2018-11-03 157 scientists & MDs find ICNIRP ignoring science

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1)  Many are being forced to be smetered and I would strongly recommend 3 things:

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First, keep fighting, don’t give up. The strongest argument (among many), IMHO, is that ITRON’s promotion of its plan to use these smeters illegally needs to be brought to the Attorney General’s attention. Please write to AG David Eby. So far, he has ignored my 2 letters – it obviously is going to take many hundreds of them to get his attention. My first letter is on our website under Newsletters (https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2018-09-22-is-itrons-plan-to-use-smeters-for-other-purposes-legal/).  Please write to him. And please Bcc me so I can share with others.

Second, anyone with a smeter should consider getting a house surge protector. The smeters have no protection against surges and, as we’ve seen, when there is an outage, smeters can explode, cause fires, and damage appliances. BC Hydro says otherwise, but remind them of Summerland BC, Forest Ontario, Palo Alto California, Stockton California, just to name a few incidents.






Third, keep an eye on the smeter. If it gets warm to the touch or gets water inside the face, call BC Hydro ASAP. Also, if you notice unusual electrical events, like flickering lights. All of these things have occurred days or weeks before a fire. Smeters do cause fires, have caused fires, and will cause fires and our elected officials are doing nothing about it.

2) 5G is being developed to support “$mart” cities, with artificial intelligence [AI], driverless cars, etc. “Progress” at any expense, even our health.


The “Artificial” of Artificial Intelligence and MIT’s “Moral Machine”

“The Technology Review reported,    

The experiment presented participants with various combinations, such as whether a self-driving car should continue straight ahead to kill three elderly pedestrians or swerve into a barricade to kill three youthful passengers.    

Researchers compared the results of the ethical dilemma for different cultures. For example, in China where the elderly are more respected, participants were less likely to spare the young for the old.”  


3)  Below in Letters is a Press Release about the response by 157 scientists and doctors to ICNIRP’s draft for RF exposure guidelines. ICNIRP, which is an agency loaded with military and industry people, sets the exposure limits that are used by many other agencies, e.g. WHO, Health Canada, FCC and, therefore, our Provincial Health authorities. The current guidelines are out of date and dangerous.

4)  I’ve mentioned this excellent site many times, and it’s well worth mentioning again. It has some new flyers and videos to be shared to educate about cell phone radiation. We have to get this to the public because the industry’s hold on the health agency is preventing this vital info from getting out.  Word of mouth is our best weapon!!

https://ehtrust.org/clear-evidence-of-cancer-from-cell-phone-radiation-u-s-national-toxicology-program-releases-final-report-on-animal-study/ & https://www.phonegatealert.org/en/major-american-study-clear-evidence-links-cell-phone-waves-to-cancer-in-animals

The National Toxicology Program released final reports that found cell phone radiation caused cancers in rats. EHT has launched a public awareness campaign to raise awareness about how to reduce exposure to cell phone and wireless radiation. The campaign includes printable posters, postcards and shareable videos. 


5)  Emergency rooms are reporting dramatic increases in mental health crises in children and young teens. Could the constant and unabated exposure to microwave radiation play a role?  Could addiction to wireless devices with reduced exercise and interaction with real people?


More kids are showing up in ERs with mental health crises

An increasing number of children are showing up in U.S. emergency rooms in the throes of a mental health crisis, researchers reported Friday. And the increases are seen in minority children, in particular.  It’s not clear why, but the researchers say their findings are startling. They are seeing the same pattern across the country…

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has also noted a rise in mental health problems, especially major depression, across the country as a whole and among teenagers in particular…

“We can speculate, but we can’t say for sure what is happening,” she said. In part, it could be due to the scarcity of mental health professionals who can help children. There’s also clearly a real increase in some mental health issues.”




Press Release November 1st 2018

THE EMF CALL: Scientists and NGOs call for better protection from Exposure to radiation from Wireless Technology


157 scientists and medical doctors together with 86 non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) from all over the world are calling for more protective limits for exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless technologies. In a joint statement, THE EMF CALL, they conclude that the ICNIRP guidelines are unscientific and do not protect against harmful health effects including cancer.

The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) issued draft Guidelines on 11th July 2018 for limiting exposure to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (EMF) (100 kHz to 300 GHz). The guidelines are inadequate to protect humans and the environment, as they only protect against acute thermal effects from very short and intense exposure. They do not protect against cancer, reproductive harm, or effects on the nervous system, although the preponderance of the peer-reviewed research has found adverse effects from chronic exposure at intensities below the ICNIRP limits.

In May, 2011, the World Health Organization’s cancer agency, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), concluded that radiofrequency radiation in the frequency range 30 kHz–300 GHz is a “possible” human carcinogen (Group 2B). However, the ICNIRP ignores this as well as the increasing evidence in recent years for carcinogenicity.

The scientists and the NGO’s demand the development and adoption of new medical guidelines that represent the state of medical science and that are truly protective of human health and the environment.  The scientists and medical doctors, selected to review the scientific literature and propose new radiofrequency radiation safety guidelines, must be free of conflicts of interest including direct and indirect ties to industry.

Professor David Carpenter, Director at the Institute for Health and the Environment, University of Albany, USA notes that:

The evidence for harm from both 50/60 Hz EMFs and radiofrequency exposures is strong in both human and animal studies.  There are associations between increasing exposure not only with cancer, but also with adverse reproductive outcomes in both males and females, adverse effects on cognitive function and behavior and increased risk of development of the syndrome of electro-hypersensitivity.  We must find ways of reducing human exposure in order to reduce the incidence of human disease.

Lennart Hardell, Swedish oncologist with long-term research in this area says:

The roll-out of 5G, the fifth generation of telecommunication technology, will substantially increase exposure to radiofrequency radiation. Thus, in addition to the urgent need for new guidelines on current exposure, a moratorium on the roll-out of 5G should be implemented.

Dr Joel Moskowitz, from the School of Public Health, University of California, USA points out that the EMF CALL re-iterates the concerns raised by the scientific community in the International EMF Scientist Appeal about the harm caused by chronic exposure to low-intensity EMF:

The Appeal, which has been signed by more than 240 scientists who have published over 2,000 peer-reviewed papers on EMF and biology or health, calls for strengthening of EMF guidelines, especially to protect children and pregnant women. For more information about the Appeal, see https://emfscientist.org.

According to Dr Gerd Oberfeld, from the Salzburg Public Health Department, Austria, the world has too long relied on incomplete EMF exposure guidelines:

The body of scientific evidence for detrimental health effects from EMF exposure is overwhelming. There is now even no need to call the precautionary principle into play to take action. It is the duty of scientists to inform the public and the duty of the public to force governments to apply new truly protective EMF exposure guidelines as well as to educate the society how to reduce EMF exposures.


David Carpenter <dcarpenter@albany.edu>

Lennart Hardell <lennart.hardell@environmentandcancer.com>

Joel Moskowitz <jmm@berkeley.edu>

Gerd Oberfeld <gerd.oberfeld@salzburg.gv.at>

See THE EMF CALL and all signatories at:  www.emfcall.org

Kind regards
Mona Nilsson
Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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