2017-10-31 In USA, industry wants access to 120 million utility poles for microcells & 5G

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1)   Industry in the USA want access – full, unimpeded, and unregulated access – to the 120 million utility poles across the US for microcells for 5G technology.

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2)      The NDP agenda for their 2017 convention was finally released. It appears that things are starting early Saturday and Sunday.  It would be good if we could meet around 8:15 am and walk to the Victoria Conference Centre. The member who is attending will let me know her hotel and we can meet there. I will provide the location as soon as I know it. Most delegates will be entering the hall by 9-9:30 and will be coming outside for breaks at lunch. More info tomorrow.  Hope we have a good turnout to show the NDP we are not going away.


3)   In parts of California, there is an effort to have power lines put underground to prevent exacerbation of fires by wires and poles. Underground lines would reduce outages, due to storm damage to lines and poles, while reducing exposure to EMFs to people living near the corridors. It’s an investment that would cut costs in the long run.

If the smeters get recalled, the money that would have been spent on this program could be used to improve the infrastructure in a meaningful way.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters
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