2017-10-13 Smeter resolution at NDP Convention Nov. 3-5

[Arthur Firstenberg – BCUC Review – Bees – Birds – Cancer – Children – Costs – Design Flaws – Doctor Suresh H. Moolgavkar (CARB, EPA, Health & Welfare Canada, IARC, NCI) – EMFs – EMR – FortisBC – Independent Assessment of the BC Hydro Smart Meter Program Resolution by Vicki Lightfoot for NDP 2017 Convention – John Horgan Marg Friesen – Microcells / Small Cells – Opt-out Fees – RF – Science for Sale (Corruption & Collaboration) – Telekom Speedport Smart Router – Trees – UBCM – Volunteers Needed Nov.04 & 05 @ Victoria Conference Centre – Wi-Fi Modem Placement Warning – William Bailey, Exponent | Victoria, BC – Saskatchewan – Germany] & Book

1)    The provincial NDP convention is being held in Victoria at the Conference Centre downtown. A Resolution re. smeters is on the agenda for debate.  This is an opportunity for us to get our smeter and microcell concerns before the party that has the power to protect us. We were not able to get a table inside the Centre, so the only recourse left is for us to be outside, holding signs, handing out flyers and, when given the chance, speak with members of the NDP Party who might want to have more information.

We need to have people outside on Nov. 4 and 5 (times not yet available but I should have them soon).  I hope, if you are able, that you will reserve those days to join with us – for an hour or two, or all day long. I will share more info as I can.  If anyone would like to help in organizing this, please let me know at:

dsnoble@shaw.ca  subject line NDP convention

If you will be coming on either or both days, would you please let me know?  Same email address and subject.

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The Resolution:

Independent Assessment of the BC Hydro Smart Meter Program

Because the BC Hydro Smart Meter Program cost consumers over 1 billion dollars, (with a meter amortization period of 20 years which is proving to be more like 5 – 7 years), and was never scrutinized by the BC Utility Commission on the economic impact to consumers;

Because the BC Hydro Smart Meter program cost on a per meter basis, is the most expensive in North America, often more than double the cost;

Because BC Hydro customers who have chosen to opt-out of the program, are paying three times the amount of other utilities (BC Hyrdro charges $35/month, Fortis charges $9.00/month) ;

Because jurisdictions throughout North America, including Saskatchewan, have had to recall smart meters due to manufacturing flaws and the same flaws are being reported in BC with no apparent concern by BC Hydro;

Because the BC Union of Municipalities voted against the smart meter program in their communities and were ignored;

The BC NDP will, as Government, create an independent review, through the BCUC or other body, to evaluate the true costs to BC Hydro customers of this program and the review will include recommendations, if found necessary, to lessen the burden of this program on consumers.

Please do not ask me or give comments about the content of the resolution.  I did not participate in writing it. The costs have always been the most important consideration for many in the NDP, including the Premier, so it is vital to have this as a major component of the resolution.

2)    A German company has included a warning in the manual for its Wi-Fi modem. It doesn’t recommend keeping the modem away from beds or near children, it recommends keeping the modem away from rooms where children (and others) spend extended periods of time, to keep exposure as low as possible.

From the German user manual of the Telekom Speedport Smart router (latest update 09/2017)

https://www.telekom.de/hilfe/geraete-zubehoer/router/speedport-smart/bedienungsanleitungen-speedport-smart  (page 21)

English translation:

Wireless signals

The integrated antennas of your Speedport transmit and receive wireless signals, for example, to provide Wi-Fi connectivity. Avoid placing your Speedport in close proximity to bedrooms, children’s rooms, as well as common rooms and lounges to keep the exposure to electromagnetic field as low as possible.

3)    I hope you will read and share this article by Marg Friesen, The Birds, the Bees and the Trees: Lessons about Electrosmog.


Marg also has written a book review which is on page 9 of the above link. The book is written by Arthur Firstenberg who has been an ardent supporter of the public’s right to know about the dangers associated with electricity and EMR.

“The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life”


4)    In Letters below, some very thought provoking statements and observations by one of our members about “science for sale”.


From: X
Sent: October 11, 2017
To: Dennis and Sharon Noble
Subject: Re: Update 2017-10-10 “Science for Sale” by Center for Public Integrity

Re: 1)    One of the major obstacles we face is that industry buys scientists…

Hello to you both, and indeed, it is a tough one going up against groups like Bailey’s Exponent Inc. – I don’t think I’ve seen so many PhD’s on a Board of Directors (BoD) than this firm has.

The thing is, although on their own they are what is considered very smart people, collectively they are also useful to industry as reviewers and committee members, as can be seen by their bio’s. They can cite each other’s work and collectively offer advice (seems reasonable) and who wants to or easily can argue with PhD’s – and that is why it works. However, when you pull on the threads of their promoted science, separate the data points and methodologies, confront studies with alternatives under vigorous epidemiological gold standards, look at their funding and roster of government or corporate clients, there is enough strange matter to cause concern. Groups like these are extremely well funded and agencies always look to those who will support a given subject (with the appearance of being an arms length third party), whether Cancer research or RF, as can be seen.

One hypothetical example, and it may not be so; Bailey is asked to comment on RF to the BCUC as to the effects of RF as an initiator to pathology; and he has his own work to drawn on. However, the BoD is comprised of people like Dr. Moolgavkar, and he is a PhD with studies on epidemiology. In fact Moolgavkar is very smart and;

“Moolgavkar has served on numerous review panels and as a consultant to the National Cancer Institute, EPA, Health and Welfare, Canada, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the California Air Resources Board (CARB), and the CIIT Centers for Health Research, among others.”

Thus, Bailey must consult his team before using any words in public. The narrative must fit with other’s studies, with the group; which he will cite and further impress people like the BCUC or whoever needs to be swayed.

This is the corruption in science when a few hold sway over all others and endlessly cite each other and become proponents (in Journals) of anyone closely reaffirming their own scientific biases, if someone does not, if someone challenges, then the ‘group’ reacts either directly in review studies or within academia, which the group represent.

Tricky business, yet there is a great deal written on the subject of scientific corruption and its collaboration.

Anyway, the point being that arguing against them with ten excellent scientists and their well thought out and researched studies does not matter. They will have twenty peer-reviewed PhD’s that are ‘supra’ connected against them, so the media will always default, despite the good science offered against, to the statuesque. Notwithstanding, the financial plans of governments, unions, teachers, medical plans et al. for workers and pensioners (no disrespect to the parties involved) are heavily invested within pension funds in the very companies that produce RF or other toxins, so the ear is not open with so much invested for obvious portfolio reasons by fund managers. Somehow, this needs to be recognized for what it is. A somewhat parallel example is when politicians or economists like to cite things like GDP as signs of growth; people accept that term, they think they perfectly understand it, never thinking that contributors to GDP growth fall under subjects such as increased prisons, police, disease, disasters and even war; these things along with so much else aid GDP growth – so is this the sign of a good benevolent society or a good economy? I digress.

So, how do you move against this type of connectivity? Well, by doing what you are doing for sure, and educating people on how scientific studies work and their deceptive nature when not measured under a gold standard or when using faulty statistical measuring – and this can be very hard to catch for most people. Thus, educating people is the most important aspect, and then people will demand more and more from those who serve them or as consumers in terms of accountability (a word that is flung around as an impotent term). As can be seen, left to government(s) or media, they will do nothing, unfortunately.

Now, despite the name ‘Exponent’ and the mathematical connotations therein, etymology also provides:

mystic (n.)

Which might better suit their assessments of RF; symbolic interpretations rather than objective science.



Thank you and good luck!



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight.”
~ Bob Marley

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