2017-10-15 North Korea’s cyber-hacking ability increasing

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1)    For those considering going off the grid, there is a show I just discovered on HGTV called “Sarah Off the Grid” which shows how she and her husband have built a lovely new home that is completely off grid. In the segment today, there was quite a bit about the infrastructure needed for solar, propane, etc.  Very interesting ideas, with lots of things to consider. I’m sure this will run again and it is also available online.

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2)    Another article about smeters in a health journal.


Smart Meters causing tidal wave of mysterious illnesses that strike people in their own homes


3)    North Korea’s cyber-attack ability has great capability now, and with the grid and other infrastructure vulnerable, we should be very concerned. What are our governments (provincial and federal) doing to prevent cyberattack? Hackers have been actively going after the electrical grid in the USA. With the interconnected and inter-dependent grid, what happens if/when the US grid goes down?

The World Once Laughed at North Korean Cyberpower. No More.

“For decades Iran and North Korea have shared missile technology, and American intelligence agencies have long sought evidence of secret cooperation in the nuclear arena. In cyber, the Iranians taught the North Koreans something important: When confronting an enemy that has internet-connected banks, trading systems, oil and water pipelines, dams, hospitals, and entire cities, the opportunities to wreak havoc are endless.”


4)    Tests have found that just about every device that is connected to the internet is vulnerable to hacking, It doesn’t say but I bet that all of these are communicating wirelessly.

Tests on smart home device security and privacy have produced ‘alarming’ results

SECURITY weaknesses in “smart home” devices such as light bulbs, power switches and webcams are putting consumers at risk of cyber attack and burglaries, researchers warn.

Tests on popular internet-connected products suggest many have loopholes that hackers could potentially exploit to snoop on personal information, guess when homes are empty, take control of devices, or plant malicious software to cause widespread web meltdowns.

Many manufacturers appeared to have rushed to market without ensuring devices are totally secure, a University of New South Wales and Australian Communications Consumer Action Network report warns. 


[If this link takes you to a subscription page, do a search with Tests on smart home device security and privacy have produced ‘alarming’ results to get to the article.]

5)    A member has written to Tim Singer about his misinformation, and misleading statements, that were in the letter shared in the Oct. 12 update [Letters – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2017-10-12-report-suggests-increase-in-heart-disease-linked-to-rf-exposure/].  I hope others will write to Singer, too, and  cc  to others in the Health Minister’s office and MPs, such a Elizabeth May. It is only through constant pressure from many people that politicians take note. We have to become the squeakiest wheel to be heard.


From: Finlay MacPherson (name given with permission)
Sent: October 14, 2017
To: tim.singer@canada.ca

Subject: Re: your email to Marcus sent by you Wednesday, October 11, 2017 12:00 PM

Dear Mr. Singer,


For you to state “In the case of electromagnetic fields, there is sufficient evidence, supported internationally, to show that adherence to the recommended levels of exposure in Safety Code 6 will not cause harm to health” just regurgitates another of the lies promoted by the wireless industry.  Doing so also refutes the research findings of a multitude of well respected non-industry funded scientists who have studied the nonthermal biological effects of wireless radiation on all living organisms, including humans.  For the last 5 decades, researchers have known of the cumulative harm this is doing to the population exposed to this nonthermal wireless radiation exposure.  The military’s active denial weapons systems are designed knowing this principle.

It is about time that Health Canada and all other related government agencies started telling Canadians the real truth as to what is being done to their health from the increasing proliferation of wireless technology, rather than just parroting the same old baloney provided by the wireless industry and their spin doctors.  As more and more of the population are becoming electro hyper sensitive, the rate of autism is increasing, brain gliomas from cell phone use is becoming more common, isn’t it of concern to you and your associates that all these and many more biological effects are being shown by researchers as directly resultant from the nonthermal wireless radiation bombarding us? The push for 5G is expected to make the situation even worse.

There are many Internet websites easily accessible where you can find research exposing the real dangers of wireless technology to our health.  I suggest you might learn from them, and why Safety Code 6 is considered useless as a real protective standard for anything other than thermal exposures.

Finlay MacPherson



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“You will observe with concern how long a useful truth may be known, and exist, before it is generally received and acted on.”
~ Ben Franklin

Sent from my safe, secure wired laptop with no Wi-Fi enabled.

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