2018-11-13 Europeans push to own their data, not the corporations.

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1)  CBS’s 60 Minutes had a segment on Sunday about new stringent privacy laws that have been implanted and will be enforced in Europe which gives the ownership of data to the individual, not the corporation that gathered it or maintains it.  In North America (except for California), there seems to be virtually no regulations to protect our privacy.

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https://www.cbsnews.com/news/gdpr-the-law-that-lets-europe-take-back-their-data-from-big-tech-companies-60-minutes/ &

The law that lets Europeans take back their data from big tech companies

“Tech companies’ reign over users’ personal data has run largely unchecked in the age of the internet. Europe is seeking to end that with a new law.”


[Max Schrems: The default under the European system is you’re not allowed to use someone else’s data unless you have a justification. And the result of that is that you have rights, like a right that– you walk up to a company and say, “Delete everything you have about me.” You have a right to access. So you can say, “I want to have a copy of everything you have about me.” And all of these little elements in the law, overall, are meant to give you that power over your data that in an information society we should probably have.
And right now in the United States you have none of those legal rights.]


2)   More areas of the USA are allowing some choice regarding smeters, with places allowing analogs to be kept.  There is no justification for forcing us to have smeters except for the Clean Energy Act which Horgan committed to reviewing. We need to push to have a choice not to have these dangerous fire hazards that invade our privacy, provide no benefits and which will be used illegally by ITRON (if they aren’t already). Do not give up just because BC Hydro is harassing us.  A chart of opt out choices is available on our website:


BC Hydro, after saying no analogs were available and that Measurement Canada said analogs don’t meet their new standards, finally admits that none of this is true.


Opt-Out and Opt-in Programs Across the U.S.

“An increasing number of states and/or utilities are offering opt-outs of smart meters. While smart meters should be banned—along with all other wireless devices and digital electrical meters—until they are made safe for humans and other organisms, at least opt-outs provide some relief from the harm of EMFs. Below is a table of smart meter opt-outs and opt-ins.

Eugene, Oregon, offers an opt in to smart meters.”



3)  Glioblastoma claims another victim, the 57 year old comic-con president.

& https://twitter.com/Comic_Con/status/1061369617900298240



4)  Despite having supported the study done by the NTP initially, the US FDA now wants to ignore its findings which have confirmed other studies and have been confirmed especially by the Ramazzini study.

Comments by Fiorella Belpoggi, Ronald Melnick, Jose Domingo, Lennart Hardell, David O. Carpenter, Anthony B. Miller on NTP and Ramazzini Studies
– http://scientists4wiredtech.com/2018/03/eh-trust-release-re-ramazzini-rf-study/

There’s a clear cell phone-cancer link, but FDA is downplaying it

“This FDA’s position is quite unusual because it was this agency that nominated cell phone radiation emitted from wireless communication devices to the NTP for toxicity and carcinogenicity studies in experimental animals so as to “provide the basis to assess the risk to human health.” 

At that time, the FDA reasoned that “existing exposure guidelines are based on protection from acute injury from thermal effects of RFR [radiofrequency radiation] exposure and may not be protective against any non-thermal effects of chronic exposure.” By adopting this new position and ignoring the NTP’s results, the FDA is clearly shirking its responsibility of assessing the impact on human health of radio-frequency radiation.”




From: X
To: “AG LSB CSD Mail AG” <AGLSBCSDMail@gov.bc.ca>
Cc: Sharon Noble
Sent: November 13, 2018
Subject: do your job

Mr. Harvey,

Having seen a copy of your response (in text below) to Ms. Noble’s email informing you, with written proof, that BC Hydro is knowingly breaking the law I am appalled at your cowardly reply. You should be ashamed of yourself. Ms. Noble is not asking for free legal advice simply because she points out that part of the Attorney General’s mandate is to provide legal advice to government agencies and departments.

Ms. Noble is clearly proving that a crown corporation is knowingly breaking the privacy laws and misleading the public and it is your duty to protect the public’s rights and correct this situation. Your actions of referring her to other resources by what appears to be a purposeful misinterpretation of her email seems to me both cowardly and and the worst dereliction of your duty to the citizens of this province. Shame on you!



