2017-10-10 “Science for Sale” by Center for Public Integrity

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1)    One of the major obstacles we face is that industry buys scientists, like Daniel Krewski, Ken Foster, Michael Repacholi, William Bailey. These people have presentation skills that impress the agencies like the BC Utilities Commission.  FortisBC hired Exponent and Dr. Bailey to defend smeters before the BCUC. The Coalition and its lawyer asked for 6 independent experts to provide information/studies about the health effects of RF. The BCUC chose to believe the ridiculous statements made by Bailey such as – you will be exposed to more radiation by sleeping with your partner than you would be from a smeter – and said that the information from the 6 internationally recognized experts was not credible. This is happening everywhere, including at the WHO and Health Canada. Industry’s tentacles are long and reach deep.

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I believe it’s time to expose the bias, lack of credibility at the BCUC hearing that allowed the FortisBC application for the smeter project to be approved. Exponent, like Gradient, is a “product defense company” that will defend the indefensible for a price.

Center for Public Integrity wins science journalism award

‘Science for Sale’ series honored by National Association of Science Writers

“In this timely, multi-part series,” they wrote, “the reporters expose an insidious, widespread, and shockingly successful effort by industry-funded ‘experts’ to cast doubt on established scientific evidence of numerous health hazards — at an incalculable cost to public safety.”


“The Center’s series revealed how scientific consultants working for the chemical industry publish journal articles that almost always claim their clients’ products are safe. Examples included two consulting firms, Gradient Corp. and Exponent, which published articles to help clients win asbestos lawsuits…

The Center analyzed the funding of 149 articles published by principal scientists at Gradient and found that 98 percent of the time the articles found that chemicals did not pose risks that would require stricter regulations. In order to obtain the funding information, a reporter had to go to National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, Maryland, to get the complete copy of each article.” 


2)    Next week there will be a rally in Washington, DC, organized by the National Coalition for Responsible Technology to ask the federal government to inform the public about the risks associated with wireless radiation and to establish a moratorium on 5G until it has been proven to be safe.


3)    A reminder that if you are writing to the government, MLAs, etc., we have many of the email addresses on our website  www.stopsmartmetersbc.com  under “CONTACT” [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/contact/]. For example, here are the names and contacts for the Cabinet Members: http://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/governments/organizational-structure/cabinet/cabinet-ministers .

If you know of an address for some agency or person that we should have but don’t, please let me know.  I want to make it as easy as possible for letters to be written.

4)    A member sent this YouTube that is an interesting interview which discusses, among other things, the difference between happiness and pleasure, with pleasure-seeking often resulting in addiction, and addiction often caused by corporate colluding to hack minds. One example given is the use of cell phones.

The Hacking of the American Mind with Dr. Robert Lustig

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKkUtrL6B18   (32 minutes)


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters
“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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