a denial of transparency on the part of a political authority raises questions…

This study (The NTP) is all the more significant as it fits into the context of bringing to light a totally defective international regulatory system that allows manufacturers to voluntarily expose consumers to higher threshold levels of waves than those tested on animals in the laboratory (SAR values greater than 7 W/kg). »


2)    Another brain cancer victim, a Canadian politician. The details regarding the type are not provided. If anyone hears, please let me know.

Paul Dewar & Family

Former NDP MP Paul Dewar diagnosed with brain cancer

And another very young person in New Brunswick died after a heroic battle.

Rebecca’s story – Brain Tumour Magazine (p.112) – May 31, 2016: https://issuu.com/ibta-org/docs/ibta-2016/3

[Rebecca’s story – Brain Tumour Magazine (p.112) – May 31, 2016: https://issuu.com/ibta-org/docs/ibta-2016/3]

https://globalnews.ca/news/4032691/becca-schofield-beccatoldmeto-passes-away/   What a lovely young lady.


3)    A very interesting sales pitch about how these innovations will add so much to your life, but nothing about how they could make that life shorter or less healthy.  They brag about how there will be no escaping the microwave signals, no matter where you go.

How 5G Will Change Your Life


We must remember to share the info about the benefits of fiber optic cable and the problems that 5G is running into. There benefits are questionable and the costs are huge.

Re-inventing Wires: The Future of Landlines and Networks by Dr. Timothy Schoechle.

4)    More and more, probably because it’s winter, I’m seeing notices of outages due to car accidents and weather. Every time I see one, I wish that I could understand why the money that BC Hydro and this government want to spend on Site C and smeters isn’t used to upgrade infrastructure. Why don’t they put the power lines underground, thereby eliminating many (if not most) of the reasons for outages.  Here is just one recent incident of power going out during this last storm.


5)    Cybersecurity concerns are delaying the smeter program in the UK. Major fears that the smeters are vulnerable are being confirmed by experts. Are our smeters made in China?  One Electrical Engineer, who took several brands apart, told me that they were all exactly alike, “probably from the same Chinese factory”, and had the faceplate put on in the USA so that “made in the USA” could be stamped on it.  It is very hard, if not impossible, to get any info from ITRON, even about things like warranties, so I doubt we will ever know until there is a problem.

We spy trouble: Even GCHQ is worried about smart meters say experts who fear a Trojan horse-style cyber attack

“Hunn adds: ‘Countries such as North Korea and Russia have the expertise and know-how that might enable them to tap into the on-off switch of a smart meter.’

He argues that with a co-ordinated power surge there is potential to damage part of the National Grid. Such cyber attacks may seem more science fiction than fact…

There are also concerns that many of the smart meters being installed are made by Chinese firms.

Hunn says: ‘The big problem is that the smart meter project is being blindly driven forward by career civil servants who do not have a clue about cyber security – and who do not care as the taxpayer is footing the bill.’

Nick Hunn & Daniel Miessler, Cybersecurity Experts

Daniel Miessler – a director at cyber security firm IOActive and author of the book The Real Internet of Things – says: ‘As the smart meter advances, the security risks go up as hackers realise the potential returns are greater.”



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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