[4) & Letters – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2018-11-13-french-court-recognizes-ehs-as-work-related-handicap/]

& https://www.bchydro.com/search.html?site=bchydro-com&client=bchydro-com&proxystylesheet=bchydro-com&output=xml_no_dtd&q=smart+metering+program
From: XX

To: andrew weaver mla <andrew.weaver.mla@leg.bc.ca>; OfficeofthePremier, Office PREM:EX <premier@gov.bc.ca>

Cc: sonia furstenau <sonia.furstenau@leg.bc.ca>; Olsen.MLA, Adam <adam.olsen.mla@leg.bc.ca>; doug routley <douglas.routley.mla@leg.bc.ca>; Paul Manly <paulmanly@shaw.ca>

Sent: November 9, 2018

Subject: BC Hydro

Dear Premier Horgan and Mr. Weaver:

On Wednesday, November 7, 2018, a BC Hydro employee/contractor came to our home, saying he had come to replace our analogue meter with a Radio-off Smart Meter. I told him we wanted to keep the analogue meter. We discussed the fact that I am electrosensitive and feel safe with the analogue. I do not feel safe with a Smart Meter, because of the wi-fi, incidences of fires that have occurred with Smart Meters, and additional electromagnetic frequencies (emfs) that could be added to the wiring in our home. Also, Smart Meters are placed onto analogue receptacles and their compatibility is in question.

We were informed by letter that someone would come to replace our analogue meter with a Radio-Off Smart Meter, and that if we refused, we would be charged a $65 “refusal” fee. Former Liberal Minister, Rich Coleman, told the public that we would not have to get rid of our analogue meters, so we assumed this would not be an issue. The BC Hydro employee told us that we would be charged the $65. He said that BC Hydro doesn’t want to send a meter reader to our place. However, with a Radio-Off meter, we would continue to be charged a monthly fee.

Does this mean that the NDP/Green Party coalition has allowed for a change to Minister Coleman’s proclamation?

If so, why were we not told before that this change has been made? Or is BC Hydro desperate to finance its deep debts for run-of-the-river projects and the slated Site C dam? I hope you have not allowed BC Hydro to force us to lose our analogue meter.  About 2 years ago, it replaced the “outdated” one and works well.

Since I have become electrosensitive, I can no longer go into most public places for very long. I do not eat in restaurants or stay in hotels, hence I do not travel. Shopping in some places makes me feel ill and I have to shorten my stay. I do not have a cell or portable phone. The only place where I feel good is on our property.

I think it is a constitutional issue to be allowed to feel safe at the very least in one’s home and on one’s property. I have written to Government about this issue before, but never received any reassurance that we can live with a sense of security here. I would like to remind you that there were many people, who did not feel safe having a Smart Meter, but were forced to, “under duress”, or were shocked and felt violated to find one on their home, while they were away. Is this the kind of country we live in, whose governments do not examine the full implications of instituting new technology that is either incompletely studied or skewed with studies provided by industry and not by independent scientists? Is this a country, where a government forces people to be subjected to technology that does not feel safe?  Are we about to be inundated with the even shorter wavelengths of 5G technology? Are our children going to be exposed to more unnatural wavelengths, while their even more vulnerable bodies are still developing? Are more babies, exposed to emfs in utero, going to be born with cancer or disabilities?

Please confirm in a response to this letter that we will not need to pay an additional $65 for wanting to keep our analogue meter and that we can keep it. Otherwise, we will have to look at other options, when the utility that belongs to the people does not act on their behalf.

I look at the state of our world and how governments and corporations have allowed the degradation of our environment–our food sources, water, air, the very basics of life. This is the time, while you are in power as a coalition, to address this issue and ensure that our constitutional rights to safety and security are met. Let this be your legacy!



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The truth is inconvertible. Panic may resent it, ignorance may deride it, malice may distort it. But there it is”
~ Winston Churchill



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