2017-10-14 Evidence that Health Canada has a history of corruption

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Tonight I am devoting the update to a very important document written by Jerry Flynn


which outlines so very well the corruption that has existed in Health Canada and other agencies that has allowed our environment to become dangerously polluted by wireless radiation. I would encourage everyone to read this.  This is history, but unfortunately it is continuing. It is only through everyone becoming informed and putting pressure on those who could bring about changes. Thank you, Jerry.


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Annex A

Evidence that Health Canada
and the U.S.-led Cabal of Western Regulatory Health Agencies are Corrupt

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Health Canada [1]

Canada has no national standards or guidance for either public or occupational exposure to ELF (extremely low frequency) or powerline (60 Hz) EMF – which means that electric power utilities can – and have always – installed/erected overhead power transmission and distribution lines, substations, etc. dangerously close to schools, residential areas, etc.! (See IARC on pp3)! The principal RF or radio frequency EMF scientists within Health Canada’s Radiation Protection Bureau (RPB) who contributed to and/or are now causing what non-industry scientists say is the greatest health crisis in Canada’s history include: Drs. Maria Stuchly (retired, former RPB Head); Dan Krewski (former RPB Head, 1972-1998; since then has been and is Director of the industry-funded R. Samuel McLaughlin Centre for Population Risk Assessment!); James McNamee (is Health Canada’s key EMF expert who plays a large part in determining Safety Code 6 ‘safe’ RF EMF Exposure Limits – thermal effects ONLY! At the same time, it must be noted, he is also a member of the US military-led International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety (ICES) Technical Committee 95, Sub-committee 4 (which sets the US’ ‘safe’ RF limits for frequencies 3 kHz – 300 GHz); Michael Repacholi (retired, former RPB Head, who moved to the WHO ) [2]; and, Art Thansandote, who retired from Health Canada in 2015 but continues on with his job of the past 10+ years as Co-chairman for the US military-led ICES sub-committee 4! (See United States of America, below) [3].

Note: For Health Canada to now change its stance (i.e., admit that there are hazardous non-thermal effects caused by ELF and RF EMFs, would cause utter chaos, globally: 1) multi-billion dollar class-action lawsuits likely would ensue – in all jurisdictions of the Western world – for diseases and deaths attributed to non-thermal ELF and RF EMFs over the past 50+ years; 2) electric power utilities, at least in Western countries, would be forced to re-engineer their products to mitigate the known hazards of electric and magnetic fields that are ever-present when 50 Hz/60 Hz electricity flows; 3) wireless and telecom industries would suddenly be prohibited from selling their extremely lucrative but hazardous products (all of which emit non-thermal EMFs); and, 4) major economies would collapse or be seriously threatened!

Royal Society of Canada

Dr. Dan Krewski (see above) was Chairman of the 1st Expert Panel commissioned by Health Canada in 1999 to assess the ‘Potential Health Risks of Radiofrequency Fields from Wireless Telecommunication Devices’. [4] One of those he chose to assist him as an ‘Expert’ was Mary L. McBride, MSc, of the BC Cancer Agency! (Earlier, in 2005, Industry Canada had also seen fit to select Mary L. McBride, MSc. to be a member of its ‘Expert Advisory Committee’ for a National Tower (cell phone tower siting) Policy Review! [5])

Dr. Krewski was also the lead author for the 2nd review of RF literature for Safety Code 6 (2005). In 2013, Dr. Krewski was again appointed Chairman to assess Safety Code 6!  It is known that he submitted to the Royal Society of Canada a list of names of the ‘Experts’ he wanted to join him on the Expert Panel – with his own name at the top of the list, as Chairman! Other members he had join him on that Panel of Experts included Drs. Kenneth Foster, John Moulder and Louise Lemyre. Foster and Moulder were and still are known to be strong champions for industry! Lemyre was a colleague of Krewski’s at the R. Samuel McLaughlin Centre! [6]

United States of America

The USA has no Federal exposure limits for ELF EMFs. But its RF (radio frequency) ‘safe’ Exposure Limits are determined, not by the government, but by the US military-led ICES, sub committees 3 and 4. In 1966, the industry-sponsored American Standards Council adopted the U.S. military’s thermal-ONLY exposure limit of 10,000,000 µW/cm², which was then also adopted by its NATO allies, including Canada)! [7] [8] [9] By establishing this thermal-only policy and adopting the U.S. military’s extremely high ‘safe’ Exposure Limits, it has enabled wireless and telecom companies and electric power utilities to manufacture and sell extremely profitable wireless products / devices – all of which produce hazardous non-thermal ELF and/or RF EMFs – without fear of litigation! Virtually no single RF EMF emitting wireless device, on its own, can exceed Safety Code 6 thermal-only egregiously-high Exposure Limits, but cumulatively, given the multitude of EMF emitters that now bathe every community, the public can be easily be exposed to EMFs that far exceed Safety Code 6 Exposure Limits!

