2017-10-18 Gord Downie dies of glioblastoma (brain cancer linked by studies to cell phones)

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1)    Here is an email address for the Science Adviser of Canada:

Dr. Mona Nemer, Chief Science Advisor <chiefsciadvisor@canada.ca>

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It has been added with other contacts on our website:


2)    A study found that people who use “smart” phones that are connected to the internet suffer depression and mental problems at higher rates than people who don’t.


Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety and Stress: A Comparison Between Students Using Smart Phones and Basic phones


3)    There are a lot of conspiracy theories going around about the cause(s) of the wildfires in California. What is happening is that the Utility Commission is looking into the possibility that PG&E’s equipment might have contributed to the fires. I hope that the investigation includes smeters which are known to explode when a power surge occurs. ITRON meters, and perhaps all, do not have fuses so there is nothing to prevent catastrophic incidents such as these. Another consideration is that many power lines are still above ground, being subject to winds, fires, etc.

Too bad that, instead of spending money needlessly on smeters, Site C, etc., infrastructure improvements couldn’t be made to prevent outages, etc. when weather events, such as strong winds, occur.

California regulators tell PG&E to preserve fire evidence

“California utility regulators have told Pacific Gas and Electric Co. to preserve any evidence that could be connected to this week’s deadly wildfires in the North Bay, including all broken power poles and electrical conductors.

State fire officials are investigating whether power poles and electrical lines knocked down by a severe windstorm Sunday night played a role in sparking the fires, which have killed at least 31 people and displaced thousands.”


4)    Without landlines, many people in California received no warning about the wildfires heading their way.

Northern California wildfires expose emergency alert weaknesses in cellphone era

“County officials in the fire zones are offering a disconcerting mea culpa. Their emergency warning systems are severely limited – and in some ways getting worse.

Traditionally, counties have built their phone alert systems by collecting all households’ landline phone numbers from phone carriers and sending out mass alerts in emergencies.

But the number of people with landlines has dropped dramatically in the last decade. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 40 percent of U.S. households no longer have a landline, as more people rely only on cellphones.

County emergency officials say it’s harder for them to collect cellphone numbers. They often rely on voluntary sign-up systems that allow people with cellphones to register their numbers with the county that can be used to send out emergency alerts.”


5)    A major report on the potential health effects of 5G technology by Dr. Cindy Russell of the Santa Clara County Medical Association [SSCMA].  She provides studies that show serious health effects associated with milliwaves.

5G: Will It Give Us A Smart Nation or Contribute to an Unhealthy One?



6)    Gord Downie dies at age 53  — cause of death was glioblastoma, the brain cancer that many studies associate with cell phone use.




A member provided this article about the equipment that performers use night after night after night. This is from 2009, so there probably is more on or near the performers now. It would be interesting to know the level of RF that is emitted by the wireless mics and earpieces that they all wear, with RF shooting straight into their heads.

Shure Provides CMA Awards With Winning Sound

“Of course, the spotlight is always on the stars and their wireless mics. “Between the mics, the in-ear systems, RFPL comm and walkie-talkies, we operate literally hundreds of frequencies at a show like the CMAs,” declared Abbott. “Not to mention all the stray EMF from the lights and staging elements. The Shure mics performed as expected, and by that I mean flawlessly. They provided both the production team and the artists with a level of comfort and confidence. In a fragile RF world, we had a very good evening, and Shure wireless was a big part of that success.””



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