2018-11-13 French court recognizes EHS as “work-related handicap”

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**I believe that our internet is now working (again), although the format I am using is slightly different.  I will try to keep the updates short, but there is a lot to catch up on.**

1)   The West Coast Alliance is a group in the Port Angeles/ Olympic Peninsula area of Washington which has been leading the fight against US Navy war games involving RF emissions and increased growler flights.  Their website disappeared and various actions to intimidate have occurred.  A strong message from the US military.

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WCAA web site destroyed + intimidation

“Updated November 8, 2018 ~ Web site destroyed, intimidation, and a “revenge flight.” This account is long and disturbing, but so is the story. 

The West Coast Action Alliance’s extensive web site was taken down and completely destroyed in July 2018 without our knowledge or consent. It contained more than four years’ worth of legal analysis, reporting, and whistleblower materials on the US Navy’s unprecedented expansion of warfare activities that are affecting communities in western Washington’s Whidbey Island, the San Juans, and the Olympic Peninsula.”


[Internet Archive Wayback Machine – https://archive.org/web/]

2)  Once again, Measurement Canada has confirmed that it has no regulation, requirement, rule that says analogs cannot be used.

File a Complaint to Measurement Canada – https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/mc-mc.nsf/eng/h_lm00007.html

From: Uppal, Gurinder (IC) [mailto:gurinder.uppal@canada.ca]
Sent: October-31-18
To: X

Subject: RE: Inquiry about Analog Electrical meter

Hello X

Measurement Canada does not re-verify analogue electricity meters ourselves as this work has been delegated to accredited organizations that can test and seal meters on our behalf. A complete list of accredited organizations can be searched on our website here: http://www.ic.gc.ca/app/mc/asp/srch/aspSearch.html?lang=eng

Since BC Hydro owns the meter, it is up to them which meter type they choose to bill you off of including whether they want to retain or re-verify the existing analogue meter on your house. As long as the meter is tested, sealed and of an approved type, Measurement Canada’s requirements are met and we have no further jurisdiction in telling BC Hydro which particular meter type they should use for their customers.



3) In France, EHS is not officially recognized, yet the court did accept the doctor’s diagnosis.


Another French Court Recognizes EHS / Microwave Sickness

“The French Social Security Court recognized electromagnetic intolerance as a work-related handicap.

A reminder, in 2016 another French court awarded disability payments for a woman who the court acknowledged to be suffering from “Allergy to W-Fi”…

The court rejected the suggestion that the P suffers from a psychiatric condition – anxiety because he just believe that EMFs are harmful. The court said no other external cause can explain the symptoms and the fall and that a causal relationship between his EMF exposure and the accident is possible especially as he was diagnosed with EHS and was forced to continue and work in an unsuitable environment.”


[We Are The Evidence – https://wearetheevidence.org/another-french-court-recognizes-ehs-microwave-sickness/


4)  Below is the response I got from the AG’s office to my email asking if BC Hydro could legally install smeters on homes when ITRON admits that they will be used in an illegal manner.  It  is the AG’s job to ensure that government programs are legal in every sense. I hope that others will write about this aspect of the program. We must get these things off homes for this and many other reasons.



From: Sharon Noble
To: “AG LSB CSD Mail AG:EX” <AGLSBCSDMail@gov.bc.ca>
Cc: “Minister, EMPR EMPR:EX” <EMPR.Minister@gov.bc.ca>, “AG minister” <AG.minister@gov.bc.ca>, “Premier” <premier@gov.bc.ca>
Sent: November 12, 2018
Subject: Illegal plans by ITRON

Dear Mr. Harvey,

Thank you for your response of Nov. 5 but you have not addressed the most significant points in my emails of Sept. 22, Oct. 21 and 30.  The mandate of the Attorney General includes ensuring public programs are legal and fair, in addition to providing legal advice to government agencies and departments, and I quote:

“The mission of the Attorney General is to administer justice, deliver public safety services and programs, lead emergency management and provide legal advice to Government.”  https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/governments/organizational-structure/ministries-organizations/ministries/justice-attorney-general

As such I provided information that pertains to the use of smart meters which states clearly that ITRON intends and has the capability to use the smart meters on our homes in manners which are intrusive and which are not legal according to either the Clean Energy Act or the Electric Tariff. As reference I include the specific articles from and pertaining to ITRON that I provided in my initial emails.

Itron and Bsquare First to Provide App Community for Grid Edge Devices – https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170126005318/en/


IT Science: Making Millions of Energy Devices Smarter with IoT

Describe the strategy that went into finding the solution: To successfully create a new system designed for millions of intelligent IoT devices that would ultimately become part of the Active Grid, Itron and Bsquare outlined four requirements the application distribution and management solution had to meet. It needed to:

  • reside on meters without impacting core metering functionality;  
  • be extremely compact in order to be delivered over potentially bandwidth constrained network connections;  
  • integrate seamlessly into Itron’s existing OpenWay Riva IoT platform; and
  • be able to scale to millions of grid edge devices.

Ultimately, Itron and Bsquare wanted the platform to create new business model opportunities for utility and smart city customers.


Itron, in the article linked below, foresees using our homes as a commercial base for corporations other than BC Hydro and FortisBC. Itron also foresees the smart meters being used for many purposes in addition to measuring electricity, gas or water usage. “Edge” devices will connect to the IoT (Internet of Things) via the smart grid, thus being a major part of the smart cities program by having multiple types of transmitters from multiple companies in the ITRON smart meter, to gather and “create business value” from all the data being gathered.


These statements are from ITRON’s own information page:


“The Active Grid demands both high-performance communications and reliable connectivity. That means a communications solution that combines multiple communication media – RF wireless, powerline carrier and Wi-Fi – on the same chipset and in the same edge devicesEdge devices are able to intelligently select the most appropriate path, data rates and communications mode (e.g. mesh, point-to-point, peer-to-peer, local broadcast) to assure the highest level of communication performance and reliability to support an entirely new portfolio of smart grid, smart distribution and smart city use cases. We call this Adaptive Communications Technology and it delivers assured connectivity at the highest possible speed.

Not a Meter; a Grid Sensor and Computing Platform

With a powerful distributed computing platform, the Active Grid transforms the smart meter from a consumption measurement device to an advanced grid sensor with metering being one of multiple applications. That means embedding the equivalent computing power of a smart phone or desktop computer in every device, enabling real-time analysis of high-resolution data (1-second or better) at the edge, while eliminating latency and loss of data resolution during transfer over the network. This distributed computing platform also provides the ability to run multiple “apps” on meters and other edge devices, thereby unleashing a growing ecosystem of developers to innovate on the platform… 

This type of self-directed device interaction has always been central to the vision of a smart distribution network but never possible until now…

One of the key trends identified in the latest Itron Resourcefulness Index, an annual survey of utility executives, industry stakeholders and consumers to gauge progress in achieving more effective management of energy and water resources, was that utility executives are very concerned about creating business value from all the new data coming their way.”


Mr. Harvey, you have suggested that I seek legal advice if I believe the smart meter program breaches my legal rights. I am contacting THE lawyer for the province, Attorney General Eby.  He is the one to whom British Columbians must turn when a government program breaches our legal rights — this is his duty and our right.  It also is Mr, Eby’s responsibility, not mine, to address this situation with Energy Minister Mungall, according to the mandate above.

I hope this clarifies my reason for writing. I look forward to receiving a response regarding this vital concern.


Sharon Noble

Cc: Attorney General Eby <AG.Minister@gov.bc.ca>
Energy Minister Mungall <EMPR.Minister@gov.bc.ca>
Premier Horgan <Premier@gov.bc.ca>

= = =

From: “AG LSB CSD Mail AG:EX” <AGLSBCSDMail@gov.bc.ca>
To: Sharon Noble
Cc: “Minister, EMPR EMPR:EX” <EMPR.Minister@gov.bc.ca>
Sent: November 5, 2018
Subject: Your emails of October 21 and 30, 2018

Ms. Sharon Noble


Dear Ms. Noble:

Your emails of October 21 and 30, 2018, received by the Attorney General of British Columbia, have been referred to me for response on his behalf.

In your October 21, 2018 email, you asked when you might receive a response to your September 22, 2018 email to the Attorney General.  Your September 22 email was concerned with the smart meter program.  The Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources is responsible for the smart meter program.  Therefore, ministry staff referred a copy of your September 22 email to the Honourable Michelle Mungall, Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources.

Any further concerns you may have about the smart meter program should be directed to Minister Mungall.

If you believe that the current program breaches any legal rights, you may wish to seek independent legal advice.  The role of the Attorney General does not extend to providing legal advice to members of the public.  However, a number of groups in this province provide free legal services and information under certain circumstances.  Although this ministry does not endorse or confirm the accuracy or completeness of information or advice provided by any of the following resources, I understand that the following resources are currently available to British Columbians.

Access Pro Bono Society
of British Columbia
300 – 845 Cambie Street
Vancouver BC V6B 4Z9
Telephone: 604-878-7400
Toll-free telephone in BC: 1-877-762-6664
Facsimile: 604-893-8934
Email:  help@accessprobono.ca
Website:  www.accessprobono.ca
Clicklaw:  www.clicklaw.bc.ca

The Law Centre
Suite 225 – 850 Burdett Avenue
Victoria BC V8W 0C7
Telephone: 250-385-1221
Facsimile: 250-385-1226
Email:  reception@thelawcentre.ca
Website:  http://thelawcentre.ca 

For those who are unable to find free legal advice, the following service can refer individuals to a lawyer in their area who will meet with them for up to 30 minutes for a fee of $25 plus applicable taxes.

Lawyer Referral Service
Telephone: 604-687-3221
Toll-free telephone in BC: 1-800-663-1919
Website:  www.cbabc.org/For-the-Public/Lawyer-Referral-Service

I trust this assists.  Thank you for writing.

James N. Harvey
Assistant Deputy Attorney General

pc:  The Honourable Michelle Mungall


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“A government has no conscience. Sometimes it has a policy, but nothing more.”
~Albert Camus


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