Although he retired from Health Canada, in 2015, their former senior EMF scientist, Dr. Art Thansandote has been for many years – and still is – Co-chairman of the US military-led ICES TC-95, Sub-committee 4, which determines the ‘safe’ RF Exposure Limits for frequencies 3 kHz to 300 GHz for the USA! Another key Health Canada scientist who also is a member of this exclusive sub-committee is the previously mentioned Dr. James McNamee (a key contributor to Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 Exposure Limits)! Yet another former Health Canada senior scientist, the now infamous Dr. Michael Repacholi, had been a member prior to his retirement, in 2007. Industry Canada also has (or at least had) members on this same military-led dominant committee.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

The FCC has no EMF scientists of its own. It is led by five commissioners who are appointed by the incumbent President of the USA. The FCC simply adopts whatever ELF and RF standards are determined by ICES (TC-95, SC-3 and SC-4) then promulgates them to the world as if they were FCC’s own standards.

For eight years prior to Donald Trump being elected President of the USA, the Chairman of FCC was Tom Wheeler, a career lobbyist, who is known to have raised over $700,000.00 for then President Obama’s two election bids. Prior to the FCC, Wheeler had been Pres/CEO of the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), which lobbies all governments in the USA on behalf of the telecom industry. Prior to that he had been Pres/CEO of the US Cable and TV industry (NCTA), where he again lobbied all governments on behalf of that industry. Tom Wheeler is the only person inducted into the Hall of Fame of both the TV and cell phone industries! It was he who championed, almost maniacally, the need for “5G” technology to be implemented – without testing, trials or interference from anyone! [10] [11]


Based in Munich, Germany, the International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection, founded in Germany in 1992, purports to be an independent scientific organization free from any outside influence, whose scientists cannot be employed by commercial companies. Its ‘safety’ recommendations are said to be followed by some 50+ countries plus the European Union’s 28 member countries. In reality, largely because of Dr. Michael Repacholi’s efforts, ICNIRP has now successfully ‘captured’ the WHO, insofar as EMFs are concerned! In 2000, he recruited Emilie van Deventer, PhD., an electrical engineer, to be his successor for the WHO’s 10-year, $250-million International EMF Project, for which he was the Co-ordinator. She is a long-time member of the industry-dominated IEEE and, on his retirement, she did replace him as Project Manager for the WHO’s international EMF project. [12] [13] [14] [15]

Another key ICNIRP member (since 1998) and a very senior, influential European scientist – and a colleague of Dr. Repacholi – is Senior Professor Anders Ahlbom, formerly of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. In 2011, IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer), established an Expert Panel of 32 experts to assess evidence of carcinogenicity from RF exposure. Prof. Ahlbom was appointed Chairman of the panel, but IARC soon had to remove him when it learned that in 2010 Prof. Ahlbom had set up a PR/lobby group company in Brussels, with his brother, Gunnar Ahlbom, for the latter to do business, especially with the telecom industry! Previously, Prof. Ahlbom had worked with / assisted Dr. Repacholi to establish ICNIRPs initial Exposure Limits for both ELF and RF EMFs! He also had chaired every Expert group for the Swedish Radiation Protection Agency! [16] Increasingly, ICNIRP is known for its conflicts of interest due its relationships with telecommunications or electric companies. [17]

Both the WHO and Health Canada publicly endorse ICNIRP’s recommended dangerously high ELF and RF Exposure Limits (which are acceptable to the US military) and urge other countries do so as well! The WHO seems to have forgotten something (See IARC, below).  [18] *Note: In 2015, Health Canada lowered Safety Code 6 ‘safe’ RF Exposure Limit to approx. 4.4mW/cm², which scientists say is still far too high!)

World Health Organization (WHO)

Dr. Michael Repacholi worked for the WHO until he retired in 2007. While there, ICNIRP was created, and Repacholi found himself simultaneously heading up radiation protection for both the WHO and ICNIRP! Assisted by the previously mentioned Prof. Anders Ahlbom, Dr. Repacholi orchestrated things such that ICNIRP and the WHO both adopted the U.S. military RF Exposure Limit of 10,000,000 µW/cm², in 1994 and during the period 1996-2005, respectively! [18] Dr. Repacholi has admitted that a large part of the funding for the WHO’s 10-year, $250-million International EMF Project (which he co-ordinated) came from Industry! [19] Earlier, in 1979, Dr. Repacholi had established the same 10,000,000 µW/cm²  Exposure Limit for Health Canada! All five agencies (HC, WHO, ICNIRP, ICES and FCC) do not recognize that there are any harmful non-thermal effects to RF EMFs – which gives industry a ‘green light’ to manufacture, sell and/or utilize any product or device that emits non-thermal EMFs!

Dr. Michael Repacholi, while still at the WHO, was helped by electric power utility representatives – whom he had specifically invited to assist him to establish – for the world – ‘safe’ ambient levels of ELF magnetic fields (MFs) to which the public and workers can ‘safely’ be exposed in their homes and on the job, respectively! [20] This explains why non-industry scientists say that a ‘safe’ ambient level of MFs in a home should be not more than 1 mG, yet Dr. Repacholi and ICNIRP say that 2000 mG is ‘safe’ for the home and 10,000 mG for the workplace! Unbelievably, IEEEs ‘safe’ standard for the American public is 9,040 mG, meaning that homes in the USA must endure magnetic fields up to that amount! [21] [22] [23] [24]

International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)

IARC is the research arm for the WHO. In 1999, their scientists classified ELF EMFs a Class 2B or “Possible Carcinogen”! Yet, inexplicably, both Health Canada and the WHO publicly endorse ICNIRP’s outrageously dangerous ELF recommendations (above) … and urge other countries to do so as well!

In conclusion, governments need to realize that British Columbians, like all Canadians, are not now – and never have been – protected from the hazards of ELF and/or RF EMFs! Even though BC’s Provincial Health Officer has held that position since it was established, in 1999, he lacks any semblance of a suitable educational and/or professional background needed to protect British Columbians from what scientists say has become the greatest health crisis in history! This realization, coupled with the above understanding that the so-called Regulatory Agencies of the Western world – including Health Canada – are under the influence of the U.S. military, means that British Columbians have been at the mercy of electric power utilities and wireless / telecom companies for the past 50 years or more!

By adhering to ICNIRP’s extraordinarily high ‘safe’ Exposure Limits for ELF (60/50 Hz) – which recognize ONLY the thermal effects – electric power utilities continue to save themselves literally billions of dollars in real estate costs they otherwise would have had to spend to buy the additional lands necessary to provide the public with appropriate, safer ‘buffer’ zones, separating utility infrastructure from schools, residential areas, hospitals, etc.!

By refusing to acknowledge that RF EMFs produce non-thermal effects, which non-industry scientists know are hazardous to human health and biology (as they are to all living things), Health Canada and the other members of the US-led corrupt cabal of Western regulatory agencies make it possible for their respective industries to manufacture, sell and/or utilize their extremely profitable products / devices, all of which emit hazardous non-thermal RF EMFs, including ‘smart’ meters … even baby monitors!

Shamefully, revenue-starved governments have once again (think tobacco, Thalidomide, asbestos, etc.) short-sightedly abandoned their electorate in favour of industry growth. Clearly, corporate greed knows no bounds and has no conscience! Until Canada has a truly independent ‘Free Press,’ this country will always be ripe for Industry to exploit the weaknesses of incompetent, short-sighted and fickle governments. Tragically, the victims will always be the unsuspecting, trusting, and defenseless public, as is the case today!

J.G. “Jerry” Flynn, Captain (Retired)


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I am a retired Canadian Armed Forces captain (commissioned from the ranks) who spent 22 of my 26+ years in Canada’s military in the arcane fields of Electronic Warfare (EW) and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT). My security clearance was “Top-Secret (code word)”. My most relevant appointments included: two years in National Defence Headquarters in the Directorate of Electronic Warfare (DEW), where I was the sole EW officer charged with supporting Canada’s only army EW Company. For two years I worked closely with U.S. and NATO army EW units and completed, at my own initiative, a lengthy NATO army EW officers’ course in Anzio, Italy. Later, I participated in a major NATO army EW officers’ field exercise in Germany (again, at my own initiative). While in DEW I accepted invitations to visit the U.S. Pentagon and, separately, Fort Bragg, N.C., the U.S. Army’s major EW base. My previous two-year posting was back in the SIGINT world, for which I was personally contacted and asked if I would assume the duties of both Executive Officer and Operations Officer at one of Canada’s largest and most sensitive SIGINT radio stations. Here approximately 200 specially-trained radio intercept operators conducted either COMINT or ELINT under my direction. Throughout this period I worked closely with the USA’s NSA and, to a lesser degree, with Britain’s GCHQ. Earlier in my career I conducted Radio Warfare (today’s EW) at sea aboard two Canadian warships whose common home base was Esquimalt, BC. For six months in 1960, I operated the world’s most northerly HAM radio station: VE8TU.

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