2017-10-23 Meeting in Duncan re.microcells Oct. 25.

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1)    BC Hydro caught in a mesh of misinformation and financial malfeasance re. Site C. I believe that if anyone ever bothers to investigate the smeters program, the same thing will be found. Why else remove the BCUC, the only authority with oversight responsibility, unless there is something that would not be allowed?  They didn’t want anyone to know that rules and laws were being broken, that people were benefiting financially without accountability. We need to demand an independent investigation into the financial side of smeters.

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INTEGRITY BC: BC Hydro’s little fibs on Site C

“The hissing sound you may hear is the unmistakable sound of the air coming out of Site C’s tires.

As the BC Utilities Commission continues its inquiry on the project, it’s becoming more and more apparent that B.C. Hydro has been playing a bit loose with telling the whole truth when it comes to Site C…

But no matter how it plays out, there are some tough questions that need to be asked.

First among them: how did an $8.7-billion project get so far down the road without any independent oversight?


2)    A meeting will be held to help inform people about the microcells that are being installed.  Any questions can be directed to (250-748-7124).  I hope more of you will consider having an information meeting to share info about the microcells, 5G, and other developments that most people know nothing about.

The Cowichan Valley Citizens for Safe Technology is having a meeting for anyone interested in joining to prevent micro-transmitters being used in the area.  Duncan United Church, October 25th, 7-9 pm. This meeting is called “Less is More”, about how to responsibly use this stuff.

3)    A recall of 61,000 dishwashers by Health Canada even though there have been no fires or incidents in Canada, and only 5 in the USA.  Smart meters ?? No one will even consider a recall. When it says “Health Canada” it is referring to Consumer Affairs which will not get involved with utility-owned equipment.  So far, I have found no agency that will protect us.  How many people need to lose their homes and, potentially, die?  What makes a defective dishwasher more dangerous than a defective smeter?  Could it be the fact that there is so much money behind the smeters??

Health Canada is recalling 61,000 dishwashers sold in the country due to fire hazards

The producer of the dishwashers, BSH Home Appliances, has not received any reports of related injuries, but there have been five known instances of property damage in the United States.


4)    A member sent in this link to an interview with Olle Johansson, who I expect will be discussing many of the newer studies showing various health risks.  I expect that the interview will be in the podcast library on the website.  I have not had the chance to listen to it but Olle is always very interesting to listen to.




5)    A few days ago [3) https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2017-10-16-another-major-win-in-california-microcell-bill-vetoed/], I shared an article that warned about the vulnerability of each of our computers and recommended getting a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to reroute our emails and financial transactions. I have been told by a technical person that this is not the best route to go, and here is an article another member sent in which confirms it, especially if you are considering a free one.

Should You Sign Up for a Free VPN?

“The fact is, most computer experts say that free VPN services may expose you to hackers and spammers. Worse yet, they may put your IP address and your computer at risk…which is exactly what you would want to avoid.
A little further research will reveal that IT experts say a free VPN might not provide the level of security you want if you’re making financial transactions online, for example. And if you’re keying in your Social Security number or medical history over the Internet, a free VPN that lacks airtight security could ultimately let you down.”


6)    This was announced a month ago but I missed it.  Another well known person, Kate Walsh, with a brain tumor; fortunately, it was benign.

“Meningiomas are the most common tumors that originate in the central nervous system, numbering about 27,000 cases per year, based on 2009-13 data from the Central Brain Tumor Registry in the United States.

Some are removed surgically without further treatment, as Walsh’s was. However, in some cases in which the tumor is very small and causes no symptoms, doctors may simply watch and wait, Gupta said. In less common cases in which malignant cells are found in the tumor or when the tumor is next to delicate structures like the brain stem, doctors may also opt for radiation, Gupta added.”



From:  Ron McNutt  (name given with permission)
Sent: October 22, 2017
To: Peter.Milobar.MLA@leg.bc.ca; john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca
Subject: Smart meters

Dear Mr. Milobar:

I’m responding to your response (as pasted below) to a concerned citizen regarding ‘smart’ meters.

[See Letters: https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2017-10-20-telecoms-are-turning-light-poles-into-smart-surveillance-tools-and-transmitters/]

Please don’t take this personally, but your response comes across as crass, arrogant, and contemptuously inadequate. Perhaps you may be a new MLA and neither politically adept nor aware of what your responsibilities are. In any case some kindness is warranted.

Large volumes of scientific evidence regarding the harmful effects of wireless radiation exists. No intelligent person investigating the area on a serious basis could come to any other conclusion, unless of course they willingly allow themselves to be deceived (sometimes called ‘denial’).

Substantial evidence regarding the suppression of this information also exist. This same suppression occurred with thalidomide, asbestos, tobacco, and many other hazardous industrial substances. History is replete with examples of profit-driven corporate criminals influencing regulatory agencies to look in the other direction as profits hit record highs. In most cases, politicians tiptoe away as long as they can.

The fact that some of your citizens are questioning smart meters (or whatever else) is not a reason to respond to them with sly, dog-whistle (‘there are some…’) letters implying complainants are somehow mental incompetents. There is certainly incompetence suggested in your correspondence, but not on behalf of citizens.

Citizens are right to question the safety of these devices. They represent a massive breach of privacy and are the first step in 24/7 citizen surveillance. Democracy cannot exist without privacy.

There are many other concerns, including well-documented (in spite of the claims of our Provincial Health Officer Perry Kendall… who won his ‘Order of British Columbia’ in 2005 standing beside the instigator of the program) health problems, cost problems, reliability issues, and fire problems.

Even the way they were installed – in an undemocratic blitzkrieg intentionally conducted before anyone knew what was going on – warrants investigation. Government programs with merit are not hidden from the public, contracted to American vendors, and forced onto citizens without discussion under threat of electrical disconnection. Silence was obviously deemed necessary for this program to succeed, because if citizens knew the gigantic scam this was, whatever government would have been thrown out. The silence continues to this day.

BC Hydro has become nothing less than a domestic terrorist organization by their actions of cutting power, an essential service, to elderly people and Montessori children’s schools merely trying to protect themselves. But all this is lost on our political class, who remained silent throughout. Great champions they are of diversity, human rights, free speech, bicycle lanes, and all other such political tripe, but not of allowing citizens an opinion or choice before cutting their power and hurling them back into the dark ages. By the silence of yourself and other government members, you were and are complicit in allowing this unwarranted and totally unnecessary corporate violence to be perpetrated on peaceful and law abiding Canadian citizens.

Only one single politician, in all of British Columbia and perhaps Canada, has had the integrity and moral courage to question this misguided, misinformed, and unfortunate smart meter fiasco. A link to Mayor John Rann’s (Metchosin) article is pasted in below. None of the mainstream media would publish it. It was just a little bit too honest. In British Columbia, speaking out about the government’s pet projects is apparently not good for one’s business or career. For more information on this increasing phenomena refer to George Orwell’s classic works.

The fact that one of British Columbia’s citizens, Sharon Noble, has spent three years meticulously investigating, researching, and compiling a report on smart meters must certainly merit something more than your five line slap-in-the-face letter. I would say at the least, even if Noble is completely wrong, which I’m pretty sure she isn’t, she’d warrant respectful consideration and an investigation into her cause with competent people and resources. And, if she’s right, she’s doing the work that people in your position should be doing, and doing it on her own time exclusively for the benefit of others. These others would include yourself, Mr. Milobar, and your family.

You state in your letter ‘I do not share those same concerns’. May I ask, exactly what research have you done into both smart meters and health effects from ‘wireless’ devices to warrant that statement? Did you read Noble’s smart meter report before making that statement?

I believe a fundamental tenet of politicians elected in democracies (although the smart meter program in itself is ample proof that we no longer live in one) is that they represent their constituents. That would mean ALL constituents, not just the ones who ‘share those same concerns’.

I don’t know you, Mr. Milobar, and I really have nothing against you. I hope you won’t take this communication personally. But I am concerned at the loutish, heavy-handed and frankly ignorant responses coming from many public officials who should know better. This would certainly include the Provincial Health Officer, the one who refuses to appear in public and answer questions.

Out of respect for the citizen who originally contacted you, I suggest you respond once again to their communication with more respect. In the best case, you would not only understand your responsibilities to citizens, but take them seriously by investigating thoroughly the subject matter before replying, and taking care to leave out your own opinions and biases.  Alternately, at the very least, for your own benefit you should sex-up your replies with the polite common deceptions used so ubiquitously by politicians of all parties to feign some interest.

I don’t know who the person who sent you the original communication was, but I hope they will persist in this matter until it’s either dealt with responsibly by yourself or until they have a new representative prepared to do so.

Thank you.

Ron McNutt

An excellent editorial by Mayor . Please share.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Courage my friends; ’tis never too late to build a better world.”
~ Tommy Douglas